[Overview] The Holy See of Artois


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T H E - H O L Y - S E E - O F - A R T O I S

B L E S S E D - L A N D S - O F - I G N I S - S Y N N O V E

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

C O N T E N T S :
Holy See:
- Overview of the Holy See
- Holdings of the Holy See {Yet to be Made}
- Diplomatic Relations of the Holy See {Yet to be Made}

The Church:

- Overview of the Church
- Succession within the Church
- Military Orders of the Church {Yet to be Made}
The Codexes:
- The Codex of the Sun

The See of Artois is the seat of the Lightbringer; Ignis Synnove in the mundane plane of Altera. It is in this state that Ignis Synnove and Her most devoted followers reside.
Here God walks freely in the heart of Her people so that all may know Her true grace and radiance.

Artois is an independant theocratic state ruled by the two clerical heads of Ignis Synnove; the Pontifex Dextrius and the Pontifex Sinistrius, the right and left hands of God. These two Pontifices are Divine Emissaries and are tasked with the overseeing of Her realm. They hold absolute power over their respective domains and are the highest authority on matters of Faith, second only to God. Unlike traditional noble houses, the governing titles and rights of the Pontifices are not hereditary. They are in fact subject to election by a group of their peers from a select pool of those few individuals touched by God's Holy blessings.
There are ten laws that all who enter the See must adhere to, regardless of their personal faith, for the entirety of their time residing within the See. Failure to adhere to these laws may result in severe punishment ranging from the removal of a hand to, in the most extreme cases, execution. All matters of breaking these ten laws shall be personally overseen by both of the reigning Pontifices and shall only be enacted once a unanimous decision has been made.

The Tenets of the Dawnbringer
- Thou shalt believe true all words of the Light, and shalt observe all its directions.
- Thou shalt never lie nor bear false witness, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.
- Thou shalt respect those who are wealthy and powerful, for they are such due to the grace of the Light.
- Thou shalt pray upon each Sunrise, to give good thanks that the Light bathes thy lands upon once more!
- Thou shalt not recognize any other Gods or Goddesses, for the Light is the one true Divine.
- Thou shalt give due respects for the orderly inheritance, heritage and succession, to honour thy Father and Mother before thee.
- Thou shalt bring persecution upon heresy, to preserve the Order of the world.
- Thou shalt see murderers without cause have forfeit their own life before the Light, and their belongings entitled to the family of the murdered.
- Thou shalt burn the dead so they might not rise as demons, or worse!
- Though shalt follow all of Light's Tenents

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