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RP Thread [Poems] A Lordsy Roey Nobles Vol. I


Official Alteran


This book is written in Rede, Elvish, Common, Horghaan, and Mok'yra. There is also a photo underneath piece of sketch.

"This book is published by F. M."

OOC: I love ballads. I thought this would be useful for bard characters and the like.
The Adventurous Heart

A woman fell in love with daring tales, A spirit longing for the untamed wild, but fate, unkind, thrust obstacles unveiled, her lover bound in marriage, undefiled.

Yet she, unyielding, grew beyond her dreams, A fire burning within her vibrant soul, With every step, resilience brightly beams, Etching courage where doubt may take its toll.

Time slips away beneath the weight of dread, Anxieties that plague our fragile minds, But still she yearns for futures yet unread, To showcase all the strength that she enshrines.

"Beauty lies not in form, but in the heart, Celebrate adventure with each breath taken, Dreams fuel her journey, a spirited art, Ambition guides as compass never shaken.

" In this ballad of life, compassion blooms, A bravery adorned with confidence bright, The adventurous heart transcends all gloom, An unwritten story bathed in daring light.


The Dance of Friendship

In a world of shadows, where friendship is rare, There lived a woman with dreams held in her stare. Seeking solace, seeking a true companion, She ventured forth, with hope as her lion.

Through the labyrinth of life, she danced and twirled, Unyielding to darkness, the world unfurled. With each step, she bloomed like a vibrant art piece, A masterpiece of bravery, compassion unleashed.

Oh, the beauty that friendship can bring! It's like an enchanting melody to which we sing. For in the dance of friendship, hearts align, And confidence blossoms, like sunflowers in shine.

She discovered true friendship along her way, A kindred soul who brightened each passing day. Together they painted with strokes bold and grand, Creating a masterpiece on life's shifting sand.

Dancing through dangerous situations they go, Guided by love and support to help them grow. With understanding as their trusty guide, They faced every challenge side by side.

And now she dances through life's great unknowns, With a friend by her side, no longer alone. The woman seeks beauty in every art form, And finds it in friendship that keeps her warm.

Oh, the adventure they have embarked upon! Through laughter and tears, their bond lives on. For in the dance of friendship's sweet caress, Dreams are realized and fears laid to rest.

So let us celebrate this wondrous connection, And cherish the gift of true friendship's affection. May we all find the courage to risk and explore, For it is in friendship that our souls truly soar.


The Enchanting Quest

Once there lived a woman, in love she did fall, But expressing her heart was a daunting call. She yearned to uncover life's secrets profound, Within the sun's warmth, true wisdom to be found.

Embracing both worlds, she opened the door wide, To a field of gold where dreams could coincide. In darkness she loved its mysteries she'd explore, yet yearned for the light that forever could restore.

With bravery in her eyes, she embarked on her quest, To capture the beauty each choice could invest. Confidence in her heart, compassion in her soul, she sought to grasp change as life's tales did unfold.

In this fairy tale realm where magic danced and twirled, She discovered a truth that unfurled. Life's essence resided within love's pure embrace, Revealing itself through each fleeting grace.

With pen as her wand, words began to ignite, A symphony of emotions, shining so bright. Her poetic verses, like spells in the air, beautifully woven with tender-loving care.

A woman fell in love with life's wondrous plight, Expressing herself through enchanting insights. No longer confined by shadows cast by nightfall, She embraced both worlds, standing tall and enthralled.

In this tale of dreams, where choices are made, She found solace in knowing that change can persuade. For within the depths of her brave beating heart, The power to create a new narrative did impart.

So let us remember this magical account Of a woman who dared to bravely surmount The obstacles that held her from blossoming free, And revealed life's beauty for all eyes to see.
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Lansisu Baast L'od Pondor Vol. II


Vol II of A lordsy Roey nobles, This book has been published by F. M. This book is still written in the languages above!


The Haunting Loyalty

A woman's promise made in youth, Her loyalty reigns, unyielding and true. Yet unwittingly she set in motion A force far greater than her own devotion.

Now as the world teeters on the edge, Before war's chaos begins its deadly surge, She is haunted by knowledge, burdened and pained, For she knows not how her actions have stained.

Like a specter, death lurks nearby, As she embarks on a journey with no reply. Through desolate lands and cities laid bare, She must face the aftermath of despair.

