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PSA: Player-Staff Request & Inquiry Courtesy


Jolly Roger
Staff member
Server Owner
Hello Hollowworld,

This is a minor "quality of living" type item which I would briefly like to address since it comes up repeatedly and is therefore worth clarifying: when you--as a player--would like to make a request or inquiry to staff, be considerate of how this is accomplished. We are all here to help you, and we all are committed to addressing whatever questions or concerns you may have--the following is merely to clarify the best ways to communicate with staff.

In general, it is OK to ask staff any question you need answered while IG, but do not be offended or think it irregular if you are directed to make a ticket. Tickets are very useful for our team as they ensure that all our staff may see and review the issue, and that the proper staff are notified. We understand that making a ticket and waiting for a response takes time, but it makes things easier for us to process and doesn't require a potentially busy staff member to drop everything to help you.

Contacting staff through Discord is something which is best not done unless explicitly mentioned is OK. You can always tag staff in our public Discord server; that is different than private messaging. We will publish a list on the communication preferences of each member of staff so you don't need to guess.

We really appreciate your consideration and your patience.




An Alteran Bard
I can imagine putting this message forth takes a huge load off of staff already.

Funnily enough a few minutes ago I finally mimicked Elz in blocking all DMs unless from friends, because of continuous questions from people about dungeons, events, loot, campaigns, my regions, etc. Things can become quite stressed quite fast when you're getting messages about all sorts of things (even when you're not occupied at the time) and it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and start to feel cornered, in a way. Having those support tickets must be a great way to work, as well as having all questions on one platform (e.g. conversations on the forums), let's hope people now make use of them more often.

Even though it may not seem like much, I think this message being put forward can really help staff big time in enjoying HW more.