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Upcoming [Sallana] Music To Her Ears {November 27th, 5pm EST}


Loyal Servant of Altera

Sophie Elise Velour is hosting a public sermon at the Storm’s Landing Cathedral.
She will cover Sallana’s fourth tenet, ‘Give worship artistically, be it in song or poetry or paint.'
Afterwards, several artists will be available to demonstrate and teach what this means in various artistic forms.

If you’d like to volunteer as a teacher or would like to bring any art, please notify Sophie. (Lovely#4447 on disc)

sermon pic.jpg

Date: November 27th
Time: 5pm EST
What?: A Sermon to Sallana
Where?: Storm’s Landing Cathedral
Public/Private?: Public
Rating: Moderate

Divine Team: Elz & BoredBrit
Special Invites: Celestea & JustTheEngineer
Super Special Invite: The Cartoon Witch
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