Recovery seems distant, impossible to grasp, Among ruins and debris where hope had once clasped. Yet she presses on, relentless in will, Determined to find solace after the kill.

In this dystopian realm of darkness and strife, Where dreams are shattered and fear comes to life, She fights for survival, for her own existence, With anger burning bright, defying resistance.

And as she battles through this bleak domain, She contemplates what awaits beyond pain. Is there an afterlife, a realm of peace? Or merely an illusion that grants no release?

The horrors of war may forever scar, But her loyalty remains constant, a guiding star. Though innocence lost in the chaos is complete, Her unwavering promise makes her soul discrete.


The Corruption Chronicles

Once stood an observer, keen of eye and mind,
Whose verses unveiled truths that lay behind.
The man, his pen a weapon against the crowd,
Composed in secrecy, his voice too loud.

Mysterious whispers under veiled moonlight,
Unveiling a world steeped in treacherous might.
The place where it all started, its secrets deep,
Where corruption thrived, and justice fell asleep.

In ballad's rhythm, he spun tales of woe,
Of death and disappointment sorrow did sow.
His words a battle cry against wars unjust,
A plea for peace when conflict turned to dust.

Adulthood came swiftly, on his weary head,
As carefree days gave way to darkened dread.
Change consumed his soul as innocence waned,
And bitter wisdom in his heart remained.

Anger kindled like fire within his veins,
Fueling his verses with furious refrains.
Epic in scale, each line a thunderous roar,
Unleashing the truth he could no longer ignore.

The government trembled as their secret sins
Were exposed by the poet's damning quill pens.
History, witness to their deeds so vile,
Now etched forever in the sacred bard's file.

Let these Corruption Chronicles resound,
Throughout the ages, truth will be found.
For though darkness looms and shadows persist,
The power of verse can never be dismissed.


Hero of our time

In the realm of duty, a knight did reside,
Bound by a liege's will, forever tied,
Unyielding were the orders, never to say no,
A servant of honor, through highs and lows.

Through battles and quests, he faithfully trod,
Following his liege, obediently awed,
Never questioning the purpose, nor the intent,
In service to his lord, he was truly hell-bent.

But deep within his heart, a flickering flame,
A longing for freedom, a name without shame,
For every soul yearns for a chance to be free,
To shape their own destiny, their own decree.

And so, in a moment, destiny did unfold,
As the knight stood strong, resolute and bold,
A rare opportunity, to speak his own truth,
To forge his own path, to reclaim his youth.

Yet trepidation nestled within his core,
For choosing his own fate, he could not ignore,
A weighty decision, so profound and grand,
To break free from the chains of his liege's command.

With courage as his armor, he stood tall and strong,
Determined to prove that he did belong,
Not as a mere pawn, a weapon to wield,
But as a champion, with a sword to yield.

The echoes of his choices reverberated wide,
Across the land, where hope had slowly died,
A knight transformed, a symbol of the people's fight,
A beacon of justice, shining through the night.

His name carried on the wind, a hero reborn,
A champion for the oppressed, their spirits torn,
For in choosing to say no, he found his true worth,
A legacy of bravery, a testament to his birth.

So let the trumpets sound, let the banners unfurl,
For the knight who broke free, whose spirit did swirl,
In the annals of history, his story shall be told,
Of a knight who dared to be brave, and broke the mold.

No longer a servant, but a leader so grand,
The knight, the champion, with sword in hand,
He fought for the people, their rights he'd defend,
A symbol of freedom, until the very end.


Official Alteran


Vol II of A lordsy Roey nobles, This book has been published by F. M. This book is still written in the languages above!


Gift of Love

In the realm of shattered hearts, a woman stood,
Her flame extinguished; love's fire no longer burned.
But in the wake of their parting, a gift emerged,
A relic from the gods, a token of strength returned.

This sacred artifact, a mystery divine,
A symbol of power, a source of unknown might.
Yet, despite its allure, she couldn't comprehend,
How to harness its magic, to wield it just right.

Her friend, unable to decipher its true purpose,
Left her alone, grappling with her confusion.
So, with determination as her guiding light,
She embarked on a journey, seeking resolution.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,
She ventured forth, her spirit unyielding.
With every step, she pushed beyond her limits,
In search of wisdom, her heart slowly healing.

