Pincer Beetles


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Pincer Beetles
These beetles are found all around Altera, though each beetle does have a preferred habitat. That doesn't mean they can't be seen elsewhere. I'd like these to be as available to everyone as possible, so they can incorporate them into their towns if they want. All beetles have a similar appearance, as you may expect from a beetle, but they've all got their particular size and shape. The one thing they all got in common is the possession of two pincers, though all except the gryphon-beetle and the traveler-beetle have developed in such a way that their pincers have become rudimentary and useless.

The Gryphon-Beetle
Alteran pest-control

Preferred Habitat: High mountain-peaks, Tall forest trees, Deserts.
Description: These beetles are long and thin, about the size of a grown-man's hand and are top-predators among insects. They are amazing flyers and shoot through the sky; preying upon smaller insects. They live in 'hives', bringing food into chambers to feed the queen and many larvae. These hives can quickly grow incredibly big. It is not unusual to find a hive of 2 by 2 meters. Air beetle soldiers, those who fly around the hive protecting it, possess two tiny scorpion-like claws at the end of their front legs and will use those to damage possible intruders.
Useful Ability: They eat pests and as such are often employed by farmers as pest-control. They are able to keep the gryphon-beetles like one would keep bees. Farmers keep themselves from being attacked by smoking the nests out and wearing protective thick leather clothing.
Yield: The beetle itself does not yield anything upon death. However, the hive is edible to animals and often fed to pigs or chickens. More towards the core of the hive, one can find a whitish goo-ish substance which is incredibly rich in protein. Large carnivoric mammals and forest wendigos have been reported to take the risk and crack open a hive for the high-caloric reward inside.
(OOC block suggestion: Hay for the hives)

The Spotted Poison-Beetle
Miracle Medicine

Preferred Habitat: Seas, lakes, rivers, swamps.
Description: Spotted poison-beetles are solitary insects with many purple spots, who live in and near water. They only seek each other out to mate. They lay their eggs in the water. However, these beetles are much like mosquitoes and require blood to ensure their eggs hatch. These beetles are about as big as the palm of the average hand. People notice they are stung by a water beetle by the appearance of purple dots all over their skin. The spots are harmless and are merely the result of the 'poison' being dissolved in the blood, which the bug injects to soften the tissue of the skin before slurping the blood. The subject may feel slightly lightheaded after being stung.
Useful Ability: None, they're a pest.
Yield: When extracting the 'poison' from several beetles and jarring it, it can be used to bring a medical patient into a coma by injecting it into the bloodstream.
(OOC block suggestion: Levers or buttons)

The Traveler-Beetle
Looter creatures

Preferred Habitat: Fields, Caves, Forests.
Description: The traveler-beetles live in massive colonies and are often found when someone stumbles upon one of their 'paths'. Like large ant colonies, they form long paths of traffic, made up of hundreds of individual beetles. They clear these paths of debris and cut down anything that may grow on it. They live in nests, to which they carry everything they find in their path. They build these nests on top of rocky outcrops and look very much like termite hills. These beetles do not have the ability to fly. However, once every year, they spin a cocoon around themselves and when they hatch, they all fly out at the same time. Not just the one nest, but all nests simultaneously, searching to spread themselves as far and wide as possible. Most of them die without finding a good spot, however, and a lot of them become food for other creatures.
Useful Ability: They've got sharp pincers. Sometimes they're used to stitch up a wound, by making them shut tight in the cut and then turning the little arms off; the pincers will remain closed.
Yield: The beetles themselves have no yield, but since they bring everything they find in their path to their nest, you might find unexpected loot within such nests.
(OOC block suggestion: redstone for the paths, fences for the nests)

The Lightning-Beetle
Light in the night

Preferred Habitat: Deserts, Volcanic areas, Savannas.
Description: The lightning-beetle lives in small swarms of about 10 to 15 individuals. These swarms are often very close to each other and individuals do swap swarms regularly. They can create a spark through means of static electricity by rubbing their wing-caps together very quickly during flight. They do so to attract mates. The swarm itself is constantly alight with white flashes of the sparks of beetles signalling to each other.
Useful Ability: Can be used as a light-source when put in a jar. It's a challenge however to trap them without getting a couple of shocks.
Yield: None.
(OOC block suggestion: Glowstone suspended in the air)