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[Peaceful] Emyn Arnen, the valley


Lord of Altera
The Holy Grounds of the Shrines is finished in Emyn Arnen.
There is a shrine to each of the gods, as well as a reception hut at either end of the grounds.
Please be sure to review the Divine Law that is posted.

Related notes:
Heretics, heathens, and magicians are forbidden within the valley.
Magicians may be permitted if they acquire written consent from the Soresta Emya.


Staff member
Very Sweet
Just a note before I end up sleeping, staff have seen it, is being discussed, please dont derail the thread - Will get some kinda response when we can. Its late for just about everyone.


Dead Man Walking
Meh, just put up a fence with a gate on it. Bada-bing, you got yourself a whitelist machine.