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Name: Quill Emiryn

Titles: Lady Quill Emiryn, Lady of the Hospital,
Master of Medicine and Healing for Blackrush, Medic and Journeyman Formist

Other Names: Qui, Quilly, "Twig", (general nicknames),
Birdie (Ballard), Feather (Yrdl), Bird Lady (Sofia), Flower (Rowley),
Qadira (Rook), Tree-Arm (Woven), Little Mage
& Bushwoman (Clement)

Early Twenties

Race: Human (Northern Sangrian)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Current Residence:
Storm's Landing, Robin's Creek, day trips to Eldpoint

Social Status: Nobility

Date of Birth: Waterday, 15th of Floodlock

Relationship Status:
Single, "I can't do this right now."

Current Mood: Down, Afraid, Frail


Height: 5'3" (163 cm)

Weight: 114 lbs (51 kg)

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Color: Pale Ivory

Complexion: Pale and clear

Shape of Face: Heart

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Hair Style:
Her hair has been cut to the length of her shoulders.
It now has wavy curls, and her bangs have grown long enough to begin joining with the rest of her hair.
Her usual hair beads now decorate a singular strand by her face.

Build of Body: Ectomorph, although she has faint curve now.
Overall small physique,
although she seems to have gained some muscle.

Posture: Usually straight-backed, quite relaxed with friends and people she has met before.
rarely be seen lowering her head in conversations, or with new people she meets.

Distinguishing Features:

❀ The beads that decorate
a singular front strand of her hair.

❀ The brown floral and vine-like markings that once reached up her fingers now climb up her arms to her shoulders.

❀ She has a tattoo on her inner forearm of a feather with flowers.
It's the same brown color as the markings on her

Is Seen By Others As: Small, nimble, light on her feet.

Scars: A faint scar on the back of her neck, and a couple of bruising scars on her right leg.

Voice: Most times her voice is soft and gentle, relaxed.
If she's tense, uncomfortable, embarrassed or unsure, her sentences fall apart and she stutters greatly.



Likes: Playful joking, learning things and reading, plant life and especially flowers,
baths, helping and healing others, speaking to different kinds of people.

Dislikes: Crowded places, being toyed with or lied to, violence,
not knowing how the fuCK to take care of orchids, plants getting hurt.

Strengths: Determined, has a strong will and focus when she needs it,
ready to learn and work hard to achieve things.

Weaknesses: Overall small physique, wants to help everybody in need, quite gullible,
loses her posture when facing physically stronger people, or those she sees are of a higher status than her...
Unless she has a reason to stand her ground.

Fears: Falling behind in her studies, being picked up, losing patients, losing friends, jousting,
being alone right now.

Respects: Mentally and physically strong people, honesty, mages (especially Eviscists).

Education: Taught common knowledge by her parents,
studying medicine and healing under Eastoft and Formistry under Milah.

General Attitude: Very friendly towards people, looks at positives in everyone and gives people chances...
Sometimes too many.

General Sociability: Has a need to help people as long as it doesn't cause her much harm.

Languages: Common... that's it

Religious Inclination: She has officially began to dislike the idea of worshipping anyone from the Pantheon,
however her Northern Sangrian roots still bring her back to Jax,

and she has recently began to respect those who worship Shalherana.
She does not mind the beliefs of others though.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Wardrobe: Nowadays she wears clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in.
She can still be seen in dresses every now and then, but it has become rare.

A golden ring with a clear diamond on top and a quill feather carved to the side.

She still has it, but no longer wears it.

Sterling bracelet bought for her by Rook. She wears it most days.
Ruby pendant, but she mostly leaves it at home.
Silver hair pin, bought for her by Rowley.
She's not too great at styling her own hair yet, so she mostly leaves it at home.

A leather bracelet with Robin feathers.
She wears it most days, when she doesn't have long sleeves, or other bracelets.

few beads in her hair, but they aren't exactly valuable.

An owl called Tickle

Tickle ba.png
An Alaunt Gentil dog called Inco

Alaunt Gentil ba.png
❀ A horse called Astral

Astral b.png

Owned Homes: A house in Eldpoint, Another in Blackrush,
Smaller house in Robin's Creek

Carried Inventory:
A simple dagger,
an arming sword, a small money pouch.
Nowadays she often carries her medical bag with her, as well as some sort of potted plant.

When she is out in the woods, she will usually carry a couple vials and extra cloths for seeds, tree sap and such.

Prized Posessions:

A stuffed owl called Sir. Owlbert Floof, given to her by Raeyna.

Bearded hatchets, made for her by Greis in Blackrush.

