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Relics of Altera


Relics have long existed in Altera. In the midst of the Era of Incursion, there came a tremor upon the land as the moon and eves turned purple in hue, as if it bled a magical viel. This point in time would be known as the “Firmament”. Soon, it became revealed that previously ordinary objects were spellbound, sparked with an essence of magic. They harbor special abilities, often ranging from visually appealing to being akin to parlor tricks. Not many scholars are able to date their existence, or even question their presence. The more keen and dedicated observers may care to learn of it as more and more reveal themselves across the Eastern Continent.

Divine Artifact
Blessed by select members of the Pantheon to strengthen faith, these instruments tend to be granted only to those of faith. They are thematic and carry more sentimentally religious tunes than other artifacts. If anyone not blessed in the faith attempts to use it, a backlash occurs. { See Catalogue }​
Spellbound Relic
These artifacts vary in different forms of magic and tend to be more free-form and of different magical make. Anyone is able to wield them. { See Catalogue }​

To wield the properties of specific artifacts, one must willingly harmonize with it. It requires a short moment of meditation while touched within approximately 10 minutes in Roleplay. Upon attuning, the wielder is able to use the artifact’s contents unless explicitly stated otherwise of using it without attunement. Upon the average artifact: to un-attune, one most simply remove the object from their grasp and touch.

+One can only wield the magical properties of one artifact at a time, unless explicitly stated otherwise. They may carry more than one relic.

To identify the abilities of an artifact, one must either use the artifact, or seek a source of scholarly, or divine, informant to identify it.

Reprisal (Backlash):
The body of the character trying to attune to an object is rejected. The artifact begins to burn hot and a bright flash emanates between the body of the holder and the object, stunning them. The object violently escapes their grasp as if an invisible force rips them apart, knocking a character off their feet for a good while. After effects: The character is under emotional distress for a few days.

A reprisal occurs under these conditions:​
+Anyone not of a Divine’s faith attempts to use their Divine Artifact. Unless explicitly allowed.​

The Magical Artifact loses its status. It can physically be destroyed, a divine removes its blessing, or it reaches its maximum usage if it has a cap to its abilities. It then becomes mundane fragments of what it used to be.
(OOCly- if the object is causing a ruckus, is OP, or overall Lore/Event Council/Staff wishes to remove it, a Clamor occurs IC).
The Format:
Name - Can be anything.
Physical Description - Visual.
Ability - Roll d% if relevant. What it do.
Attuned to - Player Character. N/A
+Please do not make up artifacts with special powers. And don't pester a Staff member to add artifacts or give you one. The ones approved by Lore are listed below.
+This thread is public so that there is no miscommunication on the uses of these artifacts and so that we can keep track of it.
+Please do not metagame the holders of these artifacts.
+If you have an artifact below and it was stolen, it broke, it was given to someone else, or other, please contact a Staff member so that they can update the status of the artifact below.
+If you are a magic user and have imbued an object with magic and put it out into the world, you may fill a form and send it to a staff member to add a new artifact into the list.
TheDeester For discussion and limits
Solus For putting it all together

Lannis Elz Kamaoe blargtheawesome Squidziod on artifacts listed
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