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Current Rahm

"If you think I walk on all fours, you should then read again the lore."

Rahm Goatman
Rahm is a mysterious creature. One of the more ancient Caparii, dating back from the times of Queen Grief.
He writes and speaks almost always in rhyme, which is partly why it takes him a while to reply in any conversation.
This also causes him to unintentionally end up in a bard's role at some events.
He enjoys nature and would never live in a city.
He likes secretive things and unexplained events.
"See, you must not, to understand the Gods."

'\.*-~Basic details~-*./'
Scribe, Goatman, Rahm Kennysson, Writer, Librarian, Scholar, horned one, Engem, shaman, Beast, Savage, Faceless, philosopher, Shalherannan

skinny, old, bent-over, looking very fragile.
6,5 feet / 2 meter
White to very light grey, thick hair with spots of thinner hair on head and shoulders. White side-burns and goatee. Less hair on arms and stomach, which makes the wrinkled skin show.
Tanned and very wrinkled.
broken horn and shattered upper jaw, because of a cannon exploding next to him in the fight against The Titan (Queen Grief's monster from the nether). He scratched the paint out of the Engem Tattoos that he used to have when he was about 70 years old, which leaves him with a scarred skin at a lot of places.
Distinguishing Features:
Large round horns at the sides of his head (of which one is broken), oval goat ears and a flat goat-like nose. Side-burns and a goatee, goat eyes. Goat-hooves. Scars over his body, and a cracked jaw-scar. (see picture)

"The strange things in the realm care not for me,
So I care as less for them indeed."

'\.*-~Behavioral features~-*./'

A Caparii with a profound love for Shalheranna, who rather studies and thinks before acting and mingling. He studies mysteries, botanical literature, philosophies. He writes books as a past-time and takes care of the nature around him. He views subjects from as many viewpoints as possible. He chooses his words very carefully. He is an objective caparii who knows many cultures, resulting in excluding all racism. He is open minded and kind, but hesitant in his wording. He's now settled down, after travelling the world and being through a lot. He lets the world pass him by as he stays within one place and does no longer care for the struggles outside of his home.

Intelligence Level:
Incredibly high.
Also spoke to many people during his travels, which gives him knowledge of many cultures, which gives him understanding for races traits.
Traits or Blessings:
A lot of wisdom from his history as scholar.
Has been through a downfall and redemption, learning much about life from that procedure.
Has a profound knowledge of plant-care.
Shalherana, Goddess of nature.
Silas, God of knowledge.
Visage, God of secrets and deceit.

Personal Alignment:
Chaotic Good
Political alignment:
He used to follow the leading party of Altera. After the death of Queen Leminth of Arduin, he reconsidered why he followed her so unconditionally. With new people wanting to take the crown, he doesn't want to follow the political leaders anymore. His interest in books still stands. This would be the best way any political leader could approach Rahm. But his overal attitude is that of solitude and not caring about the world beyond his labyrinth.

Weaknesses and fears:
Is anxious when in towns
Has no combat experience
Isn't socially strong
Poor eyesight

Short Term Goals:
None/follow his instincts. He lives in the time of now, he meditates about the far future, but short term goals are for him things that take the mind off of what really matters in life and things that decrease happiness.

Long Term Goals:

'\.*-~Physical features~-*./'
Physical Flaws:
Isn't fast on flat surfaces.
Large, so somewhat slow and stands out.
Doesn't know how to handle any kind of weapon at all.
Physical Qualities:
Can jump very high, can maneuver easily on cliffs.
Is capable to walk long distances.
Excellent Swimmer.

Relatively bad hygiene, takes just enough care of himself.
Odd as if broken.
stiff joints in elbows.
brittle with old age
Writer and Poet, sometimes unintentionally bard.
Family Heritage:
None, there is little family left, those who are left live far away.
Marital Status:
Married to his devotion to Shalheranna and Visage

Known Languages:

A slight bit Horgaahn (only writing, not talking).
None, a shack in the forest surrounding Kimiki Grove.

Current Home(s):
Home tree at Tahkul-Rimtar,
Hound-Ru, a new home-tree.

Savages Camp.
Tavern of the compendium
A home-tree in the forest near compendium

Inside the center of the labyrinth, in his hometree.

rahm hometree.jpg
The wilderness around Nid Arach

Food/drinks: apples and water.
Animal: The bird
Activity: writing, philosophizing. discovering and making secrets either through the physical world or through books and writings.
Person: Leminth of Arduin, Dav'id Engem, Edric of the Athaneum, and King Seth of the Dwarves.

Least Favorite:
Color: Pink
Food/drinks: alcohol
Animal: None, Shalheranna's creations are all divine.
Activity: Cannibalism

Person: King Pointy.

Objects owned:
Two armbands with the hair of a Handcri Creature in it, weaved by Chalkan Engem.
His Engem cloth between the horns.
Book, inkpot, quill
Several jars
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will be updated as time goes by.


General Legion, General Arcturus, General Ironheart. "I fought with them in the war, I'll always respect them."

Queen Leminth (Deceased), "I was her royal and loyal scribe. She boosted me to unknown heights and allowed me a first hand look into the important events of history. Her loss was a tragic one..."


Dav'id Engem "He is a strange man, but he helped me return to my former self, I owe him."

Wayne Engem "He helped me to return to my former self, I owe him!"

Captain Lemarc, Katharina, "These were old friends from an ancient long time ago. I haven't seen them since."

any stranger.

Unsure of:

Wary of:

Afraid of:
King Pointy (deceased) "A ruthless Earthspawn King of auld."



For the full backstory, see the backstory thread:


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Cubey's cartoon of Rahm

Rahm Kennys compressed.jpg
My first drawing of Rahm:

@SallyRose 's amazing artwork. I'm honored to have one.

