[Religious Organization] The Ministry of The Grey Lady


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"With one hand reward, with the other punishment. We must decide which to give."

The Ministry has undergone vast and recent change in the way it operates. With the sudden absence of Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek the leadership fell to Ventare Seymour the fourth Apostle. Under his guidance it has changed emulating the Grey Lady's divine purpose rather than focusing on the Soul Stealer and his minions, this will however remain in the background as Her tenet dictates.

Judgement. Reward. Punishment.
hat is the Grey Lady's primary focus and thus the Ministry's.

Tenets of the Ministry

I. Heed the word of the Grey Lady.

II. Do not fear death, there is life beyond it.

III. Punish the sinner until he does right.

IV. Let Her realms be in the minds of man.

V. Bury the vessel, its work is holy.

Training and Progression

As new member of the Ministry, they are taught by their given Apostle.
They follow a linear progression with various trails placed throughout.

+Faith: The basics of the Grey Lady, her tenets and backstory.+
The Afterlife.+
+Introduction to rumination chambers.+
How actions affect your Afterlife. The laws and role of the Ministry in punishment.+
+Trail of Judgement.+
Rituals of burial and grave-keeping.+
Spirits and how to banish them. Introduction to the spells used to manipulate them.+
+Trial of Fear.+
Undead, vyres and how to rid them.+
+Rebirth: Acolytes will consolidate their knowledge and be subject to the trial of Rebirth+
..it is suggested to be reborn one must first experience death..

(wip, it will have a badge like system allowing Apostles to choose what they want to focus on first.)

Members of the Ministry
A list of current members and their ranks.

-High Priest-
Ventare Seymour (Acting)
Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek (Abscent)

-The Apostles-
Malek Taron (Considered Gone)
Ailil Sigurd (Considered Gone)
Melosa Mol'Crow (Considered Gone)

-The Acolytes-
Raven Hireath

-People of Interest-
Illyrana Silveira (too young)


Sects of the Ministry
Sects are a collection of cults under the Ministry.
They aim at focusing ones worship into a specific aspect of the Grey Lady.

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The Lands of the Ministry:

The Ministry was originally founded within the Ancient City of Graf'jell, however ever since the Great Exodus from the Northern Kingdoms the established Isles of Linlea has become the new and most dedicated place of worship to the Grey Lady, and thus a great many followers, both new to her ways and among the Ministry reside here.

Dedicated shrines:

+Temple of Linlea
+Linlea Graveyard
+The Shrine/Graveyard of Storms Landing
+Confessor's Circle in Halbed

Blessed Artefacts:

+Our Lady has been depicted to carry a staff with a skull atop it, a similar staff has been wielded by High-Priestess Ashna.

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The High-Priestess:
+Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek (Solus )

The Sentinels:

The Apostles:
+Ventare Seymour (@ShaolinPunk )
+Malek Tarren (CaptnBlueBeard) -Missing-
+Ailil Sigurd(CthulhuPeople ) -Considered gone-
+Melosa Mol'Crow (BrianAT16 ) -Considered gone-

The Acolytes:
+Jhaeros (Rang3r0wns94 ) -Faithful-
+Sauran (HogoShi_Kitsune ) -Faithful-

The Fallen [Ex-Acolytes]:
+Loup Caedit

People of Interest:
+Linlea inhabitants

Activities of the Faithful:
Here listed are the events hosted from within the faith, for those that wish to join the faithful, seek out a member of the Ministry or the High-Priestess.

Folktales & Stories:
+Silent Screams
+Sermon Excerpt - Former High-Priest Malek

Finished Events in Order:
+Funeral Proceedings
+Preaching of the Grey Lady I - High-Priestess Ashna
+Preaching of the Grey Lady II- High-Priestess Ashna
+Day of the Departing
+Day of the Departing II
+Letters to Our Departed I - High- Priestess Ashna
+Gifts of Remembrance - Melosa
+Convocation of an Acolyte - Ailil Sigurd
+Final Prayer - Former High-Priest Malek
+Sermon of the Grey Lady - Former High-Priest Malek
+Day of Ash - High-Priestess Ashna
+Ceremony and Gathering - High-Priestess Ashna
+Laying to Rest - Ventare Seymour
+Festival of Passing - Ventare Seymour
+A Warning to the Living - Ventare Seymour
+Judgement Listens (Upcoming) - Ventare Seymour

Application: (this counts as an IC letter)
Degree of combat training undergone:
Political affiliation:

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Ranks have been added: +The Acolytes, +The Apostles, +The Sentinels.

Also, The Ministry is currently recruiting if any of the above piques your interest.


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+Services of The Ministry added
+New shrine added
+Pictures added to shrines
+Updated event list
+Application form added to the bottom of the first page


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The first section has been rewritten/reworked, i may pretty it up later on, the other two sections are to be removed or reworked at a later date!


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+Through overview of Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek, the Ministry's followed through on a commission to a grave site for Alderwood Cove Jinny The Ministry continues to provide time and supplies for graves to be built upon villages through out the land.

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Reworking and rewriting the thread. The first big section has been complete and the new rank of Adjudicator has been added. We are recruiting : )


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Depending on what you consider dedicated: there is a giant shrine in the catacombs of the Blackstone cathedral. The cathedral itself is not dedicated to the Grey Lady though ;)


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Bump ~ Ventare is looking to train new potential blessed of the Grey Lady right now, so if your character would be interested pm me.