Obsidian Marsh


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[ Art Credit: ChrisCold ]


The forces of the Mad Wyrm and Qlippoth joined together to create a well which waters corrupted and tainted the lands around it, forming great spires and expansive marshlands. Creatures would be drawn in, only to be cast back out of it forever changed, their essence long departed, for something inhabited the well: Abyss. As the well was destroyed, the lands caved in around it, but the nature of the entity still holds its effects over the landscape that make it a risky venture for those of curious hearts.

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There is an area upon the map that may be explored following an event submission using [this] thread. It remains a section of marshlands with great spires and sections of dark rock, obsidian. Creatures roam this place that are unique to this location, as well as various species of flora and types of mineral. Upon getting near to this area, there is a sort of dense fog that never truly seems to go away, the skies seem overcast, and the longer time is spent here the more you sink into the feelings of despair, loneliness, depression. A sinking feeling of losing yourself, which will be up to DM discretion for how intense it may be. The very waters of the marsh are dangerous to consume in larger quantities, the first sip prompting a (easy to shake for mortals) desire to drink more of it that only intensifies the more that is consumed. Those drinking it are drawn to the marsh, regardless of their location when it is drank.
Wraiths and other supernatural beings are not unheard of here, a place of violent deaths and sinking despair make it a hostile place to those who do not resist its unique pull.
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These creatures vary in shape and size, usually based upon the form of an existing creature or even a humanoid, but changed as a result of drinking excessively from the waters and losing themselves to the marsh. They are often coated in a black tar like secretion that, whilst flammable, is also sticky enough that predators or attackers are often found stuck upon them in various states of decomposition, slowly made into part of the entity itself. Often enough this tar can be made up of many tiny ant-like burrowing creatures that leave their host for fresher prey, the only telltale sign being that it moves, slowly, when tar should not.
Note: Should this tar be taken elsewhere it will lose its qualities of consumption and warping, but remain a flammable adhesive substance.

There are veins and spires of obsidian that rise up out of the marsh, making magic hard to cast at DM discretion. It fluctuates in intensity. This obsidian can also be mined if the proper tools are used, though it is a hard enough substance that only shards, like flakes, will come off in one piece, making it fitting for daggers and arrow heads but not for items larger.

A type of silver that can be found in the waters of the marsh, something often having to be sifted through with the proper tools or process to be able to find it. It comes in relatively small clumps, much like those would find sifting for gold, which can be smelted and used accordingly. The unique quality about this silver is that it is always cold to the touch and that it slowly moulds those in its proximity to the same feelings of despair and abyssal emptiness that would occur if one remained in the marsh for too long.

A type of reed that does not appear too different from any common type, though it is streaked with black veins especially at the base and gives off a distinctly earthy scent. The stems can be eaten as is, though it results in an emotional dimming for the next hour or so. Excessive consumption may lead to more permanent effects of emotional numbness.