One of those cute drawings from @bettemus99 :D Finally I got one too n_n

Rahm chibi.png
@SallyRose Wowzers! Typically Rahm, holding his papers and looking for mysteries in the dark! I love this chibi!

Rahm Kennys older.JPG
Rahm just before he joined the Engems

Raykaystar 's interpretation of the crazed savage Rahm! Spook!

rahm by kam.jpg
Rahm Faceless by Kamaoe , that's just a savage drawing!

rahm savage.jpg
Savage Rahm, when he got derailed of the path of light.

More when more comes? :)
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This character was fully based on Aristotle in the beginning! This is how it was set up:
Additional Background information:
So, Rahm Kennys was based on Aristotle. All the subjects below have been taught by Rahm at a certain point in the server.
Aristotle was suggested to be the last person to know everything there was to know in its own time. Such an inspiration for an intellectual character in a medieval fantasy roleplay server. Aristotle's views on the physical sciences profoundly shaped medieval scholarship!

In this picture you can see Aristotle right en Plato, his teacher, left. Aristotle gestures to the earth, which represents his belief in knowledge through empirical observation and experience. The same thing Rahm Kennys believes in.

Aristotle studied almost every field that there was to study, but one of the more important studies for my character must be geology. Aristotle says the changes of the earth are so slow in comparison to our lives, that they are overlooked; and the migrations of people after great catastrophes, such as the exodus, and their removal to other regions, cause the event to be forgotten: So explains also Rham Kennys. Also the rivers and the seas change, as time never fails, neither could the rivers of Altera flow for ever. The places where they sprung were once dry and there is a limit to their operation, while there is none on time.

The Elements
Also other interesting thoughts of Aristotle reflect on my character, and so Rahm Kennys thinks of these in the same way, the elements. Aristotle added Aether as a fifth element, representing the divine forms like stars and planets. Rahm add the Nether as fifth element, representing the unholy forms like corruption...
Each of the four earthly elements has its natural place.
- All that is earthly tends toward the center of the Altera (the earth).
- Water tends toward a sphere surrounding the center.
- Air tends toward a sphere surrounding the water sphere.
- Fire tends toward the lunar sphere (in which the Moon orbits).
When elements are moved out of their natural place, they naturally move back towards it.
This is 'natural motion': In water, earthy bodies sink while air bubbles rise up. In air, rain falls and flame rises. Outside all other spheres, the corrupt, tries to manipulate the elements and uses them against The Crafters. .

Substance, Actuality and potentiality.
Aristotle studied metaphysics, which is a science in the highest degree of abstraction.
A substance is the combination of both matter and form. Matter here being what a thing is made of, for a house this is bricks, stones, wood, etc.. Form here being everything that we define is the thing.
As a summary: The formula that gives the components is the account of matter, the formula that gives the different ways of perceiving the same thing is form.
To explain potentiality: This is what a thing is capable of doing, when the conditions are right and it is not prevented by something.
For instance, a seed of a plant in the soil is potentially a plant, and if it's not prevented by something, will become a plant. Potential things can 'act' or 'be acted upon', which can be innate or learned.
For instance, the eye possesses the potentiality of sight (innate - being acted upon) while the capability of playing a flute can be learned (exercise - acting)
To explain actuality: it is the fulfillment of the end of the potentiality. For the sake of the end exists potentiality. So we can say that it is actuality when a plant does one of the activities that plants do.
In summary: The matter used to make a house has potentiality to be a house and both the activity of building ad the form of the final house are actualities, which is also an end. Then Aristotle proceeds and concludes that the actuality is prior to potentiality in formula, time and substantiality.

"For the sake of which a thing is, is its principle, and the becoming is for the sake of the end; and the actuality is the end, and it is for the sake of this that the potentiality is acquired. For animals do not see in order that they may have sight, but they have sight that they may see."

With this definition of particular substance (matter and form), Aristotle, and so Rahm Kennys, tries to solve the problem of the unity of the beings, for example: "What is it that makes a man one?"

Aristotle and his school had a special interest in riddles of the Delphic Oracle and studied the fables of Aesop. Rahm Kennys is very interested in prophecies, riddles in history and myths.
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Rahm's deeds in Shalheranna's name:
  • During his time in the Home-Tree in Tahkul-Rimtar's ruins:
    • pruning sick plants around his home
    • growing saplings to strong plants and then planting them around in the ruins
    • creating serious overgrowth in the ruins
    • taking care of the animals in the ruins, the sick or wounded
    • keeping hunters and fishermen away from the ruins' surroundings
  • During his time at the Engems in Hound-Ru:
    • Take care of the herd of high-land animals
    • pruning sick plants of the highlands
    • performing rituals at the stone circle to Shalheranna
    • making part of the initiation process of new Engems about respect for Nature
  • During his time as a savage on Horror Island:
    • cultivated numerous patches of mushrooms in the caves.
    • grew slimy moss and watered them with blood
    • ate nothing but willow-bark and mushrooms
    • cared for a nest of rats inside his home-cave
    • creating serious overgrowth in the swamps
  • During his time in the Home-tree in the center of Rahm's Labyrinth:
    • Hatched eggs from abandoned nests and helped the birds grow up to adulthood
    • cultivated numerous pots of plants and flowers before planting them in the labyrinth
    • Cared for wounded birds until they got better and set them back out in the wild
    • pruned sick plants and cared for fruit trees inside the labyrinth
    • protects the river and wilderness of the labyrinth from poachers and fishermen
    • sends people on tasks to protect nature or save animals
    • creating serious overgrowth of plants in the wilderness and within the labyrinth.
Updated at times
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Amazing. . .
My characters best, and possibly only close friend, is based off a ancient man with a beard. . .
. . .who knew? Glad I read this.