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[Pits of Magic] Surfaced Parchment - The Scales


An Alteran Bard
A piece of parchment has surfaced from the dark recesses of our world, it bears the following image and text:
The legends of an ancient dark magic spoke of a black object, said to come straight from the burning forges of the Nether itself, crafted and imbued with the essence of Grief's demons themselves. This blackened object was an anvil. Within this Nether-forge, powerful weapons of magic were crafted. While the Good and Evil Gods dished out the Six Swords of Power to their blessed, the demons of the underworld created weapons of the Arcane to best the Gods of Altera.

Legend tells us of weapons whose power was set loose only if wielded by cursed and magical beings of the underworld. A weapon crafted upon such an anvil, imbued with the magical power of demons, could be the best hope of any dark mage to overcome the suffocating presence and power of the Gods. However, this anvil of the underworld has never been found, nor truly proven to ever exist!

Regardless, securing this anvil could shift the everlasting course of the battle between good and evil to either side, depending on whoever gets a hold of it. Though the search has gone on for decennia by both the forces of light and darkness, the anvil remains lost. Such an object of power has attracted a group of fanatics known as The Scales. Though the plight of these individuals is to keep balance and not letting either darkness nor good take a lead in their eternal war, it is without a doubt that their intentions will bring great havoc upon our world.

Their everlasting desire to re-create the anvil from that burning nether-forge has lead to many failed sacrificial rituals and mysterious disappearances through-out the land. Siding with both good and evil, their minions have spread thick through our world and their resources are seemingly endless. Recently, The Scales acquired an ancient piece of parchment from one of their unholy crusades to find the missing anvil. There they found a more detailed description of its creation, perhaps enough to re-create such an item themselves?

The scriptures mention an 'Anvil of Despair' crafted from the metal of smelted armor from unholy battles. It was cast upon the skulls of the three most powerful demons to ever serve Queen Grief. It was carved with symbols of great power and immersed into the realms of darkness! The scales have thus far failed to duplicate this anvil, but with every passing day, more lifes are on the balance in their sacrificial rituals and they are getting closer to success. Should they succeed, the anvil must be taken from them as soon as possible, at all costs. Since every artifact crafted upon it will surely be a curse to our world...