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[ Rulers ]

Duchess Elizabeth Kane { NIAH }

[Political Affiliation]
Kalstaat - The independent duchy belong to House Kane
The Rangers - An organization dedicated to protecting the realms

[Connected Ports:]
-Storm's Landing
-Die Eberbau

]- General Information -[

The city boasts itself as being the largest port city on the entire western seaboard, with many berths and warehouses to facilitate maritime trade on a grand scale. It is an active part of Northern trade and Queensport is considered a gateway to the landlocked cities and hamlets to its south. The roads from Queensport span south to Ironhaven, Oren, Die Eberbau, and even as far as Thorne and beyond. Any merchant that has ever sailed frozen waters is well familiar with the port and her wares.

However, Queensport's status as the crowning jewel of the Kane's and recognized capitol of the Kalstaat have made it a target for wars and even cultist plots in the past. The city still bears scars from its rife history and frequent attacks, yet it continues to prevail and grow with every passing year. Where once Queensport and the Kalstaat was considered as part of the Anhalder empire, they have moved towards an unaffiliated and independent stance since the disappearance of the former Kaiser.

]- Climate -[

Well within the frozen north, visitors to Queensport are loath to step from the warm hearths of the tavern without adequately thick clothing to stall the chill. Winter's bite rarely leaves the region, and much of its food is either imported or sourced from whatever prowls the nearby forests. During the harshest of the winter season, it is not uncommon for snow drifts to build against the city walls and for ice to float in the harbor. There is, however, some reprieve given during the summers as small harvests of cold-weather crops can be managed once the grounds thaw.

]- Government -[
The lands of Kalstaat are synonymous with House Kane's rule. Queensport is ruled primarily by the twins Duke Charles Kane and Duchess Elizabeth Kane. Of late, Elizabeth has stepped up to oversee most all decisions regarding the Kalstaat. Those beneath them are appointed based on a meritocratic ideal, with social status held secondary to demonstrated ability. Strength and aptitude dictate a person's ability to rise within the ranks of the Kalstaat.

]- Rule of Law -[

Order is held within high regard, and those that break Kalstaat's laws face harsh consequences. Those that operate on behalf of justice in Queensport are well compensated to secure it by any means. Most lawbreakers are faced with sentences of servitude in the mines, though more severe crimes hold more sever punishments.

- ] Religion [ -

There is no singular religion within the Kalstaat.
Small shrines to certain members of the Pantheon may be erected by the request of the citizens.
No Jishrimites shall be welcome in the lands of Eastwatch or the Kalstaat as a whole.

- ] Languages [ -

Common (Common)
Rede (Common)
Lavoy (Rare)
Elven (Rare)

]- Economy -[

Mining and trade are the cornerstones of Queensport's economy, with materials pried from the ground supplementing the wealth of trade from its neighbors and port. Under Duke Charles, investment in industry and production adjacent to its mining wares has begun to develop its exports further.

-Timber (Spruce Wood) (Common)
-Iron (Ore & Ingots) (Common)
-Coal (Common)
-Jet (Rare)
-Stone (Common)
-Redstone (Ore & Dust) (Common)
-Gold (Rare)
-Blubber (Seal and Whale) (Rare)
-Hunting Dogs (Uncommmon)

-Horses (Uncommon)

-Workers/skilled labor

]- Political Affiliations -[



-Clan Kov'Gra'Sek of Linlea
-Melarue Lydril of Compendium
- Tylla Gorya



] - Laws - [

- ] OOC Rules [ -
-- No stealing things aren't yours. If you are doing a theft IC, please refer to the King's Law.
-- No griefing of any kind. If you break something, either fix it or poke NIAH , or Elz if you can't fix it yourself.
-- If you are given a house within the region, you can keep it so long as you are active. If you leave the server for a month or longer, your house and contents will go to the region owner. If your character moves away from Queensport, you'll be poked about taking the house back and given a chance to get your stuff back.
-- If you are given a house, do not build massive underground structures. Ask region owner permission first.

-- You can edit the interiors of the houses as much as you like, but not the exteriors.

