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Poster Praes Divina is looking for Valiant's and Theodra's folk to strengthen its defenses.


An Alteran Bard
praes divina2.jpg

The goal of this region is to accommodate the progress of blessed (and those who wish to become such) through the tiers.
Since every tier requires at least several amounts of acts in honor of their deity, I figured the creation of the town itself can serve several Gods as well.

So for this second bit, in district two, I am planning to build most of the major defenses and take the advice of some Valiant folks with the most strategical layout of the town. Praes Divina seeks Theodrans to hopefully make contacts for the future, should there be an attack from the deadlands (no spoilers other than that). I hope the Theodrans can also help with some of the defenses, like making hunting towers, and hopefully, they can help design hunting grounds on the East side of the mountain, for wildlife.

Come on over while I'm online, or message me on discord to arrange a meeting or comment below. We can RP, which you can then also add to your divine log :)

To those of other faiths, do not worry, I'm not gonna build the town in one day. I'll put up posters like this once every week, calling upon different faiths for help. This week, it's the turn of those of Valiant and Theodra. Once I've allowed each faith a chance, the town will be well established and we can do larger scale mixed stuff and even events.

Hope to see some of you in Praes Divina soon!

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