The relic's weight, heavy upon her weary soul,
Its secrets locked away, waiting to be unveiled.
She questioned the skies, beseeching the gods,
For guidance and clarity, her faith never failed.

In temples ancient and forgotten, she sought solace,
Whispers of ancient knowledge echoed through the air.
Tales of those who had held this relic before,
Inspired her, fueled her desire to be aware.

And as time passed, her understanding grew,
Layers of confusion peeled away, revealing truth.
The relic, a conduit of her deepest self,
A mirror to her soul, a reflection of her youth.

No longer seeking answers from others, she knew,
The power within was hers and hers alone.
She learned to embrace her strength, her flaws,
To wield the relic with purpose, to make it known.

With newfound confidence, she returned to her flame,
To the one who had gifted her this sacred prize.
She showed him the woman she had become,
A warrior, empowered, with unyielding eyes.

No longer reliant on his guidance or support,
She stood tall, her own light brightly shining.
For in her journey, she had discovered,
The true meaning of the relic, its purpose defining.

And so, my friends, let this tale remind us all,
That strength lies within, waiting to be found.
In the face of adversity, we must embark,
On journeys of self-discovery, unearthing solid ground.

For in our quest to understand and grow,
We become the heroes of our own story.
No longer dependent on others' validation,
We step forward, embracing our full glory.


Forge's Spark

In the heart of the forge, where flames dance and roar,
A blacksmith toiled, his hands calloused and sore.
Not known for his tales of grandeur and might,
But for the strength of his arms and his skill in the fight.

Years upon years, he forged iron and steel,
Crafting weapons and tools with meticulous zeal.
A master of his craft, a soul steadfast and true,
But his name, like the sparks, faded from view.

Yet fate had a plan, a twist unforeseen,
For this humble blacksmith, a life yet unseen.
Recognition arrived, like a radiant sun,
As his work spread far, his name now known by everyone.

He did not seek fame, nor yearn for applause,
But destiny chose him, and he answered its call.
From the embers of obscurity, he rose,
Like a phoenix, reborn, his story now grows.

With his family in mind, he embraced the unknown,
Venturing forth, seeds of adventure he sown.
A path untraveled, where danger abounds,
But his spirit aflame, his heart knows no bounds.

Through perilous forests and treacherous seas,
He strode with courage, his loved ones to please.
For in his hands, he carried a gift so grand,
A legacy of honor, a future well planned.

The blacksmith's hammer struck with purpose and might,
As he crafted a future, shining and bright.
His family's dreams, like molten gold, he'd mold,
A promise fulfilled, a story to be told.

The anvil of life, where dreams take their shape,
He worked tirelessly, never one to escape.
For his heart knew the value of love and toil,
And the joy that comes when dreams begin to unfurl.

So, let the blacksmith ride on the wings of his dreams,
Through valleys and mountains, through rivers and streams.
His work is not done, there's much left to do,
But his legacy, forever, will ring loud and true.

For in the heart of the forge, where flames dance and roar,
The blacksmith's journey continues, forevermore.
With his family by his side, he forges ahead,
A champion of love, a life fully lived.


Guards Wrong's

In a land where dreams were bound by walls,
A guard stood tall, eyes filled with doubt.
He peered down upon an adventurer,
Who dared to challenge fate's relentless route.

Time and again, she gave it her all,
Striving to prove her worth, undeterred.
But the guard, consumed by his pride,
Left her voice unheard, her spirit blurred.

A festival for honor and glory,
Beckoned him with grandeur and pomp.
He looked down on the adventurer,
Belittling her dreams, causing her heart to stomp.

Unbeknownst to him, her anger brewed,
For she cherished the guard, deep inside.
But his condescension, a bitter pill,
Fueled her resolve, ignited her pride.

She took a stand, against all odds,
A fire burning within, fierce and bold.
Through trials and obstacles, she persevered,
Proving her mettle, crafting a story untold.

And lo, the guard, his arrogance shattered,
As he watched her triumph, witnessed her might.
His prejudice crumbled like ancient ruins,
In the face of her courage, shining so bright.

For she had soared beyond his narrow gaze,
Defying the boundaries he had set.
The adventurer, victorious and strong,
Had made him yield, his doubts soon to forget.

In this tale of a guard and an adventurer,
A lesson unfolds, profound and clear.
Never judge a heart's capacity,
For dreams can transcend all doubt and fear.

