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[Politics] Culture of House Brus


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House Brus is a House that quickly got accustomed to the art of warfare and other military actions. Therefore they prefer fortified manors, forts and castles over the usual manor or house. This, however, does not mean they are any less hospitable or honourable. Quite the contrary, actually. Even though it is true that House Brus punishes those that retreat, and doesn’t believe in showing mercy on the battlefield, they are honourable. They do not go back on their word to later drive their blades through you.

For hospitality they have a series of customs, one of which is “Bread and Salt”.
“Bread and Salt” is a custom of House Brus where they place a fine, circular, bread on an embroidered and decorated piece of cloth. In the center of this piece of bread there has been placed a container of salt. Upon arrival, the host(s) will display the bread and salt.
The visitor will then step forward, take a piece of bread, dip it in the salt and then they eat it.
This custom shows House Brus’ respect towards other Houses, lords and Kingdoms, and towards those they like or generally respect.

The bread and salt also signify that House Brus will not, unless defending themselves from an attack from the guest, let any harm come upon the guests.
Those that break this custom by engaging in an aggressive manner, whether the host engages on the visitor or the other way around, are regarded with the least respect possible, for they are as low as to attack someone after a sign of respect and are punished accordingly.

House Brus does not see bastards as filth or stray dogs, they actually 'accept' them.
Bastards are highly uncommon within House Brus but are mostly accepted as a part of the House. The reason that bastards are uncommon within House Brus is that honour and honesty are two of the most important traits for House Brus. Therefore it is common that bastards are produced because one of the two lovers is unable to bear a child, so that the bloodline proceeds to live on. The bastards that are produced to remedy the problem of either the husband or the wife being unable to produce heirs will often be legalized immediately.

Physical traits
House Brus consists of a rather large family, it is therefore difficult to determine what is 'pure' and what is not. The bloodline of the current Lady of House Brus, Fania Brus, however is prone to having blue eyes and red hair.
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