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Upcoming [Sallana] Another Pilgrimage {January 25th, 2:30PM}


Lord of Altera



A continuation of this event. [x]


Letters are sent out to the Blessed of Sallana, welcoming them to a near pilgrimage to Stoltfar.
The letter would outline the goal of building community as they traveled from the Landing to The Sallana Shrine in Stoltfar's Cathedral.
Upon reaching the cathedral, prayers and blessings will be conducted. Offerings and any other forms of worship such as the arts are welcomed.

While being a private event, anyone who is inclined to Sallana (but unblessed) or who would like to be a part of the event,
join along under the impression you heard rumors ; )

Date: January 25th, 2021
Time: 2:30pm EST
What? A Pilgrimage of Sallana
Where? Begin at Landing docks > Stoltfar
Public/Private?: Private
Rating: Peaceful
RagingLunacy adam_unavailable Fortune LyricalArtist

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