New Resource Maps


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New Resource Maps

The Sorrows renews. The ship in Storm's Landing now takes you to a new location in the sorrows after they've confirmed no more resources can be cultivated from the last port. If you have old items in the old sorrows, please use /warp oldsorrow to tp there and remove them. It will be open for 1 week before being officially closed. To note, the sorrow borders have expanded by a lot, so as to compensate for the need of different resources.

The Nether renews. The rift shakes and forms again, now taking travelers to a different location. The old nether cannot be traversed anymore.

The maps to both won't be released until next week, so as to give first dibs to the invested explorers.

As promised via a public donation, 2exp will now be activated from Dec 7 - Dec 29, through the holidays.