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- ] The Lady of Life [ -
The Goddess of Life, Healing, Peace, Nature, Growth, and Spring



The First god, Shalherana, symbolized great Growth and Creation. While the others warred and fought and new Gods emerged, Shalherana was experimenting with creation- Creating many different things, forms that had not been seen before by the Gods. Spreading vegetation and base animals upon many lands in many worlds. And as Sallana gave birth to the twins Bilworth and Jax, Shalherana sought her out for aid in furthering her wonders. These two hailed the creation of ten-thousand Elves from the joint work of Shalherana and Sallana, and then Shalherana returned to her experiments.

She set forth more base creatures, and all of these creatures she made neutral in her likeness- Bearing no need to do good nor will to do evil. Eventually, she began making more complex beings- beings of Thought! A preface in what was to be her final effort in creating creatures to strengthen the primal forces of nature. Yet, looking upon this- Jishrim saw the power created by these beings and decided to set forth his own kind, a kind to worship him and give him power. Soon.. Jishrim created the race of man. He made them mischievous and violent, driven and curious so they might cause havoc to the others creations- Yet he made them short lived, so they could not live long enough to ponder the ways he had bestowed upon them. They did their job well, making homes from wood and destroying the nature Shalherana coveted so. She was less then pleased with this development.

Seeing her forests in danger, Shalherana needed beings to watch over her domain. Not specialized in war, she sought out Skeira- who was not specialized in creating. The two came together as Shalherana and Sallana did before- Carving beings out of the nature she so loved and Skeira forging them into warrior beasts to protect that which needed it. The Caparii, they were called, were given a gentle personality and love of all nature from which they were born- Yet possessed the harshness and unbridled hatred for those that desecrate their home. The first of them was to be named Vermella.

Shalherana was then content to let the others go about their business in trying to educate and convert the mortals, content to see them appear in forms the mortals would understand. She cared not- Until soon the beings began to die. And the souls of these creatures, having nowhere to go with their conscious minds- Shalherana saw her children in cold grasps of despair and their minds go without direction- heard their cries of pain and sadness as they dispersed and were torn into the Void. She shed a single tear for them, the only tear she would display. As the tear fell through the Void, it began to freeze and take shape, aided by the primal forces of the Planar. A cold woman of ice was borne from it to guide the dead. And Shalherana, once more, was content.

Soon, the armies of Queen Grief began to threaten her creations with corrupted Greylings, Earthspawn and Moors- against some of the mortal children races she did not even remember coming into existence, Halflings among them. Sought with the need to keep balance, Shalherana first came down to contact the mortals, instructing Priestesses in the art of Life- Creating the Sisterhood to revive those lost against the formidable Queen Grief. Her worshippers are often priestesses that remain present for blessings during births, herbalists that grow tinctures for the sick, protectors and guides through the forests, as well as prophets for peace that can be found within city gardens and overgrown forests.

Time went on and as the threats of Corruption and Aldred's beast came and went, Shalherana persevered. For she was here first, and she would be here last.

Holy Symbol:
A green tree with white leaves

Neutral Good

- The First
- Lifebringer

Tenets of the Lady:
~ Thou shalt show favor to mothers that bring new life into this world, and blessing upon the babes that breathe their first breath.
~ Thou shalt respect the value of all life, and not harm. Nor aspire to harm. Give thanks for that which allows thee to live.
~ Thou shalt care for thine nude self, for thine body is a vessel.
~ Thou shalt prune and water thine plants in need of nourishment just as thou wouldst feed and care for thine ailing sisters, or travelers in thine grove.
~ Let thine acts be testament to me, and worship daily

Temples, Cathedrals, or Shrines:
- The Sisterhood Grove's peaceful veil is never lifted
- Kingfisher Fields grows a majestic tree upon its land
- Blackstone tends to a tree blessed by Shalherana herself, years long ago
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Appearance: Although the Gods no longer walk the realm as they once did, ancient texts still scribble furiously over their details.
Shalherana favored to appear as a woman with fair skin and long, silver hair that was dotted with wild flowers.

Official Artwork:

By SallyPirate!


By Michcat !


By Bartooliinii !

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