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Nicknames: Ray, Ray of Sunshine "These were given to him by Keya"

Age: 137, 13th of Lightshine, Looks 29

Race: Silver Elf

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Married to (Keya "Naetris" var Emhril)

Religion: Valiant

Titles: Acolyte of Valiant, Blacksmith, Stable-master

Former Titles: Guard of Linishel, Grand Prince of Valercea



Appearance: “Raynor is 6'0 and weighs 170 he's pretty toned and muscular for his race and is usually seen working out or doing other odd jobs. He has beautiful jet black hair that is very shiny and has a distinctive shine while under sunlight, he has silver eyes. His skin is pale and very fair as if he tends to it often and makes sure it is perfect. Raynor is taller for his race as both of his parents were very tall and the gene poll granted him with tallness.”

Personality: “Raynor has quite a flirty personality though he is also very loyal to the ones he loves and would never betray them, he generally is considered a kind person. Raynor is also very protective of his family and when that is being threatened Raynor will do whatever he needs to ensure that they will stay and remain safe.”



Backstory: “Raynor has lived his life with class and style never acting out of tune as his parents taught him. He believes himself to be above others and to be more mannered, he was not always like this but due to his parents, it was forged into him. He used to be free-spirited and more playful with other silver elves though others disliked him for this and such he became an outcast to the other elven households his parents disliking this forced him to lose his old habits and acquire their elven ways more. He was constantly beaten and struck when he misbehaved or acted wrongly and it stuck with him his entire life and made him a mature man. Despite his parent's strict teaching methods he loved them dearly and would've done anything for them as they were keeping him alive and making him a better man which he understood to a point when he lost his parents he was heart-stricken. He lived within the city and one morning he was grieving along the hillside and as the sun was rising he saw someone approaching it was a girl she had eyes that made it look as if the sun and moon had aligned they shined as if stars within the nights light she had no emotion on her lips but her eyes said all. This simple first meeting was the flame to their newfound love and future together. Many years later this girl and Raynor would now have a family of their own despite him losing his parents, this new family gave life back to his heart. He showed little emotion and little remorse when in front of other people but when he was in front of his family he showed compassion and love as his family was everything to him. The love of his life Nylatheria gave him a newfound purpose and will, he felt strength while with her and love when he thought of her. His son Kharis was his starlight in a world full of darkness, he loves him more than anything and would do anything to protect him and ensure he never has to struggle. He may not be as tough as his parents when it comes to teaching his son discipline and manners but he does ensure his son makes a good image of their family to the others around as he expects the best of his son and the best image. Raynor knows that his family has not had the best of times in the money department but with the little they had they had filled it with love and joy as to Raynor family is everything.”

"A picture of Keya and Raynor, made by Ugahari."

"Raynor has moved far from where he use to be with Nylatheria leaving him but his son choosing to stay with him. He was very sad about this but he found comfort within his close friend Keya, she and him have been friends since the very beginning. They have always been flirty but it was more so teases and nothing serious as they both were taken but when Nylatheria left, and Keya was being neglected by her previous lover. It gave Raynor the confidence to finally confess his feelings to Keya and she then confessed hers and they kissed. Raynor will always remember that day and it'll remain vigilant in his life. Keya was pregnant though with her previous lovers baby and Raynor being a family man was not disturbed by this and was actually fine with it and was happy to add to their new family, nearing the day. Raynor decided to propose before the baby was born to make their new future set and with that the new start has begun."



Skill Tree: Beginner, Novice, Graduate, Expert, Master, Grand Master and Legend

Smithing - Graduate
Speech - Grand Master
Unarmed - Novice
Swordsman - Graduate
Archery - Beginner
Strategy - Master
Heavy/Light Armor - Novice
Writing - Expert

Leadership - Expert
Hunting - Novice
Parkour/Agility - Graduate

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Settling in Altera


Family, Love, Best friend, Friend, Neutral, Disliked, Hated

Vaeri var Emhril, You are my new daughter and I am happy to have you be my daughter you are the flower within a field of grass.

Kharis var Emhril, You are my son and I am glad you told me you loved me and that you would never leave me.

Keya Naetris, We have been friends for so long and now it's blossoming into something new. I'm starting to love you more and more every day and I only hope you are feeling the same as I can't be broken once more. You have been making me smile more and more every day and now you are helping tend my wounds, this is why I love you. After knowing you for all this time we have gotten so close and now we have vowed to each other and that means a lot to me, I know it's soon and to others may seem fast but we both know our reasons. You have finally have had our beautiful daughter and I am glad she is in our new family, alongside that I can start to call you my wife, this is a new start for us.


Credits to Ugahari for the Art!

Florence Caron, My best friend and one of my oldest along with Keya I hope we always stay friends.

Cymic, You are the King of Sangria and I am loyal to you as I have made an oath of becoming a vassal. The avalanche of Valercea has destroyed the city, and now I can no longer be of service.

Ventare, You are the Prince of Sangria and trusted so I will trust you as well. The avalanche of Valercea has destroyed the city, and now I can no longer be of service.

Lune, You are a new ally of Valercea and hence I will honor our agreements and hope to grow our friendship more. The avalanche of Valercea has destroyed the city, and now I can no longer be of service.

Uriel, You are young but old looking at the same time quite unique but you are my teacher of Valiant and I wish to learn more and more and grow closer to both Valiant and you.

Tylla, You are very interesting as you are a nomad and travel the world more than anyone also an ally so that makes you my friend. You came around to Valercea and had a nice talk with me, Keya and Auren you are very kind to the food! The avalanche of Valercea has destroyed the city, and now I can no longer be of service.

Thure, You are a business friend and I hope you become a normal friend.

Henry, You are an interesting lad though rude sometimes a guard and a new friend. You helped with my more sensitive matter and I respect you for that.

Auren, You are a kind girl and seemed more than thrilled to join Valercea. I am happy for you and Henry, I do hope something blossoms there and I never got to offer that thing to you, next time!

Imani, You helped with my injury which was very kind and not to mentions the perfumes and soaps you sold me which made a great gift for my love.

Rook, You are a friend of battle in the battle of the bull moose and that is important to me, you followed my idea exactly cut the bull moose in the torso then roll out of the way and allow for a easy shot to the head. Also I believe you follow a very beautiful path of Shalherana as my mother was a follower herself.

Woven, You are a story teller but also a show women quite talented and polite.

Lana, We ran into each other on the road to different places and then we kept running into each other, but It's purely by accident.

Nylatheria von Rivia, You have betrayed my heart and left and I do not miss you at all.

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The color coding thing for the relations is hella creative. I could see that being used for some hard-hitting emotional changes.