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General Information
Name: Talu
Other Names:
Titles: Ya'vei
Age: 22
Race: Makani
Gender: Male
Sexuality: He likes females most.
Current Residence: Nomadic.
Relationship Status: Uninvolved.
Social Status: Ya'vei

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'5
Weight: 126 Lbs.
Eye Color: Striking Brown.
Skin Color: Pale and light grey, coated in thick scaly skin accustomed to Makani.
Shape of Face: Hawkish and bird-of-prey-like.
Distinguishing Features: He is a bird-person, for one!
Build of Body: Stocky and firm, toughened with muscle in his upper half through vigorous work and flying.
Feather Color: Shades of brown, white, and gold.
Feather Style: The feathers fall in a fashion similar to Gryphons or Hawks, similar to a Red-Tailed Hawk's patterns though barring the more noticeable shades of rust.
Posture: Fluid and upright.
Scars: He bears a long scar sourced from a Gryphon talon that runs down his right side, long since healed over. From his right pectoral to his right shoulder shears a healed over scar dealt by a Kabira.
Voice: Mid-ranged, and hawkish. Imagine how strange it would be to hear a raptor speak.

Likes: Fruit, the Hunt, and a clear sky.
Dislikes: Storms, Ocean, Groundlings.
Strengths: He is talented with a bow, commonly used to pick off prey from above through hunt. His patterns of flight are practiced and strong, and he knows how to manipulate the winds to aide his motion.
Weaknesses: He is easily whipped around by storm-wind, and is very susceptible to broken bones alike the rest of his race. He is less experienced with fighting on the ground compared to in the air.
Fears: Fire, within reason; storms; caves; magma; groundlings; the ocean.
Values: Manna, his culture, other remnants of Vata'inu values, and his people.
Education: He is learned, though only in the traditional teachings of his people.
Languages: Yakai; Broken Common
General Attitude: Positive outlook, though wary.
Religious Inclination: Manna, and the Three Sisters.
General Intelligence: He is no fool.
General Sociability: Socially amiable towards Makani, though extremely cautious of groundlings.
Alignment: Neutral Good.

Short Term Goals: Help the Gryphons.

Long Term Goals: Save Manna.

Wardrobe: He wears a short black kilt tied tight by a brown belt, though not much else.
Jewelry: The Ya'vei wears thin wooden cuffs around his wrists, though is otherwise bland.
Pets/Animals: He does not keep animals as his property.
Owned Homes: None.
Carried Inventory: Nothing remains in his possession after the Great Disaster.
General Inventory: Fairly empty.
General Wealth: None.

Illnesses: None, currently.
Allergies: He is upset by vegetables, as are most Makani. He holds a disagreement for wheat products and for dairy.
Injuries: He is well.
Sleeping Habits: He sleeps when safe, and holds value in it.
Energy Levels: High, when not exhausted by busy days.
Eating Habits: He loves fruit, and finds comfort in raw meats; particularly fish.
Exercise Habits: He does not go out of his way to exercise, but is kept healthy by his lifestyle.
Memory: Strong.

Birthplace: Vata'inu.
Childhood: Vata'inu.
Teen Years: Vata'inu.
Adulthood: Vein'atuus.
Family History: He comes from a long line of Ya'vei, and is true to his heritage.
Past Places of Residences: None, other than the skylands.
Places Traveled: The mainland.

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, though defensive.
Weaponry: He prefers bows, or slings -- though enjoys the capabilities which come with spear usage.
Combat Training: As thoroughly as most other Ya'vei, and particularly notable above being consistent and capable.

Training & Skills
+Flight. Talu is well practiced and versatile in the air.
+Archery. The Ya'vei is careful and precise with his shot, making use of his fine eyesight and quick mind.
+Foraging. He is familiar with which plants are bad for him to eat, and which are good.

+Hunting. The Makani is extremely practiced with the Hunt, specializing more primarily on aquatic game.
+Spearmanship. Talu can use a spear with brutal efficiency.

