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Anything else, I reckon should be found out through RP in game. Not everything should be available to find out on the fourms! :p

General Information:

Name: Ronak Rothguard
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Current Residence: Unknown
Relationship Status: None
Social Status: Unknown

Physical Appearance:

Height: 4"6
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Dark Green
Skin Color: Pale-ish
Build of Body: Stout
Hair Color: Dark Grey, almost Black
Hair Style: Casually messy
Complexion: Average
Is Seen By Others As: Short...?
Scars: Unknown, aside from the scars on his chin that are pretty visible.
Voice: Deep and booming, like a bell in every tooth


Likes: Sweet foods, his friends, ale

Dislikes: Ale, making new friends, his friends coming to harm, Llamas, horses


Strong Headed: When he finds something he has a passion in, he'll devote everything he has to it
Keeps Moving Forwards: Generally doesn't care if something negative comes his way, big or small.
Protective Spirit: Fights fiercely for his true friends, willing to put them before himself in most scenarios.
Optimistic For Others: No matter the scenario, he can usually find a way to show someone the bright side of it


Pessimistic of Himself: No matter the scenario, he can usually find a way to show himself the downside of something
Overly Self Deprecating: Usually puts himself down, thinking the worst of whatever he does
Prideful: He will usually refuse help, regardless of the scenario, even if he knows there's nothing he can do himself, because he refuses to be seen as helpless or weak.

Fears: [To be found out IC. Will be posted once a few people know]
Values: His true friends above all else. His life comes next, and he has nothing else to value after that.
Education: Basic education, can read, write, do basic maths.
Languages: Common, Horgaahn, Elven.
General Attitude: Bitterly jovial
Religious Inclination: Doesn't consider religion worth contemplating, but does speak well of Korog.
General Intelligence: Average
General Sociability: Awkwardly sociable
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
Make himself a better set of Axes.
Become a good enough smith to maintain equipment
Meet a few more people
Get enough money to buy back what was broken in an accident

Long Term Goals:
[To be found out IC. Will be posted once a few people know]
To become a brilliant smith
Find a reason to be alive
Learn Elvish. He's tired of not knowing half of what goes on in the conversations around him.

Possessions: An Axe and his freshly forged Chainmail chestpiece he made himself. Many of Ronaks possessions have been shredded in an accident.

Wardrobe: Finally has a few more shirts and a few more pairs of trousers. Has one fairly nice blue shirt that he wears on a fancy occasion.

Jewelry: None

Pets/Animals: None

Owned Homes: None

Carried Inventory: His Axe. After an accident, he doesn't carry much.

General Inventory: He now has a decent smithing hammer. He also has a nice book of poems and drawings, gifted to him by Rai.

Treasured Items:
An ebony ink pot and an expensive looking white quill pen, gifted to him by Phi.
An Incomplete Elven Codex, filled with words he knows and doesn't know, for him to fill in and learn later as he goes, gifted to him by Leilatha and Cecily.
General Wealth: Modestly poor.


Illnesses: None
Allergies: None
Injuries: All healed, for now. Aside from some new bruises. Lovely.
Sleeping Habits: Sleep? What's sleep?
Energy Levels: Energetic, until the third sleepless day hits him.
Eating Habits: Quite a lot, but little variety
Exercise Habits: Well, smithing is pretty intense exercise, and he walks everywhere he can.
Memory: [To be found out IC. Will be posted once a few people know]
Drinking Habits: Daily drinker for the sake of drinking


[To be found out IC. Will be posted once a few people know]


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful inclination, unless his true friends are threatened.

Weaponry: Always has a main hand Battleaxe, and three throwing axes he often duel wields.

Combat Training: Axe Apprentice

Training & Skills:

Blacksmithing 5/10 - He's learning at a slow, slow pace without a teacher. "For better or worse, I've now got a job as Astrums smith. Here's hoping I don't disappoint them."
Fishing 7/10 - He's good, and has a knack for it. He FINALLY managed to go on that fishing trip he needed to improve. "It may not be the most fun you'll ever have, it's very relaxing and puts food on the table. Two fish, one pole, eh?"
Cooking 7/10 - Surprisingly good cook, he just never has anyone to share it with for feedback "There's little difference between forging metal and forging food, but one of them will make you unhappy if you fail, and one will make you hungry."
Horse Riding 2/10 - Is almost completely inept at riding them, barely managing to stay on at a canter "Woah there... Woah, woah, woah! Too fast!"
Medicine 0/10 - Is so incompetant, he didn't realise that wounds needed cleaning more than once, and that bandages didn't need changing. "Pfffft, it's barely pierced the skin! Give the bandage to someone who needs it, eh?"
Artistic Drawing - 8/10 - Is surprisingly good at it, even if he believes he's awful at it. "What do you mean "Good?" It's a load of crap. Burn it if you would.
Climbing - 8/10 - He enjoys it, and it's one of the few things he'll admit he's good at. "Sure, it's good fun making stuff. Feels pretty good to climb it as well, though a little less fun to fall off of it."
Elven - 2/10 - He's learning and enjoying it, although he couldn't hold a decent conversation. Or a poor one. "<E:> Rai, breeeeed four two pleeeeeaseeeee>"
Horgaahn - 9/10 - He grew up speaking the language, so there's very few words he wouldn't know. "Ae barruz fer meir darams et meir famuz!"