- ] The Laws of Kalstaat [ -
Laws of the City of Queensport
-- Disobedience or disrespect of authority is a crime within Queensport. The punishment of which is decided by the offended party, or by a member of the Kane family.
-- Entry of the mines is off limits to those without direct permissions.
-- Any acts of violence or murder will be tried by a member of the Kane family, to be seen if the act was just or unjust. Punishment is administered depending on the act and discretion of the Kanes.
-- Damage of property in Queensport could result in banishment from the city, or even greater punishment depending on the act and the amount of damage done.
-- Shipment of unmarked substances or 'contraband' is strictly forbidden and those found bringing such items may have their trade license revoked.

Laws of the Realm of Kalstaat
Each civilian, noble or otherwise, who lives within the Duchy of Kalstaat, must abide by a set of laws set by the Kanes. While each vassal of Kane may have additional laws, they must be clearly documented within their own lands, and should not conflict with the laws already approved.

Crimes such as theft, assault, and murder, may have their own rules (and punishment) approved by the Kanes. Though if not documented, these are the ones to follow.

-- A member of the Kane family are the only ones who may judge crime, handle trials, and hand out punishments in lands not ruled by their own Lord.
-- Crimes regarding heresy are to be handled by the Kanes, who will appoint a religious figure to oversee
-- Knighthoods may be granted by Duke Charles Kane for their own lands and any vassalized under them.


All in the realm are beholden to the law. The Duke is also able to grant lands, knighthoods, titles, properties, amongst others. The Kanes may also strip these things should they see it fit to do so.

To see the full laws of the entire realm of Kalstaat, please review them { here }


NIAH Elz BrianAT16 Lannis
Brian for the original threads. Elz for updating the information.
Niah for refreshing, and Lannis for refreshing after that.

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-] Census

The Kanes
-- Duchess Elizabeth Kane NIAH
-- Duke Charles Kane Lannis (Currently residing outside of the city)
-- Lady Katherine Kane Elz

The Wards of the State
-- Wolfgang Harrister | Ward | Rygan
-- Jane Eisen | Ward | Sizzix

The Nobility

-- Kitrana Dawnriver | Warrior | French Roast
-- Leofaren Venna | Royal Physician & Archivist | Shankster
-- Sigmund Hallon | Kronprinz of Anhald | Scardrac
-- Aleksei Ivanov | Guard | blargtheawesome

-- Harwig var Horen | Guard | Angathgul
-- Kopii Grey | Formist | Omikuji
-- Atrus Mandovi | Scholar & Apprentice | Squidziod

The Rangers
-- Jaden Seeker | Hand of Kane | CloakedReaper
-- Joseph Seeker | Ranger | JoeJoe
-- Reivos | Ranger | Niko
-- Karsten Norheim | Ranger | Jstar
-- Aryn | Ranger Apprentice | Lannis
-- Sigmar | Ranger Apprentice | Archbishop

-- Fern | Ranger Apprentice | ForestRose
-- Otto von Gottfried | Ranger Apprentice | Paint

- ] Job Openings
The northern jewel of Kalstaat is always looking for people to further its trade and it's renown throughout the realms. Queensport can be home to many types of people, including crafters, merchants, soldiers, guards, nobles, artisans, and priests. Here are a few of the positions available currently:

-- Servants
-- Woodsmen
-- Miners
-- Dyer
-- Tailor
-- Librarian
-- Innkeeper
-- Leatherworker
-- Hunters
-- Physicians
-- Merchants
-- Sailors
-- Soldiers
-- Guards
-- Trade
-- Priest
-- Carpenters
-- Stonemasons
-- Squires

- ] Trade

Timber (Spruce Wood) (Common)
Iron (Ore & Ingots) (Uncommon)
Coal (Common)
Jet (Rare)
Stone (Common)
Andesite (Common)
Granite (Uncommon)
Redstone (Ore & Dust) (Common)
Gold (Rare)
Blubber (Seal and Whale) (Rare)
Hunting Dogs (Uncommmon)
Horses (Uncommon)
Ice (Common)

Fruits and Vegetables

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- ] History

Queensport through the years has gone through many transformations and has been passed around through many houses since its founding. First settled in the Northern Kingdoms by Lord Robert Senatoor of the long dead house of Senatoor in an attempt to get away from prosecution from the Lavoyardian Empire. Though, it did not take long for their history to catch up to the old house. Eventually, House Senatoor had to kneel to House Lavoyard and the port city became a vassal for the first time. It prospered for many years under its new leader, though as House Lavoyard and Senatoor began to fall, so did Queensport.

