Regarding Events and Divine Presence

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Creating events can be very exciting for the event-runners as well as participants. However, it is important to remember a few key points when events are created with a "divine" theme. Many players create sermons and attempt summoning with the expectation that they will be successful, so bear these in mind when moving forward.

* Give events/lore staff seven days notice by way of making a thread on the forums and tagging Event Staff, Lore Staff, or Solus as server owner. Without having proper notice, your event may be ignored because lack of availability for staff to cover it.

* Sermons and attempts to lure the Pantheon's attention may result in Event Staff becoming involved, but it is not a guarantee that anything out of the ordinary will happen. Not every event will have something special happen.

* If you make an event where you feel you are entitled to some sort of sign or interaction, do not spam staff members with PM's, requests, and/or logs. Sometimes nothing happens, and sometimes nothing may happen because of OOC conduct.

We understand that many people find the Divine Magic tiers very exciting, and we are glad for the excitement! However, some gods may prefer things done a different way. Or perhaps the sermon isn't in-line with what that deity is truly about. It could even be that the Divine in question does not enjoy being goaded into making their appearance known. And sometimes, silence is just the response.

If you give staff enough notice to be aware of your event, then what happens happens.

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