Upcoming [Nid Arach] Business on Unholy Land


Evil Event Organisor
(Art by Marco Gorlei)

Business on Unholy Land
The Forces of Good have conquered the Dark Fortress of Nid Arach.
Things will change... [LINK]

This ever-changing chaotic land will succumb to a new dynamic.
The days of silent sabotaging and forward planning are over.
The Arachians are gone, this land is ripe for the taking to those who got the strength and willpower to grasp at it.
Nobody will ever truly come out on top, but there will be those who shall finally have what they desire...

This is to become the new format of both [THIS] event and [THAT] event. In this new format, everyone will be present in the region simultaneously to do their business, but can still have some measure of safety, because of the ability to create and enter safezones.

What are safezones?
Both teams will receive 5 events to set up 3 safezones in Nid Arach (The base (0) not included). A safezone is marked by their own team's banner and flag, plus defensive spikes around the fortification. The other team will not be able to access these safezones, unless invited in. When in a safe-zone, you cannot take damage from other players. The region is classified as violent, while these safezones are classified as peaceful.

Safezones can be used for the following things:
  • Run and hide away safely from any enemy
  • Ensure a safe parlay with any enemy
  • Store items you don't want to be stolen
  • Place NPCs you've earned in events to help your team
  • Prepare yourself closer to where you wish to do things
  • (more as more comes)
For now, the safezones will be unchangeable, though maybe in the far far future I'll allow it to be similar to Command Points in war-games, which you can take over back and forth.

The current safe-zones are:
nid arach claims.jpg

Once all safe-zones have been set up, this event will be set to ONGOING and the others on FINISHED.
We will have mini-events twice or more a week, lasting 1,5 hours each.
In these events, both teams will attempt to take hold of the region in their own way, for their own motives.
Be it constructing things, be it destroying things. Be it slaying monsters, or breeding monsters.
Whatever they like to do, it'll all be possible and all will be revealed in time...

Looking forward to this, chaps!


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