Other Trivia
Occupation: Ya'vei-Makani, though perhaps not anymore.
Favorite Place: Vein'atuus, known as 'Demon's Roost' in Common.
Favorite Types of Food: Fruits and fresh bloody meats.
Favorite Types of Drink: Waters and fruit juices.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Not very many remain, now.
Favorite Colors: Gold and silver. The color of the Full Moon. The color of the sunset.


| Maui - Bond Brother.


| Kekoa - Efficient.
| Manya - Guide.

| Evani - Curious.
| Kol - Vulnerable.
| Tei - Po.
| Vamei - Quiet.
| Noe - Afraid.
| Lilinoe - Adventurous.

Unsure Of
| Guinevere - Curious.
| Tevis - Fraternizer.

| Groundlings - Savages.
| Soul - Coward.
| Nwalme - Killer.

Annoyed By

Afraid Of


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{ Retained Inventory }
  • A human skull coated in intricate decorative carvings, missing the jaw. It serves as a helmet.
  • A simple steel dagger and sheathe, around 7 inches in length.
  • One steel-tipped sharpened Javelin.
  • Seeds from blue-leaved trees.
  • One steel-tipped sharpened spear.
  • Various pelts and furs for use in trading, sourced from his hunts.

{ Carried Inventory }

  • A human skull coated in intricate decorative carvings, missing the jaw. It serves as a helmet.
  • A simple steel dagger and sheathe, around 7 inches in length.
  • One steel-tipped sharpened Javelin spear.
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Light! And sound. And warmth.

And the feeling of the wind on his feathers.

And the flush of his first flared interest in another of his clan, a female.

And the glow of the full moon, and the sound of the celebrations.

The evil omen, spread in violet across the moon. The cries of fear.

But then, a crash. The return of reality, and the increasingly dangerous situation's rising in priority within Talu's mind. He had every intent to survive the storm, though he had no idea what had come of his home. Vata'inu was gone, now. He was sure of it. There could be no chance that he had wrongly navigated, especially with the sky being so much clearer than it suddenly was.

Another flash of light. The ripping roar of lightning, a crackle just tens of yards from his wings. Somehow, narrowly avoiding him. Manna was with him, now, guiding his wings and his eyes through the terrible storm. Still, he could feel his feathers strain, and his muscles ache. He had left Vata'inu behind, or what was left of it, long ago; he was flying East, towards the rumored mainlands of the ground dwellers. The demons, Manna's accursed. Perhaps they were vile and wrong and grounded, but Talu had no more choice than the wave does to crash against the shore.

His darkened eyes scanned across the horizons and though the searing of the light from around him was nearly crippling, though the thunder boomed and shook his chest and bones and wings, he persevered. He had no choice, now. He could do naught but pray to Manna and wish for his guidance to safety, and to his people. Could his clan still remain, with the skylands gone? Surely they had been out on hunt as well. When Talu returned from his flight, there was no sign of his people.

No colorful Lei to circle the skies, or share their cheerful cries with those they teased. No A’keiyah to tell wary tales and scare the young into behaving well. Not even the simple Po, tying tight the rope and wood of the bridges and keeping the homes sound. Talu was met with only suffocating loneliness. It was not long ago, however, that the Violet Moon rose and brought with it omens of chaos and evil and destruction. It was sacrilege, an affront to Manna, for the Moon's silver to be concealed by such vile shade. Talu should have known better.

Talu should not have left for the flight. Talu should have remained with his people.

And now, he pays the price, as he battles against the booming storm over the violent ocean, flying desperately for a chance to survive the falling of Vata'inu and the dispersal of his people. He knew that if there were one place they would flee, it would be the lands of evil rather than into the depths of the ocean. Talu has once, like all other fledglings, been weaved the mythos of the demons that walk on the ground without wings, who built homes of mud and brick and travel with wooden boxes and canoes.

But Talu has no choice. He struggles onward, with the hope in his heart draining rapidly though still strong with the intent to find his people. He will not abandon his clan, especially not now, in the time of the Great Disaster.