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Over the course of this campaign there will be various events where chrarters can be hurt, killed, maimed, or mentally scarred. As with Forlorn, this thread is for the consent level people are willing to put their characters through. If you are vehemently against any harm befalling your character, it is suggested to run should a random event happen in the area you are.
As before, the extra section is for specific requests. Keep it serious please, as not everyone processes certain materials the way others do.

Note: If you opt for a peaceful tier and then dive headfirst into a situation where you're going to get hurt, I'm going to hurt your character. These are general guides to go by for your fun experience, not safety nets.

Tier One
Peaceful, for the most part, I'll actively avoid bothering your character and they'll be kept 'safe' with no desire for injury, maiming, death, capture etc.

Tier Two
A comfortable middle-ground. You consent to injury, harm, capture, but you don't consent to being killed or being maimed.

Tier Three
For the risk takers. This means you consent to everything happening to your character, up to and including death if the scenario calls for it.

Tier Four
You just really want to off your character. I'll kill them creatively for you.

Extra Info:


Tier One
Rai Taai (Mama)
Dainel (Chef)

Tier Two:
Elmyra Cain (Scholar)
Garrett Herennius (Child)
Eria D'Amryun (Halfling)
Johanna (One lifer)
Jocasta (Awkward)
Theodosius (Toga man)
Mehalo (Makani)
Valtae Dur (Healer)
Linden Silveira Duskgrove (Sallana blessed)
Bliss McGuffin/Goodman (Evist)
Fronslin (Evist)
Luo (Makani)
Elwin (Doesn't like cold)
Ish-Lukah T'sarran
Ronak Rothguard
Galla Vita (Open to maiming.)
Charlotte du Asche
Julianne Vhalakis

Tier Three:
Florian (Evist)
Schmidt (Baby Evist)
Arianne (Formist)
Elizabeth Kane (Animancer)
Kublai Kull (Dwarf)
Aldy McIvy (Halfling)
Rahm (Caparii with half a face)
Asero (Crow, Asero Crow)
Pod (Ignis blessed)
Otto (OTTO!)
Cloud Riverborn (Jax fan)
Gerry McIvy (Bard)
Joseph Seeker (Evist)
All of Elz'z characters (Alison, Melarue, Nylarii)
Julian Mercante da Veraci (Very extra)
Jaden Seeker (Evist)
Kopii Grey (Formist)
Jackdaw (One eyed)
Lucila (Sallana fan)
Nonus (Bard?)
All of Sami's characters (Citrine, Elenor, more)
Kitrana Dawnriver (Lady knight)
Segar Strand (North Chieftain)
Cymic Seymour (Jax blessed)
Gael Dugald (Master Evist)
Gilligan Kearney (Formist)
Niko Variclav (Cogimencer)
Reivos (Bird ranger)
Jerr'co Hakiaz (Red boi)
Olive (Formist)
Leofaren Venna (Formist)
Lilith (Animancer)
Katla (Warrior lady)
Aldren Virnthorn (Fighter)
Alustrum Godfrey (Ranger)
Mikhail (Jishie boi)
Whitespoor (Jishrim blessed)
Tourmaline G. Azerwind (Red goat)
Sugar Silveira (Formist gold goat)
Sigmar (Claims not to be an orphan assassin)
Azish (Potter)
Ventare (Grape boi)
Raalvara (Valiant blessed)
Ellethwen Vinamure (Ranger)
Lilac Goldcoat (Medic gold goat)
Lucia Buschell (Artist/herbalist)
James Varyn (Has a crush on Raal)
Reynard (Wyld)
Winter Silveira (Ribbit)
Salem (Basically archer)
Aladiriel (Basically archer)
Lizzy (Basically archer)
Isaac Dunrad (Ignis fan)
Ava Variclav (Barmist)
Hamish Longtree (Mercenary)
Ayda Ulamyar (Evist)
Maylin (Mayme)
Rosaleen (Rosy)
Ced (Rich old guy)
Joakim (Poor young guy)
Greyback (Criminal scum)
Ekkil (Nakitter)
Arike (Crusade fan)
Hamon Creek (Former farmer)
Cedlas (Death roll)
Thôrdil Bárúmur (Korog Blessed)
Kethron (Evist)
Cassian (Trophy Husband)
Hamish Longtree
Lothaire von Dugald
Aedelric af-Adahn
Drew Swift
Foce Foxtail
Lavendula Hal'Shink'maho
All Brit's chars (I'm lazy too, lol)
Fenric Varkious
Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek (Blessed of Grey Lady)
Calder Dormus

Tier Four:
Veriswen (Somewhat fighter) RIP
Credit to Elz for the original post.​
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Secretly Elz
Retired Staff
Character(s): Elizabeth Kane
Tier: 3
Extra Info: I'm down for whatever. She's an animancer.


The Artisan
Character(s): Kublai Kull
Tier: 3
Extra Info: This is my main guy, I always consent to how RP goes, but if you are looking for someone to kill OOCly, please don't kill him xD

Character(s): Aldy McIvy
Tier: 3
Extra Info: Dunno if he'll be involved much as he doesn't like adventure (yet), but you're free to do what ya like.

Character(s): Rahm
Tier: 4
Extra Info: He's been a scholar, an engem, a savage, then a sort of scholar again, then a deranged old goat who speaks in rhyme, time to off this guy since he's not been consistent at all.


Lord of Altera
Character(s): Asero
Tier: 3
Extra Info: Fun time (oh I need to provide info here. Asero is an alchemist, warrior, and Guardian) but no permadeath
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Lord of Altera
Retired Staff
Character(s): Otto von Gottfried
Tier: 3, mama didn't raise no bitch.
Extra Info: Ignis Boi x2 if he is to die, I'd rather have a fighting chance to go down, versus just a roll.
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The Jesterator
Character(s): Cloud Riverborn and Gerry Mcivy
Tier: 3 and 3
Extra Info: Fan of Jax and Battlebard boi


Character: Joseph Seeker
Tier: 3
Extra Info: He's an Adept Ranked Eviscist, and if there's death involved, I'd rather have no rolls involved.


Secretly Niah
Staff member
Character(s): All of em
Tier: 3
Extra Info: No perma deads/would probably prefer to live through it(so i can remember the trauma) but go ham


Lord of Altera
Character(s): Jaden Seeker
Tier: 3
Extra Info: I’d prefer no death by roll. He’s a Mage and Ranger. Also no perma deaths


Lord of Altera
Character(s): Kopii Grey
Tier: 3
Extra Info: I would like no auto deaths, if you go for a kill with him talk it out with me first. A stonk formist mage and healer who is not much of a fighter.


Chairman of the Procrastination Committee
Character(s): Jackdaw, Lucila, and Nonus
Tier: 3
Extra Info: What everyone else said about not dying by a roll : )


Lord of Altera
Character(s): All of my characters.
Tier: 3
Extra Info: Literally whichever char I am on. I’d prefer not permanent body part loss but otherwise go nuts. And no permadeath pls

French Roast

Lord of Altera
Character(s): Kitrana Dawnriver, Segar Strand
Tier: 3
Extra Info: No death/permanent maiming due to pure RNG please

Character(s): Elmyra Cain
Tier: 2
Extra Info: