Peter Eljin - The Reborn


Lord of Altera

102871Full Name:

Name Meaning:
Marjash: Translates to “Unyielding”


Does s/he like the nickname?
He finds it endearing.

Place of Birth:

Ethnic Background:
Sooleran (Adopted sool elf mother, sool father)


Degree of Religious Practice:

He doesn't find the need for a label.


5’3” / 160 cm

Around 90 lbs / 41 kg. He's underweight.

Eye Color:
A deep, rich brown color.

Eye Shape:
His eyes are very almond-shaped.

Hair Color:
A deep brown that looks almost black.

He has an undercut with about ear-length hair.

Skin Tone:
For a Sooleran, he has light skin. But overall, it looks quite tan.

Face shape:
He has a very narrow and feminine face.

Body Type:
It’s that of a dancer. Thin, short and lithe. He has very little body fat, being primarily made of muscle.

Prominent Features:
His eyes are quite large and expressive.

Distinguishing Marks:
He has a birthmark on his collarbone, where the skin looks slightly darker than the other skin.

How does s/he dress:
He dresses more in robes as of late, all wonderfully dyed and stitched.

Favorite Outfit:
He prefers his more elaborate and fancy clothing, not preferring one specific outfit most.

General Health:
He currently looks to be quite gangly and thin, with slowly lightening eye bags under his eyes.

Health Conditions:
None, to his knowledge.

He washes at least once a day and makes sure he’s very clean at all times.

Typical Posture:
His posture could be seen as a casually straight one. He sits up rather straight, but not stiffly so.


102874Pace of Speech:
He speaks extremely fast, his words becoming nearly incomprehensible when he’s very excited.

Voice Tone:
It’s on the higher side, bordering on screechy when he gets angry or upset.

Favorite/Habitual Words & Phrases:
“Well, if the cat hits the fence.”
It’s a nonsensical term he thinks is ridiculously hilarious.

General Vocabulary and Speech Pattern:
He’ll try to sound smart with big words but sometimes he doesn’t know what they mean. When that happens, he blames the fact that common isn’t his native tongue.

He’s quite high energy though he tries to not let it go overboard

Personal Habits:
He fluffs his hair quite a bit and also will absently do mini dance moves with his feet. He taps his thigh a lot, especially when he's nervous.


Bright colors
Genuine friendship.

People who can't fend for themselves.
His parents

Character's greatest strength:
His dancing ability and his general stage presence.

Other good characteristics:
He’s great in party situations.
He’s cordial.
He lies flawlessly.

Character's greatest flaw:
His anger.
How clingy he is. If he lost the people closest to him, even he's scared of what he'd do.

Other character flaws:
He lies needlessly. He's much more willing to bend the truth than tell something in a straight way.
His introspection is trash.
How willing he is to take on friendships, even if they're unhealthy.

He likes to be clean but isn’t into obsessively cleaning. He's found he's much more willing to be dirty than Harry and teases him endlessly about it.


He learned from his caravan all of his business knowledge, though he's forgotten quite a bit of that. More recently, he's attributed his learning to Jin, his employer and mentor, from the clowns, and from the theodrans he's acquainted himself with.

Favorite attributes about him/herself:
His ability to make dances and skits up on the fly.

Least favorite:
His height. The gravity of his mistakes. (And the mistakes themselves, of course.)

How does s/he think others perceive him or her:
He assumes they see him as a naive child. He hopes that they won't hate him.. but expects that they will.

Short term goals:
0 - Get properly married.
0 - Buy a house.

Long term goals:
0 - Prove himself.


Deceptively nice


102876S/he is most comfortable when:
He’s on stage or in front of a crowd. He's with his fiance, or his auntie.

S/he is most uncomfortable when:
He’s supposed to be sitting still and quiet. The spiders crawl, and the wolves bear their teeth.

What does s/he most value/prioritize:
He is his personal priority. If he is able to help his friends, he will. But they don’t outweigh his own needs. He's become a person much more willing to help others, especially if they mean a lot to him.

Personal philosophy:
He doesn’t care how he gets things done, so long as it’s tied upright. Do things the right way. No shortcuts. No questionable leads.

What’s his/her most embarrassing moment:
How he was disowned. [Redacted.]

What is his/her secret wish:
To be famous, to some degree.

Biggest Fear:
Rejection. Them finding out and hunting him down.

He thinks that poor people are all lazy and stupid. He's realized that some poor people do what they can with what they have. However, he still prefers the company of those with money.

He’ll start monologuing if he’s not holding a conversation with someone else for an amount of time.

Character's biggest secret(s):
His religious practices. Now unearthed, his biggest secret is much more mundane:

Who else knows (if anyone):

How does s/he react to a crisis?
He generally tends to get extremely frustrated and scared.

What s/he most like to change about her-/himself:
His height and general femininity. He's come to peace with the mundane aspects of himself. Now, he only tries to improve what he can.

Does s/he live with anyone?
He lives out of his cart. He lives with Kazu, his fiance.

Describe the area in which s/he lives:
It changes from night to night, but they tend to be lower-income places. If he can’t find a place, he’ll set up camp.

Is this his/her ideal home and location?
Well, living in a castle is preferable. A house with a garden out front, a warm fireplace, and private.

If not, what would s/he prefer?
At the least, a rather large house. Anywhere with him.

Current occupation:
Traveling merchant, mostly focusing on fabrics and dyes. He works for the Sooleran Trader.

Job satisfaction:
As long as he gets money, his preferences don’t matter. However, he does have fun with this new job.

Better off than he has been for a while.


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