Thus began to great collapse of Queensport. Bandits struck, killing all remaining members of the Senatoor family and leaving the city in complete disrepair. For a few years the port was left alone, completely lawless and home to all manner of criminals and scum. This remained that way until House Marr set its sights upon the port and put Edmund Campion in charge of its repair. Before it could even begin reconstruction it seemed House Marr was doomed to follow the same fate as the first houses that settled Queensport before it. Marr entering a war with the Kingdom of Anhald, leading to all its members fleeing the Northern Kingdoms in fear for a new land. Once more leaving Queensport abandoned.

But the port was not left alone for long, yet again, another house set its sights on Queensport. This time Alistair, Lord of House Kane set his sights on the lands in hopes of settling it as a port to his rapidly growing country in the north. Assigning Ciaria Caedit in charge of its reconstruction, the city truly did flourish for many years under House Kane. Ciaria building the city up into the beautiful port that it had been. But just as the port seemed to finally be safe from the struggles of the past, tensions in House Kane rose and another set their eyes on the port city.

In the absence of Alistair, Alison Kane claimed her birthright to the city with the aid of Anhald. Though the city did not kneel without resistance. A militia formed and threatened all the people of Queensport, demanding that Alison Kane relinquish her claim to ‘their’ city, going as far to take the regent Sebastien de Courtnay into custody. But their reign of terror was short lived, the armies of Anhald marched on Queensport and put a swift death to all of the traitors.

Finally, the city of Queensport was at peace and it grew even more popular under its new ruler. But it seemed that history was forever doomed to repeat itself. Just as the port was nearly finished with the repairs rumors of undeath came from the south.

It seemed that the barriers that protected the Northern Kingdoms had finally fallen and the undead of the south were slowly marching north, claiming everything in its path. The heroes of Anhald tried their best in keeping the menace away but the waves were unending and soon it was seen that the people of the Northern Kingdom’s would have to flee for a new land. And that they did, after weeks of travel the people of Anhald arrived in the new lands and after a long break began to settle here. That is where Queensport’s story began once more, having been refounded by Alison Kane.

Queensport prospered as the seat of the Kaiser and Kaiserin, and capital of the Kalstaat as well as that of Anhald for a short time. It was a beacon to all within the north. Kaiser Edmund fell ill, however, and it came to be that Kaiserin Alison Kane ruled over the city and all of the empire. Such as was shortlived, as she disbanded the empire and withdrew to reform the Kingdom of Kaltland, with her new husband Brennard Westmay, Magus of Evicism. Peace was short lived, as the reputation and growing cruelty of the Kanes gained notoriety to the South. As well, darkness dwelled underneath the city as cultists and spiders tore it asunder and created the chasm within the walls. Even more, war was waged on the city, and House Wise and its allies bombarded the docks with cannon fire, which left their navy weakened. Although peace treaties were signed following the attacks, Queensport was a shell of what it once was; emptied of its citizens and allies, save for the family itself.

After the treaties, Alison Kane fell gravely ill and passed on from this world, leaving her son, Aleksandar Kane as heir. Duke Westmay quickly followed her into death, leaving the family and the city a mere remnant. While Aleksandar Kane was overseer of the city, he rode south to Oren to swear fealty to the new Kaiser, which brought the Kalstaat back under the banner it was once aligned with. Aleksandar's reign was short, and quickly abdicated duties.

Now the city is headed by the twins, Duke Charles Kane and Duchess Elizabeth Kane who act as sovereigns within their land and kneel to no other. The city experienced a boom in industry with new blacksmithing and mining operations, as well as briefly becoming an oft used respite for the Rangers. However, in the wake of discord and betrayal, the city shut its gates to all visitors and the twins fell into quiet isolation.

In the following years, Duchess Elizabeth Kane reemerged into the public eye with a young daughter to now care for as the heir to their legacy, while her brother kept to himself in one of their northern cities. Elizabeth oversees most day to day life within Queensport and the surrounding cities for the time being, and slowly aims to push the Kalstaat into a state that fully embraces industry, the arcane, and meritocratic ideals like she and her brother had strove for for many years.

