Starfall Afterward


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=The Heavensend Landings: Stella Terrarium of the Eastern Continent=

The threat of the stone elemental and cultists gone, the world seems to settle back into it’s typical normalcy. The land is not left without scars, as the craters still mark and change the landscape. Thanks to the collective efforts of those who volunteered their services against the threat against the continent, the effects of the Stone Elemental’s influence had diminished greatly. Some plants and animals have been affected, changing the area around the craters and holding a sphere of influence between the river going from Mockingbay to Astrakhan, and the river going from Storm’s Landing to Astrakhan. The animals in this area have a high tendency toward albinism, while some animals have increased in size. The plants tend to grow in odd shapes, curling and twisting branches and leaves. Small earthen tremors cross this land more frequently than in others, and unlike other places, the animals seem rather calm whenever they happen.

=Effects on players at the final event=

Gerry and Uriel have lost all pigment in their skin, giving them a case of temporary albanism, their hair has turned crystalline with rainbow hues in the sunlight. (They may remain in this state if the players so choose, otherwise their bodies will be able to produce noticeable melanin in 3 OOC weeks)

All of those who struck the elemental have severe burns and welts on their bodies, similar to radiation burns. (After an OOC week, the burns will begin to dip from severe. They will slowly heal from there.)


The yellow-cloak cult's influence seems to have disappeared. Two of their members have shown up and were announced dead in the Storm's Landing graveyard after the latest meteorite crash. Whispers tell tales of their woe as they've hidden themselves among the crowd, if any still survive, as their faith seems now fallen.

At the sites of the old craters, people say they see strange willow-like trees growing.

The Mime Volans have seemingly made Sanardu their new home. They don’t seem eager to leave. Residents call them pests.

In the middle of the continent, a strange storm roams around, searching for something.

A large fish has been sighted in the sea the the Northernmost point of the continent. It is bigger than a boat, and causes fright to sailors in those waters.

As the largest meteorite struck the ground and the comet disappeared, several more streaks fell from the sky. People say that there are smaller meteorites which have fallen and might be a good thing to try and scavenge.


If you wish to get a party together to hunt for a smaller meteorite to get either meteor metal or Heavenstones, PM Kamaoe, Jazzper, and Squidziod,. There is a limited number of these falling, so I will be disallowing people and parties taking more than one for one group until a suitable amount of time has passed for folks to have a chance. Please use the following format.

Character name:
Party members:
Best timezone/availability:


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Yay, now Astrakhan has an excuse to have giant fish, deer and boar! No more starving in the winter ^-^


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Yay, now Astrakhan has an excuse to have giant fish, deer and boar! No more starving in the winter ^-^
yaaay eating radioactive creatures ftw! hahaha

ALSO: Very nice, this aftermath thread. Really puts things in perspective and it's nice that such a long campaign has lasting effects on the landscape and future RP to come, like what Blorbis mentioned. I'm impressed! I'm also intrigued by that giant fish, looks AMAZING in my head!

I'm sad Kublai is so handicapped by this point that him going on an adventure to find a fallen star would likely mean his death at his first 1 roll haha


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One group has hunted and recovered one of the fallen meteorites.
There are still more out there for those who wish to seek them.