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The below is the list of Formistry spells that have been taught to apprentices for public use, publicized so that both they may reference it, as well as those afflicted or bearing witness may do the same. This is to keep honesty and cease confusion.

Credit to Ced and Omikuji for the below!

Numb [5] - Arcturan Knot [Patch]
Sewing Time: 5 seconds.
Application: Anywhere on the body.
Effects: This is a beginner Formist’s bread-and-butter when it comes to almost all of their stitching operations. As with Soothe and Hush, Numb affects the amount of prostaglandin released by damaged cells.
Immediate and total numbing in a 5cm radius of the knot, which lasts for 10 minutes.
Easy to incorporate into running stitches like Mend and Sew to alleviate the pain of the stitching itself.

Sew [10] - Arrowhead Stitch [Runner]
Sewing Time: 5 minutes.
Application: Over the top of an injury, as with medical stitching thread, in a line.
Effects: Closes skin tears of up to 10cm long and no more than 3cm deep.
Does not fuse skin together. Does not absolve infections.
Accelerates healing time of uninfected injuries by 150%, at which time the thread loses all magical properties and falls out of the skin.

Mend [5] - Feather Stitch [Runner]
Sewing Time: 10 minutes.
Application: Stitched to encircle the affected area.
Effects: Repairs ruptured blood vessels under the skin to reduce swelling and tenderness in a 20cm area.
Accelerates healing time by 200%, at which time the thread loses all magical properties and falls out of the skin.

Lull [15] - Four Legged Knot [Patch]
Sewing Time: 5 seconds.
Application: A small, painful stitch placed on or near blisters and small burns.
Effects: Accelerates healing of any blisters, burns, and abrasions within 10cm of the knot by 200%. Stays in the skin until the 10cm radius becomes healthy.
If sewn on a healthy patch of skin, the knot stays in the skin for 5 days and prevents blisters from forming in its radius. At the end of 5 days, the threads fall out of the skin.

Hush [10] - Chevron Stitch [Runner]
Sewing Time: 10 minutes (increased to 20 if applied to both sides of the jaw).
Application: A line along the jaw bone on the neck. Spell DC increased by +2 if patient isn’t cleanly shaven.
Effects: Prevents damaged cells in the teeth, gums or jaw muscles from releasing prostaglandin, the pain signal. The effect is immediate pain relief in the patient’s jaw.
Decay or disease is halted while Hush is in effect.
Effect wears off over 12 hours, with the threads needing to be removed by hand.
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