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Stats Overview

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Hello everyone,

We're going to try something funky. For a while I've been thinking about things that could be better about the server, and what to do about them:

The first is that CRP is kinda wack as it is. Most take a good few hours, require a DM, and involve a good amount of arguing because it fundamentally comes down to resolving two different ideas about what's happening at any given time. I suspect this contributes to why conflict in general is scarce, as just the process of having it can be daunting when it's not done between friends.

The second is that there's not really a meaningful context for characters to be skilled at anything other than the eye test of 'this old character is probably better than this fresh one.' This is the big one, that there's no tangible way to develop past a certain point, and I think it manifests in a few different trends in various parts of the server. Magic/divine offers a way to tangibly progress, and is often an endgame goal for many characters. It's hard to have events or challenges that don't involve combat, as it's the usual common denominator and there's no great way for a character to be otherwise 'good enough' at anything else to have it be a meaningful obstacle.

So, the idea is that we're going to try out a stats system. It's mostly for use in events to interact with monsters and NPCs, and for PvP combat to make it go a bit smoother. We're aiming for 'lightweight, augments current roleplay'; there's nothing strict like HP, and the main times you'll be rolling against other people is in events and CRP. Rolls shouldn't be used to determine how a character reacts or what they think of something, i.e no PvP persuasion checks, those are for when a DM asks for it.

Folk are, as always, free to RP as they wish among agreeing parties. If you want to have an old-fashioned CRP with no rolls you're welcome to, but stat rolls will henceforth be the default.

This should also be considered as a beta test. We're trying something, I'm not sure if it'll accomplish what it's intended to, or if there are better ways to do it. We'll try it, we'll see how we like it, and change it if necessary.

The System:

The system is heavily inspired by AoS: Soulbound, what I'd classify as a medium-complexity tabletop RPG. Most of the skills will be familiar to anyone who plays 5e, and the broad strokes are similar. Where it differs are the mechanics; we'll be using a dice pool system, where you roll a number of d6s appropriate to your skills and what you're doing. Each roll is compared to a target number, and how successful you are is measured by how many rolls meet or pass it. Mathematically, I like the idea of a dice pool over a d20 because it has more reliable outcomes; you're much more likely to get the equivalent of a 10 on a d20 with a dice pool, whereas with a d20 all outcomes are weighted equally.

There are a few things that contribute to each roll, which I'll break down here:

Attributes: Broad traits that encompass a general aspect of a character. Every roll made will use one of these attributes as a base depending on which is most appropriate to the situation. Each point in an attribute adds a die to the dice pool.
Skills: Specific skills that represent ability in that particular area. Each point of skill adds a die to the dice pool.
Focus: A further specialization in a particular skill. Your character might be good at fighting, but particularly skilled in using polearms, and to represent this you invest in focus for your melee skill. Rolls made for fighting with a polearm then have this focus applied. Each point of focus adds a +1 to the 'focus pool,' which is spent trying to get as many rolls over the target value as possible.

The basic gist of it is that you'll roll a number of d6s equal to an attribute score plus a skill appropriate to the task at hand, and compare the number of dice that rolled over a DC to those of your opponent. The DC is usually a 4, for even odds for success or failure on each die, but circumstances that are particularly advantageous to one side can change this.

Attributes, skills, and focus are bought in a point-buy system using experience. Experience can be earned by RPing regularly, up to two per day, but only up to ten per month (after reaching 60). Overall experience caps at 240.
Experience can also be earned at events hosted by staff DMs, but still no more than ten per month. Do not pester DMs for experience under any circumstance, it's a 'sometimes' treat, and I will be harsh with consequences for this.
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