"Self-Help Guide to Mental Mastery: The Discipline"

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At times subtle, and at times so overbearingly obvious it's almost a joke, Cogimency caters to a wide audience.
Spells primarily focus on using a wide variety of means to accomplish any one given goal. A discipline of techniques, rather than a discipline of spells.


The state of mind required to cast any level of Cogimency. It is less willpower used as an arcane fuel, and more simply an almost meditative state, whereby it allows the Cogimens to turn their focus inward, away from the material world and toward what it is they may be attempting with their mental gymnastics. There are many levels of trance intensity, ranging from having no effect on cognizance, to the mind of the mage almost completely detaching from their being.

Cogimency is a discipline of techniques - from something as basic as the trance, to something as intense and complex as ritualistic repetition of spells to condition a response from the recipient.

Usable by all.

Containing most of the spells that serve as a fundamental framework for the rest of the discipline, the universal technique is something that can be used in tandem with any of the others.

Pokey pokey mage.

A technique to cast spells simply involving a touch. These spells tend toward to lean toward utility and spells that leave a lingering, lasting effect on the recipient.

Lookey lookey mage.

A technique requiring spells to be cast through an exchange of eye contact. These spells are as a rule the most direct and straightforward, leaning themselves more toward a combative use.

Hearey hearey mage.

A technique necessitating the recipients of the spell to hear the Cogimens. These spells lend themselves, like the discipline itself, toward a wide audience. Hearing spells are arranged in a dichotomy, some focusing on your usual sort of verbal enchantment, á la siren song, while others focus on debilitating effects best described as... 'massive' due to the number of people they can affect.
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