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By roleplaying with this character, you agree to any possible violence/madness that may or may not occur. This character is extremely dangerous, random, and volatile.
Name: Maryann Ella Alberg
Full Titles: The Burned Girl, The Witch of Jishrim, "What would happen if Crusade and Jishrim had a child."
Nickname/Alias: Mary or Maryann


Age: 121
Appears to be: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Silver Elf
Social Status: Outlaw, Heretic
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'6
Weight: 152
Date of Birth: Forgotten
Date of Death:
Homeland: Tauredal
Current Home: Storm's Landing

Build: Hourglass
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue during the day. Red at night
Skin: Very pale
Identifying Marks: The right half of her head has severe burn scars. Her arms and legs also have burn scars, though not as severe. Has one eye, the other being an empty socket.
Appearance: Her right half of her face was badly burned, leaving mostly scared flesh and a hole in her cheek. Her right ear and eye are gone, only scared flesh and emptiness and none of the skin that is burned grows hair. The right half of her body is covered in the same burn scars, though not nearly as severe. She has a deep cut along her cheek, up to her jaw which gives her a permanent smirk and makes it hard to eat or drink without making a mess since the cut goes all the way through her cheek.

Except the dress is swirling rainbow with an embroidered black widow on the front

Weaponry: An array of knives, stilettos, and other sharp, dangerous objects hidden in her cloak, as well as hollowed eggs filled with what she calls "Eyeless Powder" which is a mixture of ashes, ground-up pepper, flour, powdered glass, chili seed powder, and dirt.
Prized Possessions: A diamond necklace she 'found' while [REDACTED]
Hygiene: Washes excessively, about twice a day, to keep her wounds, though old and healed now, from festering and getting worse even though that wouldn't happen. It's just habit now.
(Ignore the deep voices. Or don't. I don't care either way.)

Theme Song:

Songs She Made Up:
*to the tune of 'My Favorite Things' by Julie Andrews: All of the people, no eyes in their faces. Burning together in dark, hellish places. Chaos reigning with Jishrim as the king. These are a few of my favorite things. Blood spatters and gore adorning my tables. Men telling stories of Him like dark fables. No one is safe when He decides to ring. These are a few of my favorite things. When justice fights. When glory rings. When I'm feeling bad. I simply remember my favorite things, and I just feel so mad.

Strengths: She's quite fast, like, professional magician hand movements fast.
Fears: Great heights (20+ blocks)
Weaknesses: Her uncontrollable laughing fits make it hard to breath/move sometimes
Intelligence: Brilliant, but completely mad
Languages: Common, Elven, Backwards
Profession: Cultist

Personality: Manipulative, crafty, cruel, without a shred of empathy
Religion or Cults: Jishrim worshiper
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Short Term Goals: Spread Jishrim's influence
Long Term Goals: Continue to spread Jishrim's


Place: Anywhere dark
Pastime: Torturing people
Food: Watermelon
Drink: Wine with vodka
Color: Blue-green
Animal: Cats

Least Favorite...
Place: Stuck in a crowd or cell, especially if it's in a bright place
Pastime: Being in her least favorite place
Food: Rats
Drink: Rum
Color: Orange
Animal: Geese

Jishrim, Laura (Daughter)
Bliss McGuffin, Ardaric Tideborne
Neutral: Cymic
Unsure of: Whitespoor, Karn
Wary of: Kopii, Kyri Bluestone
Afraid of:
Everyone not listed, Junse'ke, Broodemother, Khorug, James McGuffin
Hated: Any good God and their worshipers unless otherwise stated
Gods Help These People: Branko

Stuff she got from Jishrim:
Hallucinations such as:
Visual: People no longer have eyes. Spiders crawling over cloth
Auditory: distant screaming and laughter. She also will hear the names of those who have Jishrim's Mark around her.
She will also sometimes speak backwards and burst into tears or laughter randomly and sometimes inappropriately.
The mark of Jishrim on the back of her left hand.
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