(Credit to BrianAT16 for most of the writeup. NIAH for recent additions.)

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- ] Climate
(Based off Norway)
The climate of Queensport is milder than those regions further North, especially being on the coast. During most of the year, snow that falls often melts immediately, and the warmer waters keep the port ice-free. In winter months the temperatures drop and snow covers the ground, but the port’s little ice does not become problematic for vessels.
Summer’s average temperature is around 15°C, while in winter it lingers at a cold average of -10°C.

-] Animals

Roe Deer
Red Deer
Wild Boar
European Beaver
Brown Bear
Arctic Fox
Red Fox
Brown Rat
Wood Mouse
Bank Vole
Red Squirrel
Mountain Hare
Common Long-Eared Bat
Northern Bat
Raccoon Dog
Eurasian/Common Wolf

Bowhead Whale
Blue Whale
Fin Whale
Minke Whale
Striped Dolphin
Common Dolphin
Common Porpoise
Beluga Whale
Hooded Seal
Grey Seal
Harp Seal
Common Seal

- ] Agriculture



White & Red Onions
Parsley Root


- ]Plantlife
Fringed Pink
Blue Anemone
Norway Spruce

Elz & BrianAT16
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Updated the census a little bit. If you live in the city and aren't on there, let me know. (I'm looking at you ranger recruits... I can't keep up with the lot of you. )


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Welcome Purgatoris to the madness. Queensport now has a dedicated tailor and a shop. Come on over if your character has tailoring needs!


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If you had a house in Queensport in the past, please respond here. I will be working during the next week to clear out the old houses. I know, from the IC strife that most everyone left back in the day, and as a result, the city has pretty much be closed off with the gates down. But as I gear up to reopen it for RP, I need to know if you intend to keep these houses. The stuff in these houses have been sitting there for four months, so if I don't get a response on this thread or in discord by Monday, it'll be cleared out.


a copy paste of the old census

The Kanes
-- Duke Charles Kane Lannis (Currently residing outside of the city)
-- Duchess Elizabeth Kane NIAH
-- Lady Katherine Kane Elz

The Nobility
-- OTTO! von Gottfried | Squire / Knight | Paint
-- Podric Flanders | Ignis Blessed | Luam
-- Leofaren Venna | Formist | Shankster
-- Kitrana Dawnriver | Warrior | French Roast

-- Karsten | Stablemaster | Jstar
-- Izabella | Citizen | Angel
-- Lisbet Alden | Steward | Elz
-- Hartwin | City Guard | blargtheawesome
-- Reynard | Hunter | TheDeester
-- Francis de Courtnay | We Don't Know What He Does BoredBrit
-- Jonathan Windsor | Barkeep BoredBrit
-- Daniel Herennius | Tavern Staff Blorbis83
-- Julianne Vhalakis | Tailor | Purgatoris
-- Gerard McIvy | Bard | Jeroxia

Wards of the State
-- Charlotte du Asche | Ward | BrianAT16
-- Sigmar | Boy Recruit | Archbishop
-- Seraphine Varyn | Ward | Raal
-- Wolfgang Harrister | Ward | Rygan
-- Jane Eisen | Ward | Sizzix

The Rangers
-- Jaden Seeker | Ranger Sentinel | CloakedReaper
-- Joseph Seeker | Ranger | JoeJoe
-- Reivos | Ranger Apprentice | Niko

The Makani
-- Tallow | Ranger Apprentice blargtheawesome
-- Mehalo | Po TheKunner
-- Reivos | Ranger Apprentice Niko
-- Kida | Lei Child Elz
-- Lillinoe | Ruu


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Queensport has been hit with a particularly heavy snowstorm, and whilst it is no longer snowing quite so heavily, it has blanketed the city with snow, with some areas reaching as deep as five feet in depth.


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Despite the inclement weather, they say a new tavern's opened up in Queensport in the city walls. A Pub Above right by the old cathedral ruins. Good whiskey, good vodka, and good conversation.

They're also saying that local children have been drawing wings and cages in the snow, which many seem to find quite bizarre.
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