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Rare Nether Iron


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Very Sweet

A type of metal originating in the hellscape of the Nether, this rare ore was commonly used by the forces of Grief and has since become a rarity to be found naturally. Ingots of a dark black are rumoured to still exist for those who may find the long lost ruins and keeps once home to her forces, and they have several traits to be considered.

Nether iron is always black in colour, and whilst it can be smelted and used to craft armour and weaponry as any common iron would, it weighs twice as much and never truly loses heat. It is always warm to the touch, and to impact it streaks of orange embers linger like bruises upon skin, fading within a few days. If worn for too long, the individual begins to overheat, though if worn in the Nether itself they are kept at a comfortable temperature.