Reflection on Plagiarism

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Greetings players,

It’s come to our attention that one of our server promoted builds at spawn is not original work or an inspiration of other builds, but an exact copy. Namely, the main tavern that was a contest winner about a year ago. We have only just now confirmed this and will be swiftly removing and changing it in the coming weeks. You may still roleplay there as we have things planned that will roll over soon.

The Staff team here at Hollowworld takes plagiarism seriously. We value original quality content that span from buildings to written work. We accept using inspiration from other builders or written work, or even building on work with credit and permission given at all times. But not anything that’s been copied from block to block, or page to page, especially if it’s being promoted on official lore and official server builds and no credit is given to the original creator. Due to this, we will be having Sankera step down from the spawn build team for the work on the tavern. And we still thank him for the effort he put into the rest of Storm's Landing on his free time.

This announcement was made as a public message to players submitting and using work for official lore, official server builds, posted art and even for your character writeups, Please remember to only take inspiration, give credit where credit should be given and not plagiarize others works. We will continue to monitor such breaches when we’re more aware with proof given.

Thank you.
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