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Finished Pursuit under the Moon || 20th November, 5PM EST


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- Pursuit under the Moon -
A watchman on the walls observed a ship bearing no colours as it traversed the cold northern waters, between Meermotte and Oren and further North in the dead of night. He keeps watch for a while longer, and notes it returning to a southern direction the very same night. Upon reporting the sighting to his Lord, he swore to keep a keen eye on the waters for the next week, and several days later it made an appearance again doing much the same thing but closer to the coastline. Once could be dismissed, but two sightings prompts preparation to pursue, and see if both its origins and purpose can be discovered...
- - -

An event that is part of the 'The Great Burning' player campaign chain. I leave it to Omen13 to decide who to bring, though request no more than 10 characters.
Ideally a search event at sea, ensure you have a ship built IG that can be used. Date is very TBD, currently a placeholder.

DATE || 20th November
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A roster has been drafted after much deliberation. The following warriors are expected to set sail to chase down the rogue vessel in the coming weeks.

+ Graf Wilhelm von Conrad.
+ Sir Reyne von Drachenhort.
+ Eisenhand Richard Varyn.
+ Jagermeister Lothaire von Dugald.

There is also a reserve of potential crewmates, should they not be indisposed.

+ Sir Florian von Piers.
+ Clement Northborn.
+ Graf Artyom von Walanescu.

+ Sir Leonhardt von Drachenhort.
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