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The Staff Team is seeking new members with specific criteria to join the Team. If you feel you fit these requirements or are willing to learn, then please send solus a forum conversation and a coordinator of the position you're interested in with your application so that the team can discuss and see if you’re a good fit.

Department for Hardware/Software

+Logging and fixing of Server Bugs
+Maintaining Console plugins like new Player Heads & Brewery Plugin
+Creating resource maps: the Sorrows and Nether
+Gradually learning how to aid in maintenance of server hardware through learning

All require:
-Activity and availability (Please list how much time you can give as staff for HW)
-Has been a member of HW for 2-3 months
-Age 18+

Apply using this format and any additional notes and categories you'd like {Here}.
Do not apply on this thread.

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Hey folks- We're seeking some aid in the Hardware/Software department. Send word if there is interest!