So let us celebrate the spirit that soars,
And embrace the strength found in the least.
For in the face of adversity and scorn,
The adventurer's triumph sets our souls free.



Official Alteran


Vol II of A lordsy Roey nobles, This book has been published by F. M. This book is still written in the languages above!


Whispers of Despair

In the land where shadows dance with despair,
A woman stood, burdened by a solemn decree.
Forced to wed a man, a fate not fair,
Yet she transformed her chains into whispers of decree.

Her people, they pleaded, their voices gripping,
Their hopes entwined with her fragile heart.
She, the vessel for their dreams, their yearning,
To mend the broken pieces, to forge a fresh start.

With resolve like a tempest, she faced her plight,
A vision of justice shining in her eyes.
She spoke to her husband, in the depths of night,
Seeking solace within his heart's disguise.

One small step, she whispered, in her plea,
To calm the raging storm within his soul.
For progress, though slight, could set them free,
And heal the wounds that time could never console.

And in the quiet hours, beneath a moonlit sky,
He listened, his hardened heart beginning to yield.
The seeds of understanding, she gently sowed,
For in unity, their fractured world could be healed.

No grand revolution, no swift transformation,
But a subtle shift, a whisper of change in the air.
One small step, To mend the wounds that had once,
seemed unfair.

With patience and compassion, their journey began,
Together, they navigated the path unknown.
Hand in hand, they defied the chains of tradition,
For in unity, their strength had grown.

And as the seasons passed, their love did bloom,
A testament to the power of one woman's grace.
She turned the unjust into a just and fair room,
One small step at a time, she carved her place.

In the tapestry of history, her story unfolds,
A beacon of hope, a testament to her might.
For she, the woman who refused to be controlled,
Ignited a flame that burned through the night.

So let us remember her, this woman of strength,
Whose courage transformed her people's plight.
For in her actions, she showed us the true length,
Of what can be achieved, when we strive for what's right.

And though her steps were small, her impact was grand,
A reminder that changes begin within our hearts.
With every whisper, with every outstretched hand,
We can turn darkness into light and create a new start.

Doomed Mistress

In the depths of darkness, they lurk, they scheme,
Those shadowed figures, with eyes gleaming,
They're out to get you, to control your soul,
A man must face his demons, their grip takes its toll.

In the dead of night, the devils whisper,
Their lullaby haunting, a sinister elixir,
He wanders lost, unaware of their sway,
Into the abyss of their wicked parlay.

Oh, how he believed he was an angel in disguise,
A beacon of light, with wings that would rise,
But buried deep within the folds of delusion,
He succumbed to the dark, a twisted fusion.

The devils' lullaby, it weaved through his veins,
Corrupting his essence, driving him insane,
He danced to their tune, a macabre ballet,
As the demons within him began to hold sway.

They whispered promises of power and control,
Feeding his ego, devouring his soul,
The man, once pure, now stained with their sin,
Transformed into a demon, a vile kin.

The horror that unfolded, in that fateful night,
Unleashed by his own darkness, a monstrous sight,
He realized too late, the price he had paid,
For believing the devils and their charade.

Yet still, in this large canvas of despair,
A glimmer of hope, a chance to repair,
The man, now aware of the demons within,
Must confront their existence, his own original sin.

Through the battles fought, in the depths of his mind,
He seeks redemption, leaving no truth behind,
For only by facing his innermost fears,
Can he break free from the lullaby's sneers.

So, let him rise, like a phoenix from the ash,
Reclaim his angelic self, his spirit unclash,
Let the devils tremble, for he is reborn,
With newfound strength, his demons torn.

In this epic struggle, a man fights to be free,
From the clutches of darkness, his own worst enemy,
No longer deceived by the devils' sweet lie,
He emerges victorious, beneath the moonlit sky.

For in the crucible of his own descent,
He discovered a truth, a profound sentiment,
That light and darkness, they both reside,
Within every soul, a battle to decide.

So, let him triumph, let him break the chains,
And silence the devils' poisonous refrains,
For in the heart of darkness, a man finds grace,
A testament of strength, in this poetic embrace.


In the realm of darkness, where secrets reside,
A woman's heart harbors a fear so wide.
Spiders, they crawl, with legs of despair,
A symbol of anguish, a torment unfair.

