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Present me any of my father’s knights and I will kindly detail why I would rather have Reyne von Alderwood at my side. Borne of dust and dirt, yet made of finer heart than those gifted spoons of silver. There is a different courage in those who understand that they are owed no favours, willing to rise time again even when there is a boot planted upon their back. This is what I choose to trust with my life. My father knew the same, and it is not unlike what he saw in Reyne’s own before him. Perhaps it is some cruel act of fate that has tried our kinship in this way. To abandon the embrace of humble life and family, only to venture into an abyss of uncertainty, is a request that should be made of no man or woman. Despite any reason and without an inkling of doubt, Reyne was prepared to ride in the honour of my father. Our companionship echoed louder than drums of war, and I know his presence to be worth hundreds of bannermen. If it were not for his conviction, perhaps I would not have saddled my horse upon the dawn we departed from the castle. I might only have one kindred brother, but I need not blood to know that I’ve another. For this, I am eternally thankful.”

- Lothaire von Dugald.


After his recent journey beyond the wards, Reyne has come to terms with the thoughts that have been lingering in his mind as of late. Nightmares of a bloody tide and dead flesh given life by a looming deity are keeping him awake at night. The horrific sights seen beyond the wards will not easily be forgotten. Never before has Reyne seen such unrelenting monsters. Man must stand together and open their eyes to the world that truly lies before them.


Castellan of Gottsturmer Bau in Lothaire's stead, Reyne ensured the estate would not fall into ruin; regularly contributing to maintenance and general tasks. He would face no true challenges aside from general annoyances that came with the title. What few concerns they faced were swiftly dealt with.

He found himself traveling between Alderwood Cove, Storm's Landing, and eventually as far north as Queensport in his free time. It was in Queensport that he would meet with members of the regency. Without recent word from Lothaire, Reyne set out in search of him, fearing the worst. Primarily Wolfgang von Harrister and Richard Varyn are responsible for informing Reyne of his childhood companion's whereabouts.


A lad of eighteen years, Reyne von Alderwood was plucked from his home in service to Gael von Dugald just as his father was. As a son of a man sworn to Gael, Reyne grew up alongside the mage's second son Lothaire, steadfast friends. They learned together, sparred together, and trained in the aspects expected of young noblemen. Reyne traveled alongside his childhood friend, Lothaire von Dugald, seemingly thrust into a quest to revive the man that gave him a life far better than any peasant. He's grown into his role over the course of the past year. He no longer feels like a boy chasing legends but rather a man of his own make. Reyne is currently tasked with his duties as Castellan.


Sleepless nights have contributed to dark circles hanging beneath his eyes. Generally, the young man wears a plain, somewhat contemplative expression. Sharp hazel eyes gather what information they can from his surroundings. His features have become less round and child-like in exchange for a more angular jaw and cheekbones.


His usual attire is that of a young, travelling nobleman. A fine dark coat, collared with fur and well-maintained, fits to his frame nicely. The shirt and trousers worn beneath are of a similar caliber. His boots are secured neatly, muddied from his travels.

Recently, he has taken to wearing a dark padded gambeson, metal gorget, and thick leather bracers. Two segmented plates are secured to his hips to protect the majority of his upper legs. A scabbard and sheath hangs over the top of these plates for his longsword and dagger respectively.


His modest longsword was broken beneath a flood of undead flesh and sinew. Its length was reduced by half and is held primarily in remembrance of the standoff beyond the wards. For the time being he arms himself with the sharp dagger that he used to pair with his sword.


Major: In taking back the ruins, Reyne sustained an arrow through the left shoulder. A lack of meaningful armor meant a deep puncture wound. Further sustained damage from blocking a crossbow bolt with a shield has bruised the left bicep. Lifting does not seem to be an option for the time being. He maintains fine dexterity with his hand, but can't do much beyond rest it at his belt.

Adequate aid seems to have prevented infection and major blood loss.



Gael von Dugald, Reyne is fond of the man that gave him the life he lives. He looked up to the man and misses his presence.

Lothaire von Dugald, Reyne looks up to the elf he was raised alongside. While they are related in no way, the two share a strong bond- Regularly referring to each other as brothers.

Florian von Piers, Another inspiring role model in his life. Reyne held onto dreams of emulating his way with blade and magic for some time before deciding to forge his own path.

Maxwell and Henry, The two strangers that delivered grave news to Gottsturmer Bau had earned Reyne's trust early on, they've proved to be reputable men and had no qualms fighting alongside them.

Castle Smith, Sigric von Gottsturmer Bau, Reyne had likely grown up with Sigric in Alderwood Cove. The two had never shared many conversations but the chains he supplied for the Wendigo hunt were crucial in the group's success. Certainly fond of his ability to work metals for the Bau.

Wolfgang (von Harrister); A recent traveling companion. They've shared numerous stories and opinions over their several days of travel. Perhaps not best of friends yet, but enjoyable acquaintances.

[Notable | Neutral]:

Rowley (de Chastain); On an impulse, Reyne got involved in a duel. He would find that Rowley could put up a sturdy defense but lacked an offensive drive. Having only sparred with a few people in his life, he was excited to take on a random opponent and even more thrilled when he was able to best them.

Count Asher (Varyn); Involved in his journey south beyond the wards. Reyne enjoyed his enthusiasm to spar in Queensport. They haven't exchanged too many words but likely won't until he has healed.

Katherine (Kane); One of the members of Asher's party, Reyne knows about as much of her as he does Asher.

Richard Varyn; His surname seems familiar but Reyne knows little of the Varyn line. It would seem that Richard is a cousin of Asher's. The two conversed and fought alongside each other during the journey down south. Reyne would gladly fight alongside him again, the man seems powerful.

Joseph Seeker; Another inspiring mage that Reyne has come across. He led Wolfgang's lesson at Stormhall. Seeker involved Reyne in the lesson by humiliating him in a foot race. Enjoyable.

Clement; A kindred spirit. The two spent some time discussing the purpose of their trip south, among other things. He would also aid Reyne in retrieving what was left of his sword.

[Not So Fond]:

Nwalme Fuvur, Reyne paid the Witch King due respect and loyalty though he was reluctant to accept him for his ruthless manner of dealing with Lothaire's situation.


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Reyne has begun a modest collection of trophies from the hunts he has participated in. Likely stored at Gottstürmer Bau. [I'll be trying to supplement screenshots and art to accompany each.]

[Wendigo Claws:]

[Picture a long pair of claws. These long, somewhat sharp claws belonged to a Northern Wendigo that Reyne helped subdue near the mountains of Queensport. Reyne has distinct memories of the encounter, rather electrifying. The two talons were among several that broke off during the fight.]

[Desert Scorpion Leg:]

[Picture the last segment of a rather large scorpion leg. Taken after the violent encounter.]

[Broken Blade:]

[A firm reminder of what was lost in the south.]

(No artwork yet.)

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Reckless Reyne is back online. Added a health section to keep track of injuries, scars, etc. Will be updating with new visuals and descriptions as they appear.


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