Short bow, made for her by Rook.

Red surgery needle, colored and given to her by Milah

❀ A water hemlock called "Hemmy", which was the plant that could've killed her
during her Formistry sparking, thank you Milah for naming it and insisting on her taking care of it after, very cool.

❀ The gold ring on her right hand as mentioned in jewelry, given to her by Rowley and made by Greis.

Especially Cherished Possessions:

❀ She highly values the beads in her front strands, as they were given to her by her father.

❀ Cyrus's notebook, torn page and lucky charm, even if their friendship has practically faded.


Illnesses: None

Allergies: None, but her skin can get sun-burnt quite easily.

Sleeping Habits:
Due to her current situation she will either sleep less than she should, or the entire day.

Eating Habits: Her eating habits have gone to normal, and she now eats as much as she should...
If not a tiny bit less. It's no longer a bother though. Her old habits from up north seemed to have dulled down.

Exercise Habits: Exercises daily, whether it's going for a walk, a trip somewhere, or just for gathering things.
She especially likes going on nature walks to be close to plant life.

Drinking Habits: Drinks mostly only with people, and usually will not give up an invitation or challenge to drink.

Other Drugs: Might have tried opium one or two... Or three times. She isn't excited about it though.
Has tried smoking from a pipe a couple times.



Cooking: [5/10] She can make a nice home-cooked meal.

Tea brewing: [8/10] It's pretty yum-yum if you like tea.

Sewing: [4/10] Slowly improving.

Fishing: [1/10] FUCK FISHING.

Tailoring: [2/10] She can slide a bead onto a string and make a necklace. Epic.

Painting: [
3/10] This seems fun.

Horse riding: [5/10] She lives for the s p e e d .

Singing: [6/10] She hits the notes nicely, but her voice is nothing special.

Dancing: [6/10] Surprisingly good.

Medicine: [9/10] Soon.

Botany: [8/10] She really likes her plant life.

Hunting: [4/10] She gets the idea, but the execution is poor.

Close Combat: [
4/10] She is now slowly learning.

Archery: [5/10] It is a slow process.

Hatchet Throwing: [7/10] Not really useful for combat, but she likes it.

Acrobatics: [2/10] She's clumsy. She will fall on her face.

Agility: [7/10] Due to her small size and living in the woods with her family, she's pretty agile.

Stealth: [3/10] Look, she hasn't needed it yet.

Arcane Knowledge: [5/10
] Learning from a couple sources.


Short Term:

Finish her studies in Medicine and focus on Formistry

Figure out the Hospital situation

❀ Heal

Long Term:

Become a better Formist

Find somewhere to start her own Garden



Types of Food: Cooked Mutton, Dogwoodberry Pie

Types of Drink: Tea, Whiskey

Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading and learning, chatting with people,
taking care of plant life, especially her flowers, bathing, spending time with her pets, horse riding.

Color: Red

Animal: N/A, likes Birds

Place: The Kraken in Storm's Landing (not the Den),
Robin's Creek,
pretty much anywhere with plant life, or where it's quiet and peaceful.

Flower: Calla Lilies and Zantedeschias, Poppies, Rockfoil, but likes every flower.


Types of Food: N/A

Types of Drink: Carrot juice, beer

Hobbies/Pastimes: Fishing

Color: Purple, but she doesn't particularly mind it.

Animal: Bear, Ash Hound

Place: Crowded cities, alleyways, a couple places in Storm's Landing,
anywhere with dying/hurting/withering plant life.

Flower: If she had to pick, Water Hemlocks


Quick history: Her family's small home was secluded in a forest up north, a day's walk from Halbed.
She lived there all of her life up until she was 17 winters,
which is when her parents said she should explore the world on her own.

Places Travelled:

Storm's Landing

The Sorrows



Blackrush Crossing




Robin's Creek

❀ Compendium

❀ Bol'tn'thar

❀ Oren

❀ Bärental

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, avoids violence in almost any circumstance

Weaponry: A hunting dagger,
a rondel dagger, bearded hatchets, a short bow, and an arming sword.

Combat Training: Slight, learned a little from James Varyn and Eren Abel, a bit more from Rook Corvus.

She is now in the process of learning combat and swordplay from Clement.

Thread Update Color:
Lmao whatever color this is, worn rose?

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Lord of Altera

Romantic interests:

"I am tired."


I hope you're well."

Eren Abel
"I'm really, really happy for you and Sugar. And I'm happy you're not taking our alcohol again.
... Also if you ever need help with tea brewing, just come over and I'll help you out on that."

