Spawn Build Contest Numero Four! - Upper District Bank

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4th Build Contest for Spawn.
Deadline 5th June

Hello folks, it's been a little while since the last contest, now it's time for another!

Getting straight to the point, what we're asking of you this time is that you could design and build for us a proper bank for the Upper District.

With spawn now implemented in the main world, you can check the area out in person to see where we're asking you to design for, if you see a specific piece of available terrain you would like to utilize, please let either myself ( Warwolf ), TheDeester or BrianAT16 know and we can see to copying over the terrain to the build-contest world for you to build upon.
  • The rough area we're delegating for this build is approximately 12 x 16 blocks. A little bit of leeway in either direction, but be sensible.​
  • Must be fitting for an upper class building, you can look to the tavern for a general idea of the style of building we're looking for.​
  • Ideally it will follow the Emerald Bank Rules itself, as this should be the shining example of what is expected for anyone who may be wanting to make one of their own for another region.​
  • Has to be in the style of our previous contest winners!​
[Contest Winner 1]
[Contest Winner 2]
[Contest Winner 3]

The build contest will last TWO weeks which should be enough time. The build contest will take place in /warp buildcontest as all previous ones have done. Find a spot and please post the coordinates of your entry below. You will be given a warp to your entry spot so players can come and view the builds.

Winner will receive 20k
All other finished entries will receive 5k for participation. :)

Please fill out the entry form below and happy building!

Also note, please do not comment unless you are submitting and entry. Instead, try commenting on discussion thread for spawn, found here: [ CLICK ]

In game name:
Build Coordinates:
X: Y: Z:


Entry 1:

In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:-80, Y:0, Z:24

Entry 2:

In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:12, Y:4, Z:90

Entry 3:

In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:65, Y:18, Z:153

Entry 4:
In game name:
Build Coordinates:
X:, Y:, Z:

-More Entries can be added as required-


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This is my first time participating in a build contest, so I'm sorry if anything in my entry is done incorrectly. Let's get right into it!
Entry #1
In-game name: EnzoDaBoss
Build Coordinates: X=-80, Y=0, Z=24.

I'm not quite sure how I ended up with this sort of structure to be completely honest. I started building with a sort of Viking-Longhouse kinda deal in my mind, and ended up with this mushroom-looking thing haha. While my bank definitely does have a sort of quirky look to it, in my opinion it is also a bit imposing, as a bank should be!

Here's another view of the bank from the front with the flag included...

...and also from the side:

Here is an unnecessary close-up of the entrance (lol):

And lastly, the flag:

I chose to put the vault underneath of my bank. It seems logical to put something that you want to protect underground, I feel like an underground vault would be a lot more secure than one above ground. That being said, /warp buildcontest is a superflat world, so I had to place the vault above ground just to demonstrate how it would look. The vault is literally just a 5x5 block of solid steel (iron blocks), with an iron trapdoor covering the opening. It could be cool to have a guard standing next to the iron trapdoor, and/or have a guard on the inside of the vault itself!

I wasn't really sure what to do with the inside of the vault, so I just threw some random valuables and chests inside of it! x)

First Floor
The first floor is a waiting area of sorts, where patrons can wait for their money to be withdrawn or something... Idk lol. The iron trapdoor in the corner underneath the ladder leads to the vault.

Second Floor
I wasn't quite sure what to do with the second floor as it was too small for any transactions to take place, so I made it into a little office. Let's say that it's the office of the Head Banker. :)

Third Floor
The third floor is where the magic happens. This is where all players go to deposit and withdraw their money! Here is the view of the transaction desk from the perspective of the player, the NPC teller will stand in front of the banner:

If you read all the way to the end here, thanks for your time! I had so much fun building this bank, I won't mind if I lose. :) Can't wait to get feedback from everyone, see other peoples' creations, and hear the results of the contest!

P.S. Sorry if my usage of the future tense made me sound arrogant/as if I was 100% confident I was going to win, I'm not, I just couldn't think of a different way to word anything!



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My Bank design:
Entry 2:
In game name: oveny
Build Coordinates: X:12, Y:4, Z:90
The bank:
The bank itself is set to look like it has a similar style to the surrounding buildings (such as the tavern), but with a few interesting features. Some of these features include:A tower which has a floor for a small vault, a large vault underground, a storage area, an area for some offices as well as a gem delivery and drop-off point. throughout the main structure of the build, I tried to make sure I used the materials previous builds have used in the area as well as add a nice contrast of textures (such as the tower of the bank has cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, stone brick and mossy stone brick while as the roof has oak stairs, brick stairs and brown hardened clay to give it's textures). The bank is secure by by implementing many methods, such as a secure and hard to breakthrough tower, iron doors in the most needed spots, all the windows are protected by iron bars as well as there would be guards in the tower and around the bank.
View attachment 83706
View attachment 83707
2017-05-31_05.42.11 - Copy.png
The inside:
I left most of the inside either empty or basic premise, to allow those who bring it through to the spawn and use it; to be able to customise it to how they want each floor. The tower and the vaults are the only parts which are pretty much full of the items.
The vaults:

There are two vaults in this bank, like stated previously one is underground for maximum protection and a vault in the tower for less expensive items/ low worth to be placed in and protected. both vaults are hard to get into (due to being blocked by an iron door to prevent them from entering the tower), but unlike the tower vault; you have to go through a second iron door to get into the vault as well as another load of iron doors to get to each section of the vault.



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here are some more screenshots (some to show an updated version with some new changes and some I didn't get to send)
2017-05-31_19.37.09.png 2017-05-31_19.36.47.png 2017-05-31_06.49.40.png 2017-05-31_19.37.25.png 2017-05-31_19.36.57.png 2017-05-31_06.49.53.png 2017-05-31_06.49.33.png '


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In game name: I_love_Djibouti
Build Coordinates: X:, Y:. Z: 65,18,153

Spawn Bank
The bank consists of two floors one for all the general trades and barters which is on the first floor and is easily accessible to anyone wanting to trade really quick without the hassle of going up ladders or stairs. On the upstairs is the vault the radiants (emeralds) is locked up in secure locks to make it hard for any intruders to steal. Here are some of the screenshots that I had toke....

The vault

The back

The shop

1st floor interior

front view

side view
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