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Special Cultural Injunction

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Kid Charlemagne
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On April 5th, 2019, the Authors of the Arget Isles and associated IPs requested that both the physical island itself and the lore relating to Arget be removed from our setting. This is a request which was jointly granted by both the IG-Technical Dept. and the Lore Dept. On that date, the Lore Dept. considered the Arget Culture an official legacy language with special rules applying.

On July 24th, 2019, an official explanation for the destruction of the Arget Isles was approved and subsequently posted on the “Rumors” thread.

On August 20th, 2019, members of the Lore Dept. updated the official “Languages of the Eastern Continent” thread with:
This has been updated as Aurion has been moved to a dying language.
It can now only be learned it via characters who already knew it.
Two days later, on the 22nd, the statement was superseded by a new statement in “The Silver Elves of Arget” thread. The tag “[Legacy Culture]” was also added. The new statement reads:
NOTICE: The contents of this thread are considered "legacy" and no new characters without ample reason may be created in vein of this lore. This culture should not be taught, spread, or otherwise cultivated. This is a restriction requested by the author and upheld by the Lore Dept., direct questions and inquiries to Lore.
The key distinction between the two statements is that one allows for learning from other characters, and the other directly forbids it. Typically, when a culture is removed or declared to be “dying out” it is done because it is vestigial and the Lore Dept. is looking at cleaning up our lore, streamlining it, or making way for something new. In these situations, it is acceptable for the “dying language” to be taught and preserved because the motivation for its removal is more trivial in nature. The Arget Culture is distinct from this typical procedure in that the Authors explicitly asked for and received confirmation that their IPs would be removed. Complete removal is not possible without violating the personal rights of those who, at the time that the request was granted, already had characters in the vein of this lore. However, removal is still possible from that point onward and that is the stance the Lore Dept. is most interested in enforcing.

This section outlined the sequence of events as they happened, and it is the hope of this Dept. that when reading through, it can be understood why there is confusion relating to this matter and why this special injunction is needed. Lore Dept. accepts blame for this breakdown of communication, and offers the following resolution:

† † †​

All characters that wish to speak Aurion and/or have intimate knowledge of the Arget Culture MUST apply for legacy status, wherein “intimate knowledge” is defined as familiarity with historical events, figures, traditions, customs, and other cultural motifs that would be limited to those that had lived in the Arget Isles. The legacy trait that must be applied for is “Archaic Knowledge” with the qualifier that it pertains to the Arget Culture. This trait will be certified for characters on a case-by-case basis, but the primary consideration will be whether or not the character existed by a reasonable margin before April 5th, 2019. Cases wherein the character did not exist before August 22nd, 2019, will not be considered for certification at all. If the character did not exist before April 5th, but can still be said to have existed before August 22nd, the case will still be considered.

A character that both existed before April 5th, 2019, and which lived in the Arget Isles, will be accepted, provided this claim can be substantiated, as this is the IDEAL CIRCUMSTANCE. If your character was not an Arget Isles native, but falls into the acceptable date window, you MUST include how your character learned to speak Aurion and/or learned intimate knowledge of the Arget Culture when you apply for the legacy trait.

Characters which can not be accepted, or which apply and are declined, must not speak Aurion and/or have intimate knowledge of the Arget Culture. If a character has previously spoken Aurion and/or had intimate knowledge of the Arget Culture, and does not or is otherwise unable to obtain the “Archaic Knowledge” legacy trait, this character shall retcon those aforementioned characteristics to be replaced with speaking Elven and/or having intimate knowledge of standard Elven Culture.

Send applications with the requested information to the Lore Dept.

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That this Special Injunction is hereby in effect as of October 26th, and is relevant indefinitely, until superseded by the Lore Dept. Lead.

— SQ​
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