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[Nid Arach] Ongoing Adventures, Dungeons & Quests!


An Alteran Bard
☠ ☠ ☠ Nid Arach ☠ ☠ ☠
Divine Ground of Jishrim
Nid Arach may be a place you'd rather avoid, but on the edges of the region, many interesting things may be found.
Although the Fortress is inaccessible to most, the outlying dungeons lay open for exploration to whoever is brave enough...

☠ Adventures ☠
Private Adventures
Anyone may request a DM'd visit to Nid Arach to explore the grounds.

You may attempt to enter the fortress, or explore around it, or attempt to enter other buildings around the site.
Refer to this thread for a visit: [Opt in - Nid Arach DM]

Team Adventures: The Foothold in Darkness
A team of neutral to good characters that attempt to bring down the forces of darkness.

They get semi-daily DM's in which they expand their hidden outpost, gather their daily loot, and process towards their goal of destroying the Arachian Lord. Meanwhile, they have the chance to create Arachian Steel armor or weaponry.
To join this team, send me a message.

Team Adventures: Arachian Collaboration

A team of neutral to evil characters that attempt to reinforce Nid Arach.
They try to gain enough Arachian Trust to get special perks, like access to restricted areas, commanding Arachian minions, and gather loot to process towards full control over the fortress and creating Arachian Steel armor or weaponry. They attempt to sabotage the good team, though will never come face to face with them during these events.
To join this team, contact the Stairway of Eternal Peace via Jase or Retro Hagrid

☠ Open Dungeons ☠
There are still things to find in the abandoned dungeons of Nid Arach.

The Dark Order Dungeon - The Dark Tale
The dungeon that tells the tale of Khorug and the founding of the Dark Order.

Jishrim's Dungeon - The Shards of The Gods
The dungeon that tells the tale of the first Gods and Jishrim's part in it.

The Pits of Magic - Anvil of Despair
The pits from which wicked artifacts spewed and where the anvil of despair was made and destroyed.

Whitespoor's Dungeon - At Withering Depths
The dungeon that tells the tale of Whitespoor and which released the Pox Arcana.

☠ ☠ ☠ Quests ☠ ☠ ☠
These quests give some immersion into the region and can be done without DM
They all take place OUTSIDE of the main fortress.

Named books are for the story, leave them in the chests in order for other players to enjoy it too.
Please take only 1 loot item if there are several of the same.

Another Key
The tale of someone who got captured by Arachian Forces.
Yet, he was lucky enough to lock away his most prized possession before they caught him.
This one is pretty easy to solve, yet the bonus loot may be harder to find.

This is a first age Quest <Burglarshire>
Starting Location: Nid Arach's Graveyard
Requirements: Bring some food, the search may take a while.
Rewards: a new pet, pet-food & bonus: Fruit tree sapling, the opportunity to copy a book

Rooting for Pearls
This quest is centered around someone who is trying to make some money.
You'll mostly be looking for the right places to go to during this quest.

This is a second age Quest <Rahm's Labyrinth>
Starting Location: The cave across the river from Nid Arach
Requirements: GOLD INGOT, something to write a code on, a free inventory slot
Rewards: Jar of poisonous bugs OR Large Shiny Pearl - opportunity to do good or evil

The Rose blooms
This quest is centered around the deception of a desperate woman.
This is a rather easy quest, with one search-segment.

This is a third age Quest <Nid Arach>
Starting Location: The Mausoleum
Requirements: one free inventory slot
Rewards: Evil item - a pure rose (you may take another one after the quest is complete)


An Alteran Bard
Made a thread like this for Frostwarts, thought I'll make one for Nid Arach too.
While I made this I found out all the Quests didn't work anymore, so I re-made one quest and fixed the other two.