Spawn Build Contest Five! - Upper District Library!


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5th Build Contest for Spawn.
Deadline 14th October

Hola folks, it's been a little while since the last contest, now it's time for another!

Getting straight to the point, what we're asking of you this time is that you have the chance to design and build for a Library for the Upper District.
With spawn now implemented in the main world, you can check the area out in person to see where we're asking you to design for, if you see a specific piece of available terrain you would like to utilize, please let either myself ( Warwolf ), TheDeester or Kamaoe know and we can see to copying over the terrain to the build-contest world for you to build upon.​
  • The area we're delegating for this build is the area in the image attached below.​
  • Must be fitting for an upper class building, you can look to the tavern for a general idea of the style of building we're looking for.​
  • Must be able to 'function' as a proper library.​
  • Has to be in the style of our previous contest winners!​
[Contest Winner 1]
[Contest Winner 2]
[Contest Winner 3]
[Contest Winner 4]

The build contest will last TWO weeks which should be enough time. The build contest will take place in /warp buildcontest as all previous ones have done. Find a placed area of terrain and please use one for your build. Then post the coordinates of your entry below. You will be given a warp to your entry spot so players can come and view the builds.

Winner will receive 20k
All other finished entries will receive 5k for participation. :)

Please fill out the entry form below and happy building!

Also note, please do not comment unless you are submitting and entry. Instead, try commenting on discussion thread for spawn, found here: [ CLICK ]

In game name:
Build Coordinates: X: Y: Z:


Entry 1:

In game name: TepigTurtwig
Build Coordinates: X:-194, Y:4, Z:3

Entry 2:
In game name: ShaolinPunk
Build Coordinates: X:122, Y;3, Z:33

Entry 3:
In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:, Y:, Z:

Entry 4:
In game name:
Build Coordinates:
X:, Y:, Z:

-More Entries can be added as required-
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Going to bump this, the deadline will be the 14th to give people time to finish/enter.


The Green One
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We'd like to thank the two entrants who participated. However, given that only one of them finished their build the winner is ShaolinPunk !
Congratulations to him, and he will be the recipient of the 20,000 radiant prize!
Here's the winning build:

Keep an eye out for updates to spawn very soon. C;​