Finished [Private] The Dark Lord's Mansion


The Artisan

The Dark Lord's Mansion

Word has reached a select group of adventurers that an innocent man, someone who is known to have an important role in the fight against evil, has been kidnapped and brought to Nid Arach. A burglar has been sent ahead of the adventurers to break open his cage and get him to safety. But he has not returned... All the information the adventurers have managed to gather is that the man is locked up within the home of the highest ranking Dark Order member; the dark lord. It is up to the five of them to break into The Dark Lord's Mansion undetected, while he is away, and free the poor soul that had been locked up there for days now.

Place: Statue Square - Nid Arach
Date: 31st of March 2019
Time: 03:15 pm EST

Party size: 5
Raal Elz Jazzper Azur Cukie1

Skills represented by party:
Agility - Scavenging - Nature's Lore - Construction - Melee Combat



The Artisan
This thread is made so I can link to it in my Dark Order and Depths of Evil threads.
From now on, I'll be making private dungeons/events, tailored on the traits of the party that will be attending.
Don't worry if you're not included. I'll only host 1 private event per person, so the next 5 will be five different people.