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Each and every spell will have a minimum Skill Level Required to Safely Cast Spell: (Beginner, Initiate, Adept, Expert, Master); this is the Spell Level. There will also be a number of times one at the minimum skill level may safely cast the spell before exhausting themselves in a one-day timeframe - This is the Use Per Day. A spell that is casted over time will list how many uses-per-day it will require for its duration.

For every Skill Rank, or Level (Beginner, Initiate, Adept, Expert, Master) that the casters skill is above the minimum, one will multiple the number of times the spell can be used by 10. This multiplier will stack.

If a character can use a spell more than 1000 times per day, they no longer are required to track any numbers with its usage (The energy put into the magic is regained quickly enough that it is no longer an issue).

The Mysticism Ratio is to properly explain effects of spell usage within Roleplay, and the total number of spells one may use per day (This will ultimately depend on the characters training and be listed within their magic profile).

Spell Overview:

Level 1: Beginner
-Positive, "Minor Mend", heal an open flesh wound with minimal regrowth of flesh suitible for the outmost layers
-Positive, "Lesser Cleanse", removes a small amount of visible infection from an open wound, but only what the user is familiar with.
-Positive, "Beginners Cure", ease a headache, sore throat, or ear infection - will take three uses to remove it
-Positive, "Viewing", in which one uses Mysticism to determine the inner workings of ones body, and how to spot an anomaly. cast over time spell
-Negative, "Lesser Set", reset a broken or fractured bone towards its normal position (potentially misaligned). Does not heal, merely realigns - Healing must be done by another spell or via natural means
-Negative, "Minor Heal", ease a gastrointestinal infection. Will take five uses to remove it. Rather painful.
-Divine, lolno

Level 2: Initiate
-Positive, "Minor Fix", regrowth of deeper, more intricate tissue (cartiladge) and tendons
-Positive, "Purge", a 'purging' of virus and harmful bacteria from the body with moderation, abolishing minor sickness (Flu, stomach virus, constipation. Nothing major.) Minor side effects.
-Positive, “Cleanse”, removes all infection from an open wound in a six-inch radius. Can only affect properties the mystic is familiar with.
-Negative, "Set", Aligning broken or fractured bones.
-Negative, "Lesser Dullness", blocking nerve transmission to pain centers in the central nervous system (Exactly as localised anesthesia works), centered with a limit on four-inch diameter AoE on the recipient per use. This will not prevent precise movements of the affected area but numb it to feeling. May cause semi-permanent damage.
-Negative, "Unending Rest", a reduction in nerve transmission at synapses, as a modern volatile anesthesia would affect someone. This will cause the affected to lose awareness, yet vital physiologic functions will remain as they were. Durational spell.
-Negative, "Subsidiary Rend", the manipulation of flesh apart from its normal pattern of growth. Can only affect a palms worth of material. (no fine changes)

Level 3: Adept
-Positive, "Mend", where a lost external body part may be reattached or regrown. If there is possession of the missing piece this spell will cost only half of the useperday (Can affect an area no more than the users palm size).
-Positive, "Improved Purge", a purging of virus, harmful bacteria, and pathogen from the body - able to remove greater symptoms of disease. Causes no side effects.
-Positive, “Advanced Cleanse”, abolishing of all external infection and harmful bacteria from area of focus (max. radius is three times the width of users’ palms). Can only affect what the Mystic is familiar with.
-Positive, "Heal", reparation of organs - only in small (users palm size) parts. Will rebind, regrow and reset of these that are out of place. This spell cannot replace anything too far gone.
-Positive, "Mystic Sense", the ability to utilize an innate sense of the nearby physical states. AoE increases with proficiency, takes preparation to use, + ‘viewing’ spell experience
-Positive, "Simple Fix", removal of blemished tissue and replacing it with normal, unblemished skin. This can be used for anything from unsightly facial spots to scars to lacerations.
-Positive, “Channel/Chakra Repair”, repair that will affect a small part (no more than one network area) of the nervous system. Can only repair, cannot affect the brain. Mild side effects
-Positive, “Touch of Life”, support within the cardiovascular system (Blood)- mainly aids in loss of blood.
-Negative, "Dullness", blocking nerve transmission to pain centers in the central nervous system (Exactly as localised anesthesia works), centered with a limit on 1ft diameter AoE on the recipient per use. This will prevent precise movements of the affected area and numb it to feeling. May cause semi-permanent damage.
-Negative, "Minor Bloodwork", blunt manipulation of the cardiovascular system (Halts bleeding, repairs blood clots..) - Unusable with major injury, will instinctively repair.
-Negative, "Broken Calm", simple movement of a corpse - unbroken by resistance from inside the body. Familiar actions may be imparted with one use, yet detailed actions will require twice the useperday. Subject must be dead organic matter (+ living counterpart researched with mystic sense)
-Negative, “Compromise”, a manipulation of the Immune/Lymphatic systems to temporarily support the affected body in either stronger defense or being compromised against: infectious pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasitic animals and protists.
-Negative, "Rend", the manipulation of flesh apart from its normal pattern of growth. Can affect 1fts worth of material (no fine changes). Will instinctively repair.
-Divine, "Touch of the Divine", in which a Mystic may briefly touch upon anothers soul. It is crucial in the Unlocking Ritual and Revivals.
-Divine, "Forgotten Memory", the title is misleading. Not actual memory, but a clear and detailed view of past events pertaining to a certain person- must remain in physical contact for the duration of the spell (they must also be alive), ten minutes per use.

-Divine, “Call of Nature”, in which a mystic meditates and trains to impart Mysticism spells equivalent upon plantlife (This include flowering plants, gymnosperms, ferns, clubmosses, hornworts, liverworts, mossess, and green algae. Excluded is red and brown algae, fungi, archaea and bacteria).

Level 4: Expert
TBA as discovered ingame.

Level 5: Master
TBA as discovered ingame.

Lexicon: Magnum Opus
TBA as discovered ingame.
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Hi guys. I didn't want to release this until the current Apprentices had been skilled enough to advance through it all, but in the current times I think it'd be better seen than not.

Spells directly concerning Revivals and Undead are not included until discovered ingame.