Once, a friend met his end, near her side,
Taken by a spider, her soul petrified.
The wounds of loss, they cut so deep,
An unspoken sorrow, she silently weeps.

A man, unknowing, approached with a query,
"Why do you hate them?" he asked, eyes weary.
Unaware of the pain, the personal strife,
He sought to understand her spider-filled life.

But little did he know, the truth that hides,
Behind the disdain, the anger that abides.
For he wove a web of deceit and lies,
A tangled web of betrayal, in disguise.

He claimed the woman attacked, driven by madness,
Yet it was he who provoked her, fueled by his sadness.
With each false word, her trust slowly waned,
She realized his intentions, his heart stained.

The woman, upset, her emotions entwined,
Yearned for understanding, a peace to find.
But the man, oblivious, failed to see,
The consequences of his dishonest plea.

So, the woman, consumed by her righteous fury,
Struggled to comprehend, the depths of his perjury.
She longed for solace, for him to stay away,
To respect her boundaries, to keep the darkness at bay.

In this grand tapestry of tangled emotion,
A woman's hatred for spiders, a lasting devotion.
She battles her demons, her heart torn apart,
Guided by the memories, forever etched in her heart.


A woman was confused, by a man,
Lost in this bewildering terrain,
She stumbled upon the realm of flirtation,
Unsure of what was transpiring, what it meant.

Love, a unique force, elusive and rare,
Experienced truly in mere moments, so few,
This woman, untouched by its tender snare,
Her heart and mind naive, innocent and askew.

Her father, like a guiding light, advised,
"Expand your horizons, embrace life's call,
Live fully, my dear, don't be paralyzed,
Let love in, let it enthrall."

But she remained oblivious, so unaware,
Unversed in the language of subtle cues,
She longed for something she couldn't declare,
Aching to understand, longing for the truth.

In this vast world of intricate dance,
She sought to navigate the maze,
Yet, her steps faltered, left to chance,
As she yearned for love's embrace.

Oh, the complexities of courtship's game,
A symphony of whispers and gestures unspoken,
She gazed into his eyes, her heart aflame,
Yet, the meanings behind his words were unbroken.

Through the haze of confusion, she did strive,
To unravel the riddles of this affectionate art,
But her innocence held her, unable to contrive,
The intricate steps that could mend her heart.

A woman confused, seeking clarity,
In the realm of flirtation's grand design,
Love, a treasure she wished to see,
But her naivety was a barrier divine.

Though her father's words echoed in her ear,
She remained afloat in a sea of perplexity,
Searching for answers, courage to adhere,
To the dance of love's intricate tapestry.

A woman, bewildered, but not defeated,
Her journey continues, her spirit unbowed,
For within her heart, love remains seated,
Waiting for the day when she'll understand how.

In this large expanse of uncertainty,
She'll grow wiser, her understanding refined,
And when true love comes, she'll finally see,
That her confusion was a stepping stone, well-designed.


Official Alteran


Vol II of A lordsy Roey nobles, This book has been published by F. M. This book is still written in the languages above!


In days of yore, a woman fraught with fear,
Nervous, anxious, her heart consumed by dread,
She ventured to the depths, her friends held dear,
To shield them from the flames of hell, she tread.

But midst her worship, in the sacred space,
A revelation shone, a light bestowed,
She found the path embracing joy and grace,
Loyalty to friends, her spirit glowed.

Yet envy gripped her heart, a twinge unbound,
Uncertain of her role, she stood distraught,
Jealousy's cruel seed, a darkness found,
She yearned for guidance, for a lesson taught.

Oh woman brave, through trials you have grown,
Seek solace in your friends, true love is known.

Though clouds may gather, casting shadows deep,
And doubts may plague your soul, a tempest wild,
Remember, loyalty your heart shall keep,
Embrace the joy of friendship, reconciled.

For in the realm of love, all fears shall fade,
And happiness, a beacon, brightly gleams,
With steadfast loyalty, your soul's crusade,
Your friendships, like a tapestry of dreams.

Yet jealousy, a sly and cunning foe,
May whisper doubts, sow seeds of discontent,
But trust the bonds you've nurtured, let them grow,
And find in gratitude, sweet solace sent.

Oh woman fair, your heart is strong and true,
Embrace the love that dwells within your core,
Through loyalty and joy, you shall pursue,
A life enriched, abundant, to adore.

