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... is very scientifical.
Within the minds of the Immortal Constructs lies an innate and intense understanding for Source, their mother tongue. This language was gifted to the Immortal Constructs in an effort to hide the secrets of humanity from the clutching grasp of Corruption. Source is an incredibly hard to understand, and near impossible to verbally recreate, verbal language, composed entirely of metallic clicks, varying in tone and pitch. Conversations, phrases, and even complex words are often spoken too quickly for non-native speakers, with slowed clicks of the same intervals often being completely different words in Source. Alongside the absence of any written version of Source, the vast complexity of Source lends to its reputation as a near-unlearnable language. Even the most attentive linguists can only make out about a fifth of the words spoken between two Source speakers if they are attempting to understand the language. Most races lack the physiology to reliably recreate the metallic clicks, with only the possibility for short words or phrases to be recreated, if a mortal seeks to speak Source.

Immortal Constructs are the only known speakers of Source encountered by the race of Man. Those who pry for knowledge on Source often meet a stubborn defiance from the Immortal Constructs, as the idea of sharing Source is highly taboo. A Construct may not feel comfortable sharing it with even the closest of friends. The level of intimate trust required often spans beyond feeble mortal years. This taboo is due to the nature of the Immortal Constructs, who were built as the last bastion of hope for humanity, given the gift of Immortality, and their resistance against Corruption. Language is often a pillar for society and culture, and as such, breeds the natural tendency to keep Source safe from those susceptible to Corruption, who would warp this knowledge, and use it against the Constructs to dismantle their purpose from within. This being said, Immortal Constructs have an easier time remembering things said in Source, in vivid detail.

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Credit to: Scardrac
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