sadko12345's Ban Appeal [Approved]

Sir Andrew Wallins

Lord of Altera
Hello. Long time no see.

Two years ago I was banned from the server for saying some rather nasty things to Solus. Insults that were completely unprovoked, words that I still don't understand why I wrote. Really, consider this appeal a long overdue apology for being a rude, immature and unpleasant person. One who didn't think before spouting garbage, but also one who didn't truly mean it.

To be honest, I only vaguely remember the circumstances under which I wrote what I did. I just know there are no excuses to that sort of behaviour. It was obnoxious, inconsiderate, uncalled for. It was damn stupid. I also know that before that moment, I never had any beef with the person to whom my words were directed, which makes it even worse. Especially because our interactions were otherwise quite civil and Solus never really gave me any reason to dislike her.

Two years away from HW (and roleplaying as a whole) sort of allowed me to put things into perspective. I went through new experiences, connections, changes in life. I like to think I’ve grown a bit, matured and became a little more well-rounded as an individual. I may still be a bit weird, but I don’t want to be malicious to anyone at all. As of late, I’ve also realized the positive effect that HW has had on me. It’s not only an amazing platform for my escapism, my yearning to create these interesting, interwoven narratives, but it also helped me with my grasp of the English language, as well as make new friends across the world.

I certainly know my outlook is different from back then, and I really hope you can look past my hurtful and thoughtless words. I want to once more take part in crafting these beautiful stories with others, not to take part in drama or fight with people who share my hobby and my passion for roleplaying, who are supposed to be on the same team with me.

Thank you.


Hi [Unsuspecting Comment], I'm Jazzper
Staff member
Welcome back Sadko,

After a long discussion, we have decided to lift your ban.
We believe your appeal to be honest, and consider two years long enough for self-reflection and growth.

As six months have passed, you will ofcourse need to rewhitelist here.
The code of conduct has changed in the past two years (consent change, addition of Discord guidelines), and can be found here.

We hope you enjoy your time on Hollowworld,
Moderation Team