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[Pits of Magic] The Clues to the story


An Alteran Bard
The Clues:
Below is a summary of clues found by Alterans, which shed light on who The Scales are and give more information on the possible Anvil of Despair.
This is all IC public knowledge.

The Weak Mace of Light & Scythe of Harvest
[The notice from Kethron]
A public notice from the scholar Kethron, who did joined research with Ardaric Tideborne.
The notice has made the people aware of their findings on two items retrieved from the first Pit of Magic.


The Twin
[Nefari's Sister]
Within the second pit of magic, the company stumbled upon the spitting image of Nefari.
But it was a woman who introduced herself as Benevoli, a much kinder person than her vile sister.
She said The Scales have leaders called 'Cast Overseers' and those below them called 'Recruiters', of which Nefari was one.
She talked about how Nefari searched for new rituals and 'Sacrifices'.

The Infiltrator and Mage Hater
[The man's profile]
A man appeared at the end of the second pit of magic, by the name of Áedán Ó Corván.
He said The Scales are neither good nor evil, nor would any discussion about their nature be fruitful.
The Scales with to control the balance between Good and Evil, and as such will decide for themselves which is which.
He said: "You cannot control evil without its own rituals, just like you can't control the light without immersing yourself in its good grace."

The Mask of The Mute
[The Declaration from Thryss]
A declaration from Thryss who did some research on one of the items from a ritual site inside the third Pit of Magic.
The declaration states the properties of the item, some interpretations, and the intend on what to do with the item.


The Demented Overseer
[Top hierarchy in The Scales]
Within the third pit of magic, the adventurers came across a Cast Overseer.
Unfortunately, for some reason, the man had become very confused and slightly lost his mind.
In one clear moment, he warned the company that The Smith would take care of them if they ventured any further.
He could remember bits of his life, but it was all mixed up. The man was killed on site by some of the party.

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An Alteran Bard
2 more pieces of the puzzle are added to the clues. The items in the pit have been taken and drawings of them will be sent this week to be solved and perhaps, if publicized, added to these clues.