Upcoming [Nov. 2 - 7:30 PM EST] Calm Before the Storm


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A letter is sent to a select few individuals, it arrives by courier. Written within is a statement, followed by a request, signed to their respective persons.

"Some say the Gods are our strongest protectors. Others resort to steel, muscle, and blood to keep themselves safe. Nothing but camaraderie protects from the snakes in the grass. The realm is under siege, from above, below, and all around us. We must look to each other as kin, as a fellow mortal. For if we fail, we will fall to the dirt, and our world will become a quiet grave of nothing. Join me in unifying against the plague. Togetherness is the right way to victory. Meet at Linlea's Great Hall, bring your most trusted ally, and we shall further plan our counter offensive."
- Lord Gael Dugald

The letters arrive to:
Charles and Elizabeth Kane Lannis NIAH
James and Raalvara Varyn TheDeester Raal
Kopii and Leofaren Omikuji Shankster
Niko Varaclav Niko
Jaden Seeker and Ater CloakedReaper Magiik
Kitrana Dawnriver French Roast
Podric Luam

Those invited personally:
Ashna and Laerornor Solus Estes241
Sir Florian von Piers Cap
Caerwyn Rygan
Joseph JoeJoe
Fronslin Caldwell Fronslin
Olive Smurf

The event is otherwise private, though those arriving may bring any amount of those they trust, or may vouch for those arriving. There is otherwise word and rumor of a meeting of important individuals. (If I missed anyone I said could come IG, let me know.)

What: A meeting of all those that have a prominent place against the plague.

Where: Linlea - Great Hall

When: Friday, Nov. 2nd, 7:30 PM EST

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 6pm EST.
Tuesday after 7:30 EST
Saturday and Sunday: Any time after 3:00 EST

But if it ends up being at a time I can't attend, I can probably get the cliff notes from someone after.


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My days off are only Tuesday and Wednesday’s at the moment. Really at any times those days.

Thursday is impossible as I work from 6pm to 2am.

Friday Saturday Monday I would only be able to come on after 10pm.

Sunday I am free at 8pm.


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It'll stay in one place and there will be a recap at the end anyhow.
In that case, go right ahead. Most of what Ater would/could say can be covered by others, and I'll make sure they mention his important stuff. I'll catch the tail end of it.


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Planned for in an hour. Would anyone just barely make it/be able to make it if it were postponed for an hour or so?