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PR Admin & Staff Hires


Very Sweet


PR Admin and Staff Hires

Hello there, for the sake of transparency I will be outlining the current plans in motion regarding PR [Player Retention] and attempt to address concerns with it.

I will be taking over the position of PR Admin for a temporary amount of time, until 1st March. This is being done to give more time to the Admins to discuss matters that Squid will be bringing up with the playerbase and staff team some time in the month of February. This is also to provide an opportunity to bring players on board to the team and to delegate tasks so that by the end of the month we can re-address those currently in PR and see if minds have changed or if others seem more suitable for the task of managing the team and overseeing as the new PR Admin. This is not meant to slight nor upset those currently on PR - There are many things currently in flux with it and one aspect of it is that at least two members of it are also in Events. The small team is something I hope to also be able to address in my month of PR Admin. Below I will outline some things in more detail, with a focus on Events. This is a temporary state, and will involve a lot of delegating and management, please don't worry about me being overworked! Small teams are something I've needed to address for a while and I think this is a great way for me to explore fixing that.

If you are interested in applying for PR, send me a discord message or a forum conversation with details on where you think your focus could be (Advertisement, Forum Management, etc).

I plan on running a small 'mini' campaign in spawn for the duration of my running the department, working with a new spawn lead. I will be also looking to bring event-focused individuals on board so I can give them events throughout this campaign, so me and others can better observe their abilities and how they DM, so that by the end of the month we can grow and expand the events team by putting them from spawn events to the main team. This is not to say the 'spawn events team' is separate, the new spawn lead will be able to communicate with the events team to see interest in various spawn events or projects. I seek to further unify the spawn and event teams in this way, as I think events are key to activity and that activity is what keeps our new players interested.

I will be putting two players under Lenore and two under Arken to help be guided in the process of DMing, with their input on who to hire and bring under themselves as I encourage more management beyond just myself. Please apply by sending me or them a discord message or a forum conversation to say you're interested, including any information on past experiences or etc.

There will also be a temporary freeze on new event requests - We will take this month to get through the existing ones on the thread and take on no more, with a focus on the spawn work. Freezes will become necessary in the cases of any campaigns so I can direct the team's focus.

A new lead for spawn will be settling in as I do (Lenore), and I aspire to help them in their first few weeks where I can, be this in building or editing the region, or suggesting threads to be made to see what you, the player base, feel we need there. This will include some clarifications on OOC/IC payment for guards and so on, as well as bringing the Guards and Council to discord under a spawn section for better and easier communication. I will also try to work with the new spawn lead in regards to recurring events and sort systems for that with the growing (hopefully) events team more suited to being able to help out spawn work.

This is generally the upkeep and updating of social media (planet minecraft) and will include also the updating of the Newsletter, and potential contests. I have more details to work through with the team with this, but I believe the new spawn lead was running that and so there will be a change in hands with that. This will also include the updating of any required graphics/icons.

Player Experience
This is whitelisting, once mentors, with their job being to whitelist but I'd also like to encourage some work on continuing to be available and guide new players once they've been approved. We have two main whitelisters at the moment, and I will discuss with them if they find the work taxing or if more are necessary - If so, we can look at bringing people on board for this specifically.

Forum Management
This one is a big project that I feel will extend beyond my time as PR Admin, but that is alright - The new PR Admin after me should know that this will be ongoing. Our forums are a mess, with information hard to find and spread across excessive amounts of forum threads. It is overwhelming to me, nevermind new players. We should also work on a concise and updated guide for new players that can be linked in discord and in whitelist approval messages. I will also be factoring in the need for an updated Discord, and be working with the team and approving a person to work on this for us after that discussion.



Very Sweet
I lied - This is also a bump. I will be leaving PR Admin on the 1st March, this is a position I will need a replacement for. Consider this a month of trial to see if you enjoy the work, and apply. :)