On Current Campaigns of HW


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Hello Alterans,

The aftermath of the meteorites that fell from the sky, will soon be part of the history books of Altera. The growing Earth Elemental is now no longer a threat to the continent. Its remnants still effect a part of the world, albeit thwarted by the efforts of players. The Starfall Campaign leads will be wrapping up any major threads if they linger and will bring up any Lore that’s left to reveal and publish it.

We will be taking a temporary break from the chain of Server Campaigns for about a few weeks. Summer is a significant point for player activity and we’re aware of the changes of participation towards our general events and the need for pacing concerning the length of Campaigns. We will be taking this time to reflect and prepare for the next leg of our journey through Altera via Server Campaigns until an estimated Mid-July. For those eager- the tentative Campaign theme hint is: “Schism”. There will continue to be a preparation for the coming quarters.

We will host a few random events, perhaps smaller event chains, and promote player events for the time being. Until we meet again to traverse a new Arc and storyline.


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Ah clever, I was wondering how you'd proceed. Seeing so many players now hosting events, there might already be a bunch of activity even without a campaign, so I was eager to find out how the server'd deal with that. :)