Occupation: Astrum Isles Blacksmith
Favorite Types of Food: Meat dishes
Favorite Types of Drink: Ale
Hobbies/Pastimes: Smithing, climbing, mining.
Favorite Colors: Turquoise.

Relationships: (To be filled out later when I can get the spelling of names right, Still ongoing)

Relevant Family Members: [To be found out IC. Will be posted once a few people know]

Romantic Interests:

(Rujala) Fiena "Phi" Downing - I broke her arm in an accident I could have prevented. Two weeks later, I admit to loving her and she said it back! But... Will she change her mind? More importantly, what if she doesn't change her mind? I've never done this before! What do I do?!

True Friends;

No one... Not yay :'(

Friendly Acquintances:

Ruu Sugar Silveira - Has helped him more than he cares to admit. He's borderline on calling her a True Friend, but is reluctant to do so just yet.

Kamaoe Kam Hakiaz - She's done so much to help him, from training to helping him relax, he almost considers her a true friend. There's very little he wouldn't do to help her if she came requesting aid.

HogoShi_Kitsune Elfa Hansd - Spoke with her in the Astrum tavern. Only met her once, but they had a good three or four hour conversation. Seems like a very nice lady.

(Username Needed) Cecily/Leilatha - Has spoken to them both a few times, and they're pretty nice people. Thought I offended Leilatha at first, but she just seems to dislike speaking Common, rather than disliking speaking to me. Cecily is teaching me Elven, and Leilatha seems to be glad to have someone she can talk to in Elven instead of Common.


(Icanra) Lune Tekon - He's alright. Fought with him at the Astrum riots, him being the Lord of Astrum. He's alright, but haven't seen him in a while. Not sure what to think of him though.

The_VALKYRIE Valtae Dur - Been a good person to him so far, she seems a little naive and easy to lie to, which makes talking to her easier. She's even agreed to help him study medicine, which he's grateful for.

Electric Asero Crow - Has spoken to him a few times, had a few laughs, but don't know much about him. Seems nice enough.

Estes241 Grey - Met him and spoke with him a few times. Seems hard to talk to, but nothing wrong with him.

Cukie1 Lilac Silveira - She also helped him in the same way Sugar helped him. He doesn't know her aside from a single meeting, but likes her well enough.

(Morbid ) Arthur Bayard - Spoken with him a few times. Fixed Phi's arm for me which I'm grateful for, and we've fought together. Good guy, but don't see him too often.

(Galaxy) Aislin - The child of Rai and Lune. She's a ball of energy, I just hope it gets channelled in the right way.

(WaterPrincess_) Maple - Another child he's met. He takes pity on her, and is trying to help her get by, buying drawings off her and teaching her things, even if he can't quite afford it.

Disliked People:

No one. Yay!


No one. Yay!

Wary Of:

Centurion Oskar - He's unsure what to think of Oskar. I've attempted conversation a few times, but he didn't like the fact that Oskar looked... Disapproving, when he brought a group of refugees from the town to the Citadel gates. He'll keep trying, but doesn't expect much.

(Galaxy) Soren "Rai" Taai - At first, I wasn't sure about her. She seemed crazy, but eventually found out she was just fun crazy. Now though, I'm not sure about her at all. She dragged me back to her flat and drugged me. She seemed to feel guilty and I think she was trying to help, but I can't tell. I need to keep an eye on her.

(Rujala ) Rowaldin Teline - I apologised as I promised I would, and I appreciate the journal you gave me to replace my one, but I still despise you for destroying my old one. There's a lot lost, thanks to you.

Life Changing Accomplishments;

Helped to suppress the Riots of Astrum. Was wounded, but came out well enough.

Went on an Expedition, with which the group encountered something claiming to be The Reaper (Stone Golem). During the time at which they were arguing (With the Stone Golem), he spotted a path to the Island it was on, and was the first to attack the beast after leading a small group onto the island, to which they killed the Golem.

Helped kill a Broodmother inside of a cave, and took a leg as trophy.

Also killed some 6 Krowlers in his first encounter with them, before someone lit them and their nest up like a bonfire on crack.

Tried to save a Llama on top of the Astrum roof. Got attacked by his backpack and not only nearly died, but almost killed his friend as well.
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(@Rujala ) Rowaldin Teline - I apologised as I promised I would, and I appreciate the journal you gave me to replace my one, but I still despise you for destroying my old one. There's a lot lost, thanks to you.

Tried to save a Llama on top of the Astrum roof. Got attacked by his backpack and not only nearly died, but almost killed his friend as well.
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