"We still haven't spoken a lot, but... I'm happy to see you back in Blackrush again.
I hope we can chat more in the future? Maybe-?"

Milah Sicarus
I don't want to trouble you during the time of your wedding."

Elwin Dur
"Oh, look how you've grown! You're almost my height now-!
I'm so happy that things are looking up for you in Linistel and Veraci.
Although I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting Blacksmithing from you..."

Rook Corvus
I'm sorry I've been away, but- Things have been quite hectic... I hope your eye is okay now though?"

I don't wanna be selfish... But I could really use a friend right now."

Friendly With:


I... Took your advice. But- Now I just feel so lost. Where do I go from here?"

"Thank you for all you've taught me. Because of you, I've already been able to help so many in Blackrush...
I hope you get the time to visit here too sometime."

Ballard Major
"Where have you gone? I haven't spotted you around Eldpoint on my trips yet and y'haven't visited...
Maybe I'm just not paying attention."

She is so incredibly kind, even allowed me to get myself a house in Robin's Creek.
She's made me respect Shalherana and her worshippers more.
A part of me also envies her for the effect she has on plantlife. It's incredible...


Damien Ulamyar
"I like seeing him around every now and then. He's nice to talk to.
I appreciate him for taking care of my health back then."

Gerard McIvy
"He's uh- Nice. ... It's not that I'm hesitating, I just. ...
Look, the guy made it sound like I had a thing for Earthspawns, how the fuck do I reply to that?!"

Eimar Ursae

"Well- uh, things didn't exactly go as... Planned at the festival, but... ..."

James McGuffin
"He seems kind, despite what some people are saying about him. I like that he's wanting to give people
new chances in Tambry. I know a lot of people could use second chances..."

"We don't... Exactly talk a lot anymore, but I really hope you're doing well."

Sugar Silveira
"Our chat was... Well, kind of short, but I hope we get to talk more in the future.
She's so calm and collected, I kind of envy her on that. And uh, I'm happy for you and Eren."

Sydri Ulamyar
"I wasn't expecting that at all. Honestly I hadn't really thought of what happened at Queensport much, but...
It made me very happy to hear her say she was sorry. I wish all the good for her."

"The first time we spoke, you were awful scary... I'm glad to know it was- Just because of the subject.
Y'seem very nice though, and I hope to learn a lot from you."

Lana Wake
"She has to be one of the most polite, respectful people I've met so far! A scholar in Frostwarts, and a writer...
She gave me some of her books, and I still have a couple left to read. I'd love to have a proper chat sometime though."

Branko Callas
"Has he killed someone lately?"

Azalea Silveira
Thank you for everything. You've helped me with so much, and I'm sorry, I'm probably gonna be staying for a while still...
If it's a bother, please tell me?

Loose Acquaintances / Unsure Of:

"I thank you for all the help you've given me... And I wish you all the luck in the future."

"I enjoyed meeting her! She seemed like a very kind and friendly person. I hope to see her again."

"Well, I don't really know her... Heard and seen a lot of things, but- S'about it."

James Varyn
"I just... Don't know anymore."

"I don't... Know you very well, but... Sorry."

Cyrus Lavender
"Things could've gone so much better... And I wish I had handled them differently but-
I don't think I can go back on the things I've said. A-And you don't seem to care either, so...
I'm just sorry."


Kam Hakiaz
"We haven't spoken much, but... I respect you greatly."

Rowley Durandal
"I'm sorry. I just... I can't- I don't want that future."

Wary Of:

Bok'ra Bwabo

"But why-? Why this again? What is it you're after here?"

"I'm sorry, I just- Don't know you. All I know is what I've seen and heard. Sorry."

"I- I'm- Sorry..."

... Ish:

Asher Varyn

I can't help but feel that I should talk to him."

Missed / Past Acquaintances:


"Where've you gone...? So much has happened, please come visit soon. I miss you."

Mickey Smokes
"I'm sorry. ... I wonder if you're doing okay."

"Things have been a little hectic with her gone, but everybody's trying their best.
I wish I had gotten to know her better before her departure."

(know that there's no proper order to these relations when it comes to listing, thamks dears)


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Ohmyfuckinggod if you make artwork of her I swear I will run around my room like twelve times while listening to mr. sandman and making sure my feet hit the ground on the beat.


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From Gib this is so fucking beAUTIFUL AAaA a A A AA A

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"A massive tease you are... But at least you're one of the nice ones.
... Might grow fond of you, if you stopped getting me so riled up everytime you opened your mouth!"
"While he teases me more than anyone I've met before, he can be such a caring person...
I do hope he knows that himself."
this is pretty gay