So fear no more, for happiness is near,
In loyalty and love, your soul shall steer.


In the depths of his despair, a man did dwell,
Forgetting the ways of the world's design,
His heart consumed by a dark, bitter spell,
He vowed to forsake the path so divine.

No longer did he hold dear friendship's embrace,
Nor cherished the beauty that life could bring,
In his heart, a void, a desolate space,
He lost sight of love, and all that could sing.

The land around him, wounded and in pain,
Yearned for his touch, his healing hands of grace,
Yet, he turned away, seeking naught but disdain,
Betraying love's light, leaving no trace.

Oh, how he forgot the power of redemption,
And doomed those who loved him to silent perdition.

But as the world wept, a glimmer appeared,
A flicker of hope, a chance to restore,
For love's resilience cannot be sheared,
It seeks out the lost, mends what time tore.

A gentle touch, a whisper in his ear,
Reminded him of the bonds he had severed,
His heart awakened, shedding every fear,
His soul now ready to be endeavored.

He saw the damage caused by his betrayal,
And vowed to mend the wounds he had created,
To heal the land, to restore each detail,
For love's strength, never to be abated.

In the realm of shattered dreams, he stood,
A man, once known, now a stranger in the wood.
He pledged his presence to a lady fair,
But fate's cruel hand had led them to despair.

Goodbye he bid, to the woman arranged,
An oath he took, her from ashes to save.
Yet, there she lay, consumed by inner fire,
Yearning for a knight, her heart to inspire.

A knight in armor, gleaming bright and true,
To rescue her heart before it met its rue.
With weapon of word and courage in his stride,
He vowed to stand by her, to heal her wounded pride.

Together they would strike, against the tormentors,
Those who caused panic, the life's disorientors.
As she ascended, a ruler of her own light,
Protecting those dear, shining through the night.

In this tale of love and redemption's quest,
A man and a lady, their hearts now blessed,
They faced the trials, the battles they endured,
And in the end, their love forever assured.

So let us celebrate their journey, their fight,
For in love's embrace, they found their delight.
In this vast universe, where souls intertwine,
May their story inspire, for all of time.

Oh, there was a man, a stranger no more,
Who rescued a lady, her heart he did restore.
And as they triumphed over darkness and pain,
Their love, like a flame, forever shall reign.


Official Alteran


Vol II of A lordsy Roey nobles, This book has been published by F. M. This book is still written in the languages above!
The Fearful man

A man, aspiring to be truly truthful,
With heavy heart, burdened by deceit,
Long years he wandered, searching for the truth,
Aching for solace, for a soul complete.

Then came a woman, gentle and serene,
With eyes that sparkled like the morning sun,
She spoke of a forge, a place yet unseen,
Where truth and honesty could be undone.

He gladly listened to her soothing voice,
Her words like balm upon his weary heart,
For in her guidance, he found a new choice,
To shed the shackles, to make a fresh start.

Years it took to fathom this profound truth,
That fear could be conquered, and wisdom ruth.

He stepped into the forge, with hope aflame,
His doubts and worries cast into the fire,
For in this sacred place, he could reclaim,
The truth he sought, his spirit could inspire.

The woman led him through the glowing heat,
Among the embers, passion burning bright,
With every step, his fears began to fleet,
His heart embraced the power of the light.

And as the flames danced high, he understood,
That being truthful meant being unafraid,
That honesty and courage could be good,
And from the forge, a new path had been laid.

With each passing day, he grew stronger still,
A man now free from the weight of his will.

Oh, how the years had shaped his weary soul,
But in that forge, he found his truest self,
No longer scared to face the world's control,
Embracing honesty, denying stealth.

The woman's guidance, like a gentle breeze,
Had shown him how to break free from his chains,
To rise above the world's deceit and tease,
And in his truth, eternal pea
ce he gains.

So now he walks with head held high and strong,
A beacon of truth, to light the way,
No longer bound by fear's oppressive throng,
For in the forge, he found his truth that day.

A man transformed, his spirit now set free,
With wisdom gained from years of victory.

A Betrayal in Gold

He traded love for gleaming gold, A tale of darkness now foretold,
His family, friends, he did forsake, For riches that would make him break.

His wife, once cherished by his side, Now fights alone, her pain to hide,
Her life, a battleground so cold, As he embraced his tainted gold.

