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An idea has been raised that a possible monthly. or other time increment, contest would be to propose a theme such as 'ruins', 'spooky', 'underground dungeon' etc. and use the builds created to populate the world and make it feel more alive. The builds would be placed along existing roads and possibly deeper in the wilderness. This idea is still being developed but some thoughts thus are are --

- The server would pay the material costs for WEing in the build but the build could not be claimed by a player once it was in the main world.
-These builds could be free to explore or even the site of smaller events, such as clearing out bandits.
-The winner of the/each contest would get a large sum of radiants and those who did not win may still have the chance to have their creation put into the world but not necessarily be given money for it.


If you have any ideas for other possible contest and/or input on this contest feel free to share below.

Jak -- Initial Inspiration
Elz -- Refined Concept
Ruu Darling -- Preemptive Credit for WEing I cannot do myself


Magus of Nothing
Hey, fantastic. This is a great interpretation of my initial idea.

Regarding themes;

1. Ruins
2. Hamlets
3. Shrines
4. Caves
5. Geology
6. Nests
7. Monuments


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To follow on from Jak, themes should be appropriate to the geology/cultures of the location, shrines should reflect the gods popular in the cities nearby, mines or ruins reflective of resources that would be gathered in that area, small pirate camps/keelhauled ships on islands, abandoned fur trapper camps in the woods, or lumber camps. Points of interest which promote travel across the world on foot, and not just along roads. In these small villages or hamlets Jak suggests there could be shops selling relevant goods, even just for flavour. Or an iron ore mine might sell raw materials etc. It allows us to maintain our cities as primary builds, while populating the world around them in a similar way to how the real world is. Small hamlets for instance could allow for bandits/villager conflicts, or conflicts between kingdoms or groups without going through the hassle of sieges against major cities, and it means people don't have to waste precious radiants that could be used on their main cities on populating the world in a realistic way.


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Suggestion in general about this. Maybe there can be requests from the player DM / events team as well? Like, if one of us wants a nice arcane ruin, we can get y'all legends to do it for us.
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Generally in favor, but I'd vote for the runner ups still getting some prize money.
Larger builds like ruins and dungeons can take a lot of time and even more if you wan to to decorate them right. Fixing up the lights alone can often take an hours until they are right.


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Roadside features, smaller pieces but very open to interpretation.
Travellers inns also to go along roads. Could take multiple winners and scatter around map.
Lumber yards / mines / Fishing ships / farms / Wayshrines

Ruins are tricky to tie in with the lore so a sensible story or stories would need to be provided to match up with.


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Alright, it seems we have received enough positive feedback. I will be moving forward with the first contest of this nature in the coming days, so keep an eye out.