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Paradaux (TheGamerRian)'s Final Appeal [Declined]


Lord of Altera
I've appealed four times over the past 1 year, 2 months and 20 something days.

Synopsis as to why I was banned (pulled from the original appeal, mostly forgot)

I was messing around with the ( at the time) new prestige system when I came across a command (couldn't tell you,.can't remember it, it was a subcommand of /prestige admin)
What I had discovered was:
I can transfer ownership of a house which I tested with a friend, without my permissions being checked
which I returned ownership to immediately after then I noticed another potential money glitch so I did it again which it turns out the money glitch didn't work
I can set the noble status of any player, as that was another command I really wanted to try, being a noble was such a grind.

I didn't test anything else I don't think
Once Elz noticed that the house was swapping ownership she tp'd over and said she was temp banning us for abusing a command or something like that and didn't give us an opportunity to explain,
I sent a message requesting to become a bug finder guy under the software/hardware section as I noticed you were recruiting. It's just unfortunately ironic that I found this bug whilst checking out what or whatever the plugin could do out of a genuine interest (I also write/wrote plugins), I'm sorry I hadn't made the bug report sooner but I was testing to see if there were any limits beforehand


Staff member
I'm sure trying to suggest the staff member who temporarily banned you is at fault is a good way to have a ban lifted. The logs were reviewed by staff and you were given a permanent ban from the owner of the server. I'll allow moderation to review your appeal and one of them will get back to you.


Lord of Altera
Hardly claimed you were at fault, just said you were a little too quick, quite frankly I don't remember at this point. But fine, regardless.


... is very scientifical.
Retired Staff
Your appeal is denied.

The moderation team has looked through what has happened, examined the appeal, and the consensus reached is to not unban you. You can appeal again after a reasonable amount of time has passed.