Their son, naive and brave was he, Drawn into wars he could not see,
Fighting battles not of his own, All for the lust of gold alone.

Death loomed over their shattered dreams, As reality ripped apart the seams,
Disappointment filled their wounded hearts, Betrayed by greed, as life departs.

In afterlife's realm where spirits dwell, They yearn for peace and power to quell.
Anger simmers within their souls, Courage sought to heal the holes.

Failure stains their history's page, A cautionary tale for every age.
The allure of gold can lead astray, And bind one's soul in dark decay.

This gothic saga weaves its spell, Of love betrayed and dreams dispelled.
But let us learn from this tragic tale— Never love those that always prevail.



In labor's realm, where toil does never cease,
A woman toils, her efforts undeterred,
While man, on quest for freedom and release,
Seeks solace by the coast, where dreams are stirred.

The woman, weary from her ceaseless toil,
Admires the man who ventures to the shore,
For in his eyes, she sees a life of foil,
A life she longs for, yet knows is no more.

She dreams of days spent in the water's grace,
Where warmth and joy embrace her weary soul,
Where life's constraints are washed away, erased,
And waves of freedom make her spirit whole.

Oh, how she yearns to join the man's escape,
To find her solace in the ocean's cape.

But duty calls, and she must persevere,
Her days consumed by work, her nights by rest,
While man, carefree, explores without a fear,
His heart at peace, his spirit truly blessed.

The woman, though, is drawn to his allure,
His zest for life, his passion uncontained,
For in his wanderlust, she finds a cure,
A glimpse of what her own heart had once gained.

Yet still, she labors on, her strength unfailing,
Her dreams of freedom hidden deep within,
For obligations keep her spirit ailing,
And bind her heart with chains she can't rescind.

But in her secret thoughts, she still does yearn,
For the adventure that the man does earn.

Oh, woman, toiling ceaselessly with grace,
Your sacrifice, though silent, does not wane,
For in your dreams, you find a sacred space,
Where freedom's beckon calls to you again.

Though man may frolic by the ocean's side,
His joy is but a fleeting, transient thing,
While you, dear woman, in your tasks abide,
Bring purpose to each day that life may bring.

For in your ceaseless work, a strength is found,
A power that no man can truly know,
And though the coast may call with tempting sound,
Your worth, dear woman, only time will show.

So labor on, with heart and soul ablaze,
And know your worth exceeds the ocean's haze.

One more strike

In the realm where heavens shine so bright,
A angel of the sun soared through the sky,
With radiant wings, a celestial light,
His purpose noble, his heart pure and high.

He once believed his every deed was right,
Unaware of shadows that danced below,
But time unveiled the truth within his sight,
And taught him the world's intricate ebb and flow.

A necromancer's castle, strong and vile,
The angel razed in one triumphant sweep,
Yet from the wreckage, emerged a fragile smile,
A woman seeking refuge, her soul to keep.

She sought his men for safety and for cure,
To feel the warmth that from his hands would pour.

Alas, his men, though brave, were bound to fall,
For healing was a power they couldn't wield,
The woman learned, in sorrow's bitter thrall,
That angels' actions can't be truly sealed.

For what a man constructs does not define,
The essence of his soul or who he'll be,
Through heavens' eyes, she learned to realign,
Her judgment, and in grace, she learned to see.

The angel, once blind to the world's vast grace,
Now knows the weight of choices he must bear,
In shadows and in light, he'll find his place,
And mend the wounds of those who suffer there.

So let us learn from this celestial tale,
To look beyond the surface, deep and wide,
In understanding, love will never fail,
And through life's eyes, let compassion be our guide.

For in the grand design of love's embrace,
We find the truest measure of our grace.

Days work

n days of yore, a dwarf with heart so brave,
Was led astray, unknowing of the scheme,
A drinking contest, where the ale did wave,
Unaware it was a woman's birthday theme.

His friends, in jest, cried out to bring it low,
To tear down something awful, vile, and grand,
The dwarf, confused, he listened, causing woe,
Unknowingly, he took things from her hand.

With every shake, the foundations quivered,
And holds walls began to crumble down,
The dwarf, in awe, could not have foreseen,
The true grasp of the situation's frown.

Yet, in this chaos, freedom did arise,
The woman found release, and peace in skies.