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Finished [Sallana] Winters Reverie {January 22nd, 3PM EST}


Loyal Servant of Altera


A wintery celebration of the new year arriving, homage to Sallana and those in need of their spirits raised.


Selfless Sweets

~ Those with kindness in their hearts are welcome to bring treats of any
type to exchange with another.

Pie Pitch
~ Pies specifically prepared for this event are available to throw for a prize.
1-5 ~ Miss
6-10 ~ Skimmer
11-18 ~ Body Shot
19-20 ~ Smack-dab in the head

Snow Sculptures
~ With the snow lying around, sculptures of loved or cherished ones are to be made. Best snowman wins a prize.
(This is more of an OOC idea, where those who participate can draw the snowman their character creates
and a prize will be awarded to the favorite.)

Snowball Scuffle
~ A competition between individuals where balls made of snow are chucked at one another.
Last one standing will be awarded a prize.

Ice Skating
~ An area has frozen over, and those who desire can acquire skates to dance across the frost.

Lover’s Light
~ So their love may burn bright for another year long, couples may gather round the bonfire to throw logs etched
with their names into it, which will then be lit by Sophie and Cassius.


Date: January 22nd
Time: 3PM EST
Where: Storm’s Landing Festival Grounds
What: Winter festival
Public/Private: Public
Rating: Moderate

Special tags: Celestea JustTheEngineer
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Loyal Servant of Altera
This week has proven to be extremely taxing on my mental and physical health, so I